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Toenail falling off

Toenail Falling Off: Causes (Diabetes, Cancer, Injury) and Home Remedies

Could you imagine if your toenails began to fall off today? This is a phenomenon that you would nor love


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Swollen Uvula Due to Snoring, Drinking, STD – How Long Will It Last?

A swollen uvula can be caused by an infection, STD, glandular fever or even after surgery such as tonsillectomy. A


Why Whiteheads on Eyelid (Upper, Lower Rim) & Getting Rid of Bumps

Whiteheads on the face can form on the lower rim or the upper rim. The bumps can be painful, itchy


Purple Fingers & Toes: Why Are Fingertips Turning Purple, Swollen w/ No Pain?

Fingers can turn their color due to various reasons. Toes and fingertips too can change their color depending on the