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Ingrown hairs can be really frustrating and irritating. They are not always something that you can avoid, and they could make life a little more frustrating for you.

Keeping these hairs at bay has become a daily struggle for many, and some even avoid hair removal products to prevent this from happening. However, this might spoil your stylish image.

We have done some in-depth research to find out exactly which products and creams work best for ingrown hair and hands down, the most popular and almost industry standards – Tend Skin and the European Wax Center serums – came out on top of our list.

Using a serum or cream for ingrown hair could make all the difference in the world, and you are more likely to have comfort and put your best look forward. It is worth noting that these products are aimed for use by both men and women.

Top 8 Ingrown Hair Products You Should Try

We know the pain and itchiness associated with ingrown hairs and how bad it can become. For some people, they might even find themselves with allergic reactions. This can lead to infection.

However, we have your back, and the products we have selected are made for everyone to use and rid you of stubborn ingrown hairs:

Tend Skin Razor Burn and Ingrown Hair Kit

Tend Skin Razor Burn and Ingrown Hair Kit


  • Really affordable
  • Effective for razor burn
  • Keeps ingrown hairs from becoming infected
  • For men and women



  • Might burn a little on a sensitive skin


Tend skin is a revolutionary brand, and they have a decent reputation when it comes to catering to the average citizen.

The Tend Skin Razor Burn and Ingrown Hair Kit is a complete kit designed to help alleviate you from your problems with ingrown hair and solidify the idea of shaving without any pain afterward. What makes these solutions so great is the fact that they can be used by both men and women.

We have also seen some excellent results when combining them with an average hair removal product. This will reduce the redness and improve the appearance of the user when they need to shave constantly.

Women also reported a less painful experience after shaving their legs.

If you have sensitive skin, you might find the solution a little painful at first. Alcohol is one of the main ingredients, and some people have also reported that the roller ball does get stuck from time to time.

This might be something to look into, and you could bypass this problem by using a cotton pad and gently rubbing over the affected area.

Overall, this is an excellent product, and since you get an entire kit, you will be saving a couple of bucks as well. The kit is really affordable.

We would highly recommend them for both men and women to help reduce razor burn and keep ingrown hairs from becoming infected.

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European Wax Center Ingrown Hair Serum


European Wax Center Ingrown Hair Serum


  • Really affordable
  • The smell differs from person to person
  • Works really fast



  • Packaging could be frustrating


If your ingrown hair becomes a major problem, the European Wax Center Ingrown Hair Serum will be the next best product to consider.

It might be the same as rubbing alcohol, but with an excellent smell, the product will be the same, as many men would expect from aftershave. However, it works great for razor burn.

Some users have also claimed that this serum can be used to remove dark spots. However, this has not been stated by the manufacturer, but if you can get more benefits and value for your money, why shouldn’t you.

By applying the product twice a day, you might find yourself reducing soreness and redness in a little less than 1 week.

Since the pump does not tighten on the serum, some users have experienced a loss of the product.

This might be really frustrating, and you will need to buy a new product for this. While we feel that the smell is great, it might not be everyone’s cup of tea, and you might need something with a different smell.

This is one of the most popular ingrown hair serums. The main reason is the affordable price. If you are looking to save a couple of bucks on expensive ingrown hair products, this could be the perfect option for both men and women.

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Whish Flawless Post Wax & Shave Serum

Whish Flawless Post Wax & Shave Serum - After Shave Serum


  • Excellent smell
  • Helps remove excess wax
  • Organic ingredients



  • Quite expensive


If you are looking for a state-of-the-art product, the Whish Flawless Post Wax & Shave Serum is one of the best products you could choose.

Whish has been around for many years, and they not only specialize in skin products, but they are at the forefront of developing new products that will benefit you in all situations.

While the product does have an excellent reputation for reducing razor burn and making it much more comfortable for you to shave, it also features a combination of organic ingredients.

We like the organic ingredients, as this dramatically reduces the risk of anyone suffering from allergic reactions. It is also safe for sensitive skin.

In terms of the smell, we found it to be somewhat neutral, and this makes it perfect for men and women to use.

By applying it at least twice a day, you should get decent results without much effort. It can also help to remove some of the excess wax from your skin. This will relieve you of a painful and sticky situation.

In terms of price, it is no secret that Whish is one of the more expensive brands. If you are willing to dole out a couple of bucks, this will be a great brand to consider.

However, there are also cheaper brands that you might look into. We definitely still recommend this product for organic ingredients and effectiveness.

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Kerah Lane Razor Bump & Ingrown Hair Formula

Kerah Lane Razor Bump & Ingrown Hair Formula

The Kerah Lane Razor Bump & Ingrown Hair Formula is one of the best budget options on the market today.

Kerah Lane products are becoming more and more popular, and this is mostly due to the natural ingredients being used.

Organic ingredients have a reputation of causing much less allergic reactions, and they are safe for sensitive skin.

Much like some of the other Kerah Lane products, this formula is also made with natural ingredients. The ingredients also give off an excellent smell that could help you turn heads.

No alcohol has been used, and this is ideal for those suffering from sensitive skin. It will reduce redness without putting you through too much pain.

While the manufacturer does claim that it could remove scars or even help to clear them up, we could not really find that this works.

However, if you use the product for longer and more often, you might find that it could perhaps remove some of these scars. It is worth noting that it is effective for preventing scars, and it also exfoliates your skin.

The price is a little steep for some, but with such an excellent smell and these great effects, the product is perfect for both men and women. Tests have shown that it could even prevent chafing for women who love waxing the bikini line.

We would certainly recommend it to anyone looking to reduce ingrown hair problems and protect their skin.


  • Protects and exfoliates skin
  • Easy to apply
  • No alcohol included
  • Great smell



  • A little pricey

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Princereigns Post-Shave Serum to Remove Ingrown Hairs

Princereigns Ingrown Hair and Razor Bump Serum, For Daily Use


  • Works in 1-2 days
  • Softens the skin and beard
  • Great smell
  • Organic ingredients are used



  • Expensive


The Princereigns Post-Shave Serum to Remove Ingrown Hairs is voted as one of the fastest working and most effective serums when it comes to removing ingrown hairs.

The product also contains completely natural ingredients, and it does not have any alcohol, making it great for those suffering from extremely sensitive skin.

Not only will the serum help to alleviate pain from ingrown hairs, but it has been formulated to straighten some of the hairs. This makes it possible for you to have a smooth and silky beard.

With different scents available, the product is perfect for both men and women and could help spice up your appearance in a jiffy.

While the manufacturer does claim that this product can also remove blemishes and lighten up dark spots, we have not used the product for long enough to see if this is possible.

Some people might not like the gel solution, but once you do get used to it, it is one of the best products that you could apply to your skin after shaving.

The price might be a problem, and this is something that many grooming experts will tell you to ignore. Since the product is used by some of the celebrities as well, it does command a higher price.

However, we would still recommend it as it does help to remove some of your ingrown hair in virtually no time at all.

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ArtNaturals Smooth Touch Ingrown Hair Removal Serum

ArtNaturals Smooth Touch Ingrown Hair Removal Serum Aftershave


  • Really affordable
  • Neutral smell
  • Helps to release ingrown hairs
  • Natural ingredients



  • Some users claim to have clogged pores


The ArtNaturals Smooth Touch Ingrown Hair Removal Serum is one of the cheaper options on the market today. This product is designed for the average middle-class man and woman to ensure that their grooming is where it should be.

Once again, it features a combination of entirely natural ingredients that should keep you from having any allergic reactions.

One of the best additions we have found when using this serum is the ability to help reduce the pain from sores on your skin. Jojoba extract has widely been regarded and used for the anti-inflammatory properties that is will possess.

We have found that the great clean effect will release some of the trapped hairs and alleviate your pain.

Some users have reported that the formula does tend to clog the pores, and this could lead to acne on your face.

However, this is not something reported by the majority of users, and you should first try the product before writing it off for clogging your pores. Other users have reported open pores and the ability to have a clean face.

For the price, this is definitely one of the top products on the market today. It is really affordable, and this makes it effective for those who are strapped to a budget.

It is recommended for both men and women, and the smell is also rather natural compared to many of the other chemical products on the market today.

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PFB Vanish + Chromabright


  • Reputable and popular brand
  • Works effectively
  • Helps to protect the skin
  • Removes acne



  • Prevents tanning
  • Expensive


The PFB Vanish + Chromabright comes with a massive reputation. It has been formulated to not only reduce the appearance of redness in those who are suffering from ingrown hairs, but it also helps with the discoloration of the skin.

According to the manufacturer, it can help with dark spots, and it should lighten up the skin in no time at all.

While it does have a little bit of a chemical smell that might be frustrating to some users, the product also helps when it comes to removing acne. This makes it one of the best products for teens who are touching a razor for the first time.

Using this product, you should also notice that razor bumps will become a thing of the past.

If you like to tan outside, this might not be one of the best products to use. It tends to protect the skin from the sun, and when only applied to certain areas of the body, you might find yourself tanning with striped marks.

However, when applied correctly, the solution will prevent any nasty sunburns and help with ingrown hairs.

The solution might not be organic, but there can be no denying how effective it is. Yes, it is rather expensive compared to some of the other brands we have seen, but the reputation of the brand certainly makes up for this.

PFB Vanish also has other great products that can be used in conjunction with this solution.

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Shea Moisture Tea Tree After Shave & Bump Preventer Herbal Elixir

Shea Moisture Tea Tree After Shave & bump preventer herbal


  • Organic and natural ingredients
  • Herbal smell
  • Removes acne and opens pores
  • Really affordable



  • Not the best for removing existing ingrown hairs


Last but certainly not least, we have the Shea Moisture Tea Tree After Shave & bump preventer herbal elixir, and this product comes with an excellent reputation as an ingrown hair ointment with a professional smell for those working in the corporate industry.

The product is made from completely natural ingredients, helping to reduce the possibility of allergic reactions.

What we also like about this product is the oils that have been included. Most of them will help to stop inflammation, and they will undoubtedly exfoliate your skin. This leaves you with softer skin and a beard that could be silky smooth if you are growing a beard.

While it might not really help to remove ingrown hairs, the product does prevent them from occurring. This has led us to believe that it will work best when using another decent product.

The herbal smell will be fresh and clean, and you will feel good when using this product after shaving the delicate areas.

In terms of the price, we found the product to be really affordable as well. This makes it the perfect herbal remedy for those suffering from ingrown hair if you are strapped to a budget.

Some users have also suggested that the product does have the ability to open up some of your pores and rid your face of acne.

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Will These Products Exfoliate the Skin?

The simple answer to this question is yes. Most of these products also contain additional oils and natural herbs that will exfoliate your skin and leave the skin soft and smooth.

We have also seen that some of these products will allow you to get rid of dark spots. However, this can be hit and miss depending on the product you choose.

On the other hand, using these products in conjunction with other exfoliating products has also proven to be effective.

However, we recommend looking for natural exfoliating products as some of these products already have chemicals that could counteract one another. The best way for you to find out what works will be to experiment with different brands.

How to Prevent Ingrown Hairs When Shaving

While we stand by all of these products, there are also a few things you should keep in mind when shaving.

After talking to a couple of grooming professionals, we have found some of the tips that you should keep in mind. These tips might help you reduce or even altogether avoid the problem of ingrown hair.

Remember, studies have shown that shaving frequency affects ingrown hair and severity.

  1. Rub your skin in a circular motion: This tip might seem simple, but rubbing your face in a circular motion might tease out some of the ingrown hairs, leaving you with a good-looking face.
  2. Shave with a sharp blade: The sharper your blade, the easier it should go through some of these stubborn hairs. If you are using a sharp razor with multiple blades, this should be easier as well.
  3. Use a lubricating gel when shaving: The lubricating gel will definitely help to prevent some of the ingrown hairs. This will leave your face clean and free of ingrown hairs.
  4. Shave with the grain: This is one of the first tips we learn when we start shaving. It is much better to shave with the grain as opposed to against the grain to keep ingrown hairs from appearing.
  5. Don’t shave too close to the skin: If possible, it is better to leave a little bit of stubble when you are shaving. This will prevent hairs from setting and becoming ingrown.

While there are also more tips that you could keep in mind, we have found these to be the most effective.

If you make these tips part of your shaving habit, you will be left with a clean shaving area, and the ingrown hair removal serum will only be used when needed. Some even use it for exfoliating purposes only.

What to Do If You Have an Ingrown Hair Cyst

An ingrown hair cyst can be one of the most painful experiences you have. These cysts will eventually disappear unaided, but for the time being, they might be painful, and if left on their own, they could be infectious.

If you have one of these cysts, it is better to keep the surrounding area as clean as possible. You can also warm up the area with a warm cloth, and this might allow the puss to pop open eventually, and it will drain.

Using an antibacterial agent after you are done will certainly help to keep any infections from making this cyst their home. Nevertheless, you should eventually see that it does disappear over time, and your skin feels great once again.


Now that you have all the knowledge to ensure that you can deal with ingrown hairs, you should shave with more confidence.

These tips and products are highly recommended, and they all come with excellent reputations by some of the top grooming experts. We would also join them and highly recommend them for both men and women.

We would like to thank you for reading this article and encourage you to share some of your thoughts on these products.

Let us know which of them you like. We would also like to see if you have any other products that we might have missed that you feel should be perfect for those with ingrown hair problems.

Here’s a summary of the top-rated products that ward off the ingrown hair:

Best Ingrown hair serum and products

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