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Bedwetting is not only frustrating, but it can also be a frustrating thing to go through. While it is not as common among adults, it does happen from time to time with children, and this is something they cannot always avoid.

However, the best bedwetting alarms could help you stop bedwetting before it becomes a real problem.

In this article, we have taken a more in-depth look at bedwetting and specifically the alarms and how they could stop this problem.

If you have a child or older adult in the family suffering from bedwetting, this article might help you find the right alarm to counteract this embarrassing problem. It could also help the person overcome the problem.

Do These Alarms Stop Bedwetting?

While the alarms will not stop bedwetting immediately, they could make a massive difference in your bed routine.

The alarm will go off once it detects moisture, and this will enable the child to get up and empty their bladder. Eventually, this will become a habit, and the person will be more inclined to wake up during the night.

Tests have shown that once you consistently do something for 21 days, it will become a habit. This means you can eventually remove the alarm, and your child will be able to wake up naturally and have a better routine to stop the problem of bedwetting. Many children might feel embarrassed at first, but it will eventually rid them of the bedwetting problem.

Top 10 Bedwetting Alarms on the Market Today

Even though it can be embarrassing to have one of these alarms, they will make an eventual difference to the routine of your child.

With some expert help from top pediatricians, we have found the top bedwetting alarms that will make a difference. Here are a couple of options you should consider to help combat bedwetting before it gets out of hand:

Malem Ultimate Bedwetting Alarm

The Malem Ultimate Bedwetting Alarm is currently one of the best-recommended bedwetting alarms, and it has been designed for both boys and girls.

The alarm is available in both blue and pink, and it features a large 2 square inch area that is measured for those who need to keep their child from wetting the bed.

What makes this alarm stand out is the ability to detect a drop of urine or moisture quickly. It features 3 different waking mechanisms, and the alarm will be able to wake your child with a light, vibration, or sound.

This ensures that even the deepest of sleepers can be awoken when they need to get up to take a leak.

SureGrip technology has been added to the detector, enabling it to be fully connected during the whole night. Since it is really fast at detecting urine, the machine is perfect for people of all ages and not only children. Our biggest complaint is the quietness of the alarm. Some users have found that the vibration sensor is the best method to wake them.

The alarm is somewhat expensive, and this is something that could deter many buyers.

However, we would still highly recommend it for the durability and functionality of the sensor. It is also backed by a 1-year warranty, ensuring that you get the best possible value for your money. We would recommend this as our top pick.


  • Excellent durability
  • 3 methods of waking you up
  • Perfect for all ages
  • Made for boys and girls


  • The noise feature might be too quiet to wake up some

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Chummie Premium Bedwetting Alarm

The Chummie Premium Bedwetting Alarm is the ultimate alarm for children from both genders.

The alarm features 8 different tones that are sure to wake up any person during the night. Since it does feature 8 tones, your child will never get used to one tone and eventually sleep through it as they use the alarm.

Light and vibration have also been added to the alarm. This makes it possible to wake up any deep sleeper with any one of the methods.

The new innovative technology used in the sensor will effectively work for detecting any moisture in the bed. Eventually, this should lead to a stable routine that eliminates the threat of bedwetting.

Sometimes the pad that has been included seems to move around in the bed. This could be frustrating as it might not detect correctly in the designated area.

However, if it can be stabilized, the sensor should work perfectly to keep your child from wetting the bed. It is also worth noting that it comes with an included smartphone app.

In terms of the price, the alarm is around the same price you would expect to pay for a state-of-the-art bedwetting alarm.

While such a great warranty might not back it, we would recommend it to children and parents, as it should enable them to change their routine to something a little better for avoiding bedwetting.


  • Durable and solid construction
  • Includes a smartphone app
  • Really accurate
  • Three methods of waking


  • Pricey
  • The pad does not always remain in place

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New DryEasy with Volume Control

The DryEasy Bedwetting Alarm is a state-of-the-art bedwetting alarm that has been designed for children.

This alarm not only looks great, but the sensor is really sensitive, and this means your bay will never be caught wetting the bed ever again. It removes the fear of washing your bedding every day.

What we love about this sensor are the additional clamps that have been provided for the pad. This means that the pad will never move around and miss the detection of moisture in the bed.

It comes with 6 different tones that will enable you to adjust the tones before your child gets used to one and sleeps through it. Additionally, 4 sound levels are also included. This allows you to adjust the sound too gently wake up your child.

One of the biggest complaints is shutting down the alarm once it has gone off. This can tend to wake the entire household.

However, as you understand the mechanics of the alarms, you should be able to do a much better job when it comes to shutting it down. You might need to spend some time playing around with it.

If you are looking for something really affordable, this is one of the best options. Not only will it save you a couple of bucks compared to some of the elite options, but it also works effectively.

Even though it does not have a decent warranty included, we would still highly recommend it for the ability to wake your child.


  • Durable and easily locks into place
  • Easy to set up with 6 different tones
  • Includes 4 volume settings
  • Really affordable


  • Can be hard to shut down
  • Only one waking mechanism

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TheraPee – The world’s #1 Bedwetting Solution

TheraPee is the leader in the industry when it comes to bedwetting alarms, and they have definitely set the bar extremely high with their original bedwetting alarm.

The alarm is rather large, and it features the best sensor technology on the market today to stop any person from ever wetting the bed and improving their routine.

With so many innovative technological features, this alarm is designed for the avid bedwetter. It features a larger pad that easily clamps to the bed, making it possible to detect a large area.

This will allow you to wake up really swiftly with the three waking methods. We have also seen that it can wake the deepest of sleepers.

Additionally, we love this brand for unlimited access to some of the tips they provide. If you have someone suffering from this problem, these videos and tips they provide will enable you to stay ahead of the problems and stop them as they appear.

However, you might need to take some time to take in all of the information.

The biggest downside is the price, and this bedwetting alarm is costly compared to some of the other brands we have seen.

However, the interactive help that is offered will be beneficial to you and your patient. This is also one of the top alarms generally suggested to the elderly as they get older and lose bladder control.


  • Extremely durable
  • Backed by a decent warranty
  • Includes interactive helping guides
  • Really sensitive sensor and high accuracy


  • Expensive

Check price on Amazon

DryBuddyFLEX 3 New 3rd Gen. Long-Range Wireless Bedwetting Alarm

Having a remote bedwetting alarm is something that everyone wants, but not everyone can have it or even knows about it.

The DryBuddyFLEX 3 New 3rd Gen. Long-Range Wireless Bedwetting Alarm comes in the form of briefs. This makes it easy to put on and help you when it comes to stopping the bedwetting plague.

Since you won’t have to worry about having wires in the bed, you will sleep much more comfortably.

It is perfect for the elderly and those who like to toss and turn a little when they are in a deep sleep. If you have a child, the 200-foot sensor is ideal to have in your room, and it will wake you to enable you to wake up your child to go to the bathroom.

Since it is attached to your cotton briefs, this sensor is accurate, and it won’t move around as you are sleeping. The sensor also fits comfortably without forcing you to adjust your sleeping position.

All of the intricate settings can be controlled with your remote control, and it also helps you to shut down the alarm when needed quickly.

Since it is one of the top wireless options on the market today, the alarm is a little expensive.

However, if you are serious about sleeping with comfort and stopping the bedwetting problem, this will be one of the best products to consider. We would definitely recommend it for the quality and the decent warranty that is included.


  • Durable and flexible
  • Easy to control
  • Includes 5 noise settings
  • Extremely sensitive sensor


  • Quite expensive

Check price on Amazon

Wet Stop 3 Bedwetting Alarm

The Wet Stop 3 Bedwetting Alarm is explicitly designed for children, and it comes with a massive reputation for stopping the bedwetting problems you need to deal with.

It is also one of the more affordable options on the market, but they have not let anything slip in terms of advanced technology being used.

Once again, this alarm features a wearable sensor, making it much more comfortable for your child to use the alarm without having to worry about the sensor missing them in certain sleeping positions.

It comes with a motivational chart based on a sticker system. This should help your child accomplish the goal of stopping the bedwetting problem.

It is also available in three different colors, making it perfect for boys and girls to use comfortably. The alarm features a noise and vibration waking mechanism, but we have found the noise system to be a little too quiet.

Many parents have resorted to using a baby monitor to effectively hear the sensor and wake up the child.

Nevertheless, it is affordable compared to some of the other sensors, and this is why we believe it will be the perfect budget option.

It does not come with a warranty, but we also have not seen any real problems related to the overall durability of the product. For this reason and the price, we would highly recommend it as a budget option.


  • Decent durability
  • Really affordable
  • Simple and easy to wear
  • Includes a sticker system to motivate your child


  • The noise mechanism is quite soft

Check price on Amazon

Chummie Pro Bedside Bedwetting Alarm

The Chummie Pro Bedside Bedwetting Alarm is one of our favorite products on the market today, and this alarm is designed for comfort and accuracy.

It features a massive pad with durable clamps to keep the pad in place while the sensitive sensors will definitely detect any moisture drops that could be urine or lead to bedwetting.

To ensure that the pad can be placed anywhere in the bed, the system comes with a massive 10-foot cord. This makes it really easy to place the pad and enable your child to sleep as the sensor works.

8 different tones have also been included to ensure that your child does not get used to one and starts sleeping through them.

The only downside we could find is the shutting down of the alarm. Once it has been triggered, it will make quite a racket, and this could wake up anyone in the house.

However, you should be more comfortable with navigating the options the more you use it. The sound mechanism is also really small and hard to find at night.

In terms of the price, Chummie is a reliable brand, and they are generally also recommended by some of the top doctors. This has made it an excellent option for many parents.

It is not all that expensive, and the 1-year warranty that has been included will definitely give you some additional peace of mind. We would highly recommend it.


  • Sensitive sensor
  • Reasonably priced
  • Reliable brand
  • Includes a long cord


  • Hard to shut down once triggered

Check price on Amazon

Nytone Bedwetting Alarm for Kids

The Nytone Bedwetting Alarm for Kids is an underrated bedwetting alarm that not many people know off.

The alarm is designed to be small and portable, making it really easy to place on your nightstand when your child needs to be stopped from wetting the bed. It also comes with a sensor that is really easy and comfortable to wear by a child, making it possible to sleep comfortably.

Once again, the stand out feature is the fact that the alarm can be worn by the child and will not disrupt any sleep.

It is available in a different color for boys and girls, and the different tones can be used to keep your child from becoming used to one of them. We have also found the tones to be quite loud for waking up, even the deepest of sleepers.

The only real complaint we have found is the cord. You might need to get used to the cord, and older children could find this a little frustrating to wear.

However, it is still really effective, and the sensor turns out to be really sensitive when it comes to detecting urine and other problems. This makes it effective for all bedwetters.

Additionally, the alarm includes a decent 1-year warranty. This will give you time to test out the product, but your child should be in a routine that stops bedwetting before the warranty expires.

It is affordable compared to many of the elite brands, and we would also recommend this alarm as a great budget option.


  • Really affordable
  • Accurate sensor
  • Loud noise tone
  • Decent 1-year warranty


  • The cord could be in the way

Check price on Amazon

Dr. Madre Bedwetting Alarm for Training Children

Next, we have the Dr. Madre Bedwetting Alarm for Training Children, and this alarm has been designed specifically for children who are potty training.

It works much similar to most of the other bedwetting alarms, and it also features a pad that needs to be placed underneath the child to help when it comes to detecting bedwetting.

The sensors are really effective, and we have had the opportunity to test this alarm to see how loud the noise will be. If your child is a deep sleeper, the alarm will be really functional and definitely wake them up when they are in a deep sleep.

Different tones are also available to ensure that the child does not adapt to one of them.

Once again, the cord can be a problem, and this might force your child to change their sleeping pattern. Many parents are also afraid of using the cord for fear of hurting the child at a young age.

However, it is still long enough to allow a comfortable sleeping experience, ensuring they still get a good night’s sleep in.

As one of the most affordable options, you should not expect any technical features that will change too much or simplify your life. It might not be the best option for adults, but children will find it helpful to stop any bedwetting.

If you are looking for something basic to stop bedwetting, this will be the ideal option to consider.


  • Durable and simple to use
  • Different sound tones
  • Really affordable
  • Loud alarm


  • Does not include intricate technological advancements

Check price on Amazon

Bed Buds American Bedwetting Alarm

Last but certainly not least, we have the Bed Buds American Bedwetting Alarm. This alarm has been tested by numerous urologists to ensure that it is not only safe to use but also effective at alleviating the bedwetting problems you need to deal with.

The alarm has also been the US tested to ensure the best possible quality and value.

It attaches to the arm and the pants of the child. This makes it really accurate at detecting any signs of moisture. With different sound tones and the vibration feature added, the child should be awoken to allow them to empty the bladder in time.

Custom stickers are also included to help the child see their progress and perhaps even encourage them.

With so many different cords, it could be a little frustrating to have a comfortable night’s sleep without being entangled.

However, as you use the sensor more and more, you will get used to it, and your child will adapt to have a comfortable night’s sleep. We also love the tone that gently wakes the child without scaring them in the middle of the night.

With so many tests done, the product is really effective at helping you detect bedwetting before it happens. It is also really affordable, and all of these features are backed by a decent warranty as well.

This will give you great value for your money and allow the children to rid themselves of the bedwetting plague.


  • Accurate detection
  • Includes numerous tests
  • Easy to set up
  • Really affordable


  • Too many cords

Check price on Amazon

How Do Bedwetting Alarms Work?

The bedwetting alarm is definitely a step up in the world of technology. Compared to setting up normal alarms, it works great not to disrupt the sleeping pattern.

Whether you have the alarm attached to your briefs or to the bed itself, these alarms have built-in sensors. The sensors are designed to detect moisture, and this will trigger the alarm.

While they might not sound effective, once you use them, you will see exactly how effective they are at distinguishing between sweat and urine. This means you won’t need to deal with any false alarms that will disrupt the sleeping pattern.

The first drop will trigger most of the alarms, while some of them can also work when they detect the need to urinate just before the first drop appears.

Once the alarm has sounded, the individual will be awoken, and they can get out of bed to empty their bladder. The alarm can then be reattached to ensure that they won’t be caught off guard later on at night.

Which Alarm Works Best for Deep Sleepers?

Deep sleepers should not look for only one waking feature. Some of the advanced alarms have multiple waking features.

This enables the user to wake up to the sound feature easily. If this does not work, the vibrating feature will come into play. Lastly, you will also find some of the alarms that include the light feature, and some people will be awoken instantly.

If you are a parent and your child still does not want to wake up with all of these features, you can simply add a baby monitor to the alarm.

Once you are woken up by the alarm, you can simply wake up the baby and then have them empty the bladder.

However, there are also numerous wireless alarms to aid in doing this and simplify the process.

Can Older People and Adults Use These Alarms?

These alarms are not only designed to be used by children. Some of the older people might still have problems with bedwetting or feel embarrassed about it.

These alarms can be used by any person looking to get rid of the problem. However, we would only recommend the wireless alarms for adult users, as they are a little more comfortable to sleep with.

If you are wondering which of the alarms mentioned above can be used by adults, we can inform you that any of them will definitely work.

However, consulting your doctor can be a great way to find the best possible alarm, and they may even run some tests to see if you have any other underlying problems that need to be dealt with.

Key Features to Consider When Choosing the Best Bedwetting Alarms

As with any technological product, it is always best to know some of the fundamentals and understand the features before choosing a product. To ensure that you get the best value for your money, we have isolated the most important features to keep in mind. This will ensure great value for your money:

Waking Mechanism

The waking mechanism is one of the most important parts of selecting one of these alarms. If you plan to use the alarm for a long time, you will need more than one tone to wake you or your child up.

If not, chances are the child will get used to the tone and sleep through it. Vibration is also a great way if you are sensitive to touch. This will enable you to wake up the child or yourself without having to disturb the entire household.

Lastly, many brands include a light feature. Some people are sensitive to light when they are sleeping, and this method will allow you to wake up with the light shining in your eyes. However, it is the least effective method.


There are two types of bedwetting alarms that you need to choose from. Each of them will offer their very own drawbacks and benefits to help you get the ideal one you are looking for. Here is a small breakdown of each type:

  • Wireless: The wireless option is the most expensive version, and it generally attaches to your briefs. These alarms are functional, and they won’t impair the sleep of your child. These alarms are also really beneficial for deep sleeping children, and they can be placed in the parent’s rooms to help them wake up the child.
  • Clip-on: The clip-on alarms are a little cheaper, but sleeping with them can also be a little frustrating. They can be attached to the briefs themselves, or they are attached to a pad that is placed on the bed. The disadvantage of these alarms is that they might not always detect the moisture if they are not in the right place. However, many great brands have a unique sensor technology.

No matter which one of these alarms you choose, they will enable you to stop bedwetting. It might take some time and effort to get up at night, but the results are definitely worth the while and effort you need to go through.


A good bedwetting alarm can make all the difference to stop adults and children from wetting the bed. While it might be embarrassing, you will eventually need to go through the process and stop the embarrassment if the issue does persist.

These bedwetting alarms have a proven record of accomplishment, and we would definitely recommend them to parents and children.

We would like to thank you for reading this article and encourage you to share some of your thoughts. Let us know in the comment section if you have ever had an issue like this and how you got rid of it. We would also like to see any of the other suggestions you have for bedwetting alarms that we might have missed.

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