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Have you tried out a spillproof male urinal? Choosing convenience is a decision made by a few individuals. Some people blindly fall into buying products that turn out to be entirely stressful and of no use regarding their needs.

Times an emergency may arise, and you have no idea of the best spill proof male urinal to buy. This guide will help you find the best container for this purpose.

There are circumstances in life that will demand a urinal container. It is crucial having one for male use when most wanted. Its functions include the following.

  • You can use it for the elderly.
  • You can use it for bedridden patients.
  • You can also use it for people with ambulating difficulties
  • and other disorders.
  • You can also use the urinal bottle when traveling or driving for long distances and camping purposes.
  • urinal bottle is also crucial at night or even during the day when you are not near your bathroom
  • Individuals with constant urine flow can also use urinal bottles.

To get easy to clean and odorless environment, you should go for the spillproof urinal. In this article, you are going to find the best spill proof of male urinals.

Different people have different preferences. With this in mind, the products below have various features, pros, and cons. The list consists of the best urinal, thoroughly researched to make work easier for you. Now you can decide on your favorite product in a few minutes.

Baffle Spill-proof Male Urinal

Baffle Spill-Proof Male Urinal

What we liked about the product

The best thing about Baffle Spillproof Male Urinal is that it does not allow the liquid to spill over. Thanks to the innovative Baffle. It has been explicitly designed to hold back urinal from spilling over after one has used it or when moved. You can use it conveniently if you are bedridden without wetting your bed.

Product review

Baffle spillproof male urinal has the best features for convenient use. It has volume marking to 1000 cc or 32oz. This provides large enough capacity for holding urine before emptying it. This is good news for those who are interested in the size of a urinal bottle.

This male urinal has a space on the attached lid for the patient information. This makes it one of the best urinals to be used in the hospital or by bedridden patients at home. This reduces the chances of sharing the urinal bottle. It also keeps infections off and reduces the spread of diseases.

The Baffle spillproof male urinal uses sturdy plastic materials in its making. You are not going to run back to the market after a month looking for another urinal container. Its sizeable ergonomic handle makes it easy for you to hold and manipulate the bottle in any way you wish. It can also hang or stand at the end of the bed rail conveniently.

You will like this urinal container if you have used an irritating bottle before. All its edges and opening are made smooth, ensuring that you are comfortable using this urinal. This is also important when cleaning the container.

  • Large capacity
  • It is sturdy
  • Easy to use
  • Has an attached lid


  • It is more substantial than most male urinals
  • Caps wear out quickly leaving the bottle steady


This urinal container will serve you beyond your expectations. Its features are great too. With the space provided for the patient information, this container can be the best for the hospitals. A few will have problems with its weight, but with its large ergonomic handle, holding and manipulating it is more comfortable.

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JJ CARE Spill-proof Urine Bottles

JJ CARE [Spill Proof Urine Bottle for Men] Snap On Lid Plastic Pee Holder, Portable Urinal

What we liked about the product

JJ CARE Spill-proof Urine Bottles promises convenience. The best thing about the urinal bottle is that it has a large capacity. It can hold the liquid up to 1000 ml. This means you can use it frequently. It is an excellent choice for long-distance travelers or long hours driving, holding up large amounts of liquid before emptying it.

Product overview

JJ CARE Spill-proof Urine Bottle has excellent features to make your experiences. It is made to use for various functions for the male urinal. One can use it for the elderly, the bedridden patients, and for the physically challenged. You can also use this male urinal for incontinence and medical care.

This product has a removable screw cap lid. Cleaning this urinal container is now simple. You don’t need the expertise to remove it for washing and to screw it back. Just twist it to open, clean your container then screw it back quickly. With cleaning now fast, you can always be motivated to wash your bottle after use — no unpleasant odor with this product.

To make it to this list JJ CARE is made to prevent urine spills. This bottle design ensures you are comfortable with a dry environment. The container will always stand on its own with its sturdy design. With a lid cap, the liquid can’t spill over.

Having this urinal is such a save of time and energy, making work easier for you and your patient. You can also use this male urinal for short calls while driving for long hours. There is no worry too when out camping. It will perfectly serve you to keep your happy moments flowing.

The manufacturer has also done the best in using high-quality materials in manufacturing this urinal bottle. The durable plastic spillproof container has been built to make it sturdy. Its design, too, is perfect. Its base is well sealed to avoid any leaks.

The manufacturer had you in mind in coming up with this beautiful product to ensure that you are comfortable, and it is convenient using it. The smooth, wide opening is suitable, preventing any scratches while using this urinal container. Its plastic materials are translucent — no more guessing as you read measurements to determine the level of the liquid.

The urinal bottle’s easy-grip handle and its broad base also ensure that your container is stable on the ground. Its screw cap cover also glows in the dark. These minimize accidents.

  • The male urinal is sturdy
  • It is safe
  • Hold a large capacity of liquid
  • It is durable
  • Smooth and comfortable


  • The container is more substantial than most male urinals


JJ CARE spillproof male urinal is perfect for use in hospitals, incontinence, and travel bottle, emergency, and for the elderly. Once you get this product, you will be satisfied. With its great features, all your urinal needs are going to be solved. No more spills, accidents, or worrying about the convenience of use.

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Advantage Urinal System with Spill Proof Bag

Reusable Portable Standard Male Advantage Urinal System with Spill Proof Collection Bag

What we liked about this product

The best thing with the Advantage Urinal System is its technology in avoiding spills. It contains a down drain bag which has an anti-reflux valve. The anti-reflux valve eliminates any chances of liquid spills. With this technology, the urinal bottle is complete. You will be amazed by its ability to prevent odors.

Product overview

Have a collection bag allowing it to hold a large amount of liquid before draining it. The 2-liter collection bag lets in urine from the bottle, allowing for urine. With this male urinal system, little effort will be required mainly by the caretaker in emptying the bottle before the next use.

The collection bag also contains a one-way valve, minimizing spills. This takes the male urinal to another level of a reduced workload for the caregiver, reduced odor as well as reduced cost of lid replacements when worn out.

With the position of the collection bag separated from the urinal container, it guarantees your health. Infections from the collected urine will be minimized t keeping healthy and secure.

The advantage of the Urinal System is also made to ensure comfortable relieving. This urinal’s manufacturer came up with a new patented padded rim that provides a better seal. It also ensures that there is extra comfort for every user. If you are looking for convenience when using urinal for male, this could be an excellent choice for you.

You can use this system if you experience mobility disorders, after operations, difficulty moving to the bathroom, and urinary frequency. This male urinal can also be of help to you if you are planning to travel or drive for long distances. You can also use it for camping.

This product is made to save time. It is easy to use. No assembling. No specialized knowledge required to start using this urinal or expertise to handle it. It comes ready for use. A few tips here on the packaging to help you begin, and you are good to go.

  • Comfortable to use
  • Have a collection bag allowing for a large amount of liquid retention
  • Safe and healthy
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to use


  • The tube is permanently attached to the bottleneck preventing any replacement or changing of the bag
  • Have short lifespan


Advantage Urinal System is an excellent choice for continent men having the ability to sense the need for urination. The caregivers, as well as individuals who prefer this urinal, have a reason to smile. Your sleep and rest are well-considered with the Advantage Urinal System.

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URSEC Spill Proof Male Urinal

URSEC Spill Proof Male Urinal by Providence Spillproof

What we liked about the product

URSEC spillproof male urinal represents one of the urinal containers with the latest innovations. This makes it outstanding among male urinals. The company came up with an anti-reflux system innovation that ensures that there are no urine spills whatsoever. This makes this product unique compared to other male urinals.

You will not have to worry about the position of your urinal bottle. The anti-reflux system will readily help in holding back urine from spilling even if the urinal was turned over with urine. This innovation not only works more naturally for the caretaker to keep watching on the bottle position but also helps in maintaining cleanliness. It also helps avoid odor that comes from spilled urine.

Product overview

URSEC spillproof male urinal has marked graduations which are visible to show the limit of the liquid capacity. This makes it easy for the user or the caregiver to know when to empty the bottle. No wasting time in gazing to determine the level of the liquid with this bottle.

This male urinal has a stable base that is wide enough for easy positioning whenever you want to use it. The stable base also minimizes accidents while using the urinal.

It also has a large ergonomic handle that hangs on the bed rails for convenience. You can easily hold and manipulate this handle. It also makes it easy to reach for it and even use it in the dark. The urinal is a giant having the capacity to hold a large amount of liquid.

With the screw-on MTQuick cap, you can empty the bottle conveniently. URSEC by providence made it safe to pour out the liquid from the container quickly and hygienically. No, neither accidents nor a waste of time whenever you want to empty your bottle. This cap also makes cleaning easy and fast.

What about cleaning this urinal bottle? It is simple. You can remove the anti-reflux funnel by unscrewing it. There you have your container which you can clean conveniently before easily re-fixing it back. No special knowledge required.

  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy
  • Easy and safe to use
  • Easy
  • easy to clean


  • It is heavy


URSEC Spillproof Male Urinal has a lot of great features. It is sturdy and convenient. No specialized knowledge required to use this urinal. There are only a few guidelines from the manufacturer that are easy to understand to prepare you in effectively using it. This product is appropriate to use at night or for the elderly, bladder problems, or anyone bedridden.

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VOCA Urinal for Men Urine Container

VOCA Urinals for Men Urine Container 32oz 1000mL Spill Proof Urinary Chamb Male Portable Pee Bottles Easy to Clean

What we liked about this product

This product by VOCA uses durable and robust material in its making. The best thing about the product is lightweight and easy carrying it, despite having strong and durable material. The product also comes with a cleaning brush and a warm cotton cover. You will barely get these add-ons on other urinals.

Product overview

It contains a valve that ensures the container is completely restricting urine spills. The urinal bottle is also leak proof. This means you will never experience leaks or spills as much as you are using this male urinal.

It is also convenient. During traveling, you can place it in the car and forget about it. The valve serves its purpose to the best-preventing spills or leakage on bumps, brakes, or when making turns. You can carry VOCA Urinal for Men Urine Container in wheelchairs and walking aids.

This container’s opening is smooth, with no burr. With this, your safety comes first. You will barely encounter accidents.

Besides, this container has a large capacity holding the liquid up to 1000 ml. Most of the male urinals brought to you in this article are extensive, having an ability of 1000ml. This will minimize interference by frequent stopovers to empty your container. It will also reduce the number of times the caregiver will have to clear the bottle for the next use.

  • Has a large capacity
  • You can clean it easily
  • Has lightweight
  • It sturdy and can last long
  • The handle is made a saw-tooth preventing slip
  • Soft opening for comfort


  • Has smaller handle


This container is unique and made in its way. It is though safe and easy to use as well as to clean. You can use it while traveling, bedridden, or driving. Its smaller handle can mean nothing regarding its lightweight. The handle also gives a good grip with its saw-tooth surface.

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Tilcare Spill-proof Male Urinal

Urinals for Men Glow in The Dark Lid by Tilcare (3 Pack) - 32oz 1000mL Thick Plastic Mens Bedpan Bottle with Screw-on Lid

What we liked about this product

The male spillproof urinal by Tilcare is here to meet your urinal needs. The best thing about this product is its ability to glow in the dark. It caters well for your safety. You don’t need the light to locate it in the dark. The glow in the night also minimizes accidents.

Product overview

You can get your Tilcare male urinal in one pack or three-pack. The Tilcare Spill-proof male urinal can hold the liquid up to 1000ml equivalent to 32oz. This provides for an ample space to hold urine before emptying your bottle for next use.

This product contains a unique sealed grip handle. Since it is well closed, no liquid can go through this handle Worries about how you will wash inside the handle. Tilcare has put cleanliness a priority. For the convenience of use, the manufacturer also ensured that this grip handle has a shape that ensures that it fits on most bed rails.

Tilcare male urinal is spillproof. With its screw-on spillproof lid, it minimizes the chances of the liquid from spilling. The cap is made of durable quality materials to prevent urine leakage. You can position your urinal container in any way, knowing you will not get disappointed.

This male urinal is also made of thick plastic materials, ensuring a long lifespan. If you are the kind of person who never likes constant replacements at home, this is an excellent choice for you. You can also save your money on deciding to purchase this product. Its top-quality plastic materials ensure that you get a long time of using this urinal.

The size of this urinal is also perfect for bedside or traveling. The male urinal measures 3.5 by 4.75 by 9.75 inches. This is an ideal size that will be convenient for you to use it at the bedside as well as when traveling or driving for long-distance. You will find this container worth it for applying for the people with disability, the elderly, the bedridden patients as well as travelers. Its size is perfect for placing it near you, where you can access it fast.

The one-month money-back guarantee is a good sign of care from the manufacturer. All features stated are sure to function well for your satisfaction. A few urinal products have a money-back guarantee. There are no doubts this product is an excellent offering of great service on the promises given.

  • Minimizes accidents
  • The product is durable
  • Perfect size for convenience in using the urinal
  • It is cost-effective


  • This product cannot always stand on their own


If you want a leak-proof, long-lasting, and perfect spillproof male urinal, you might think about going for this urinal container.

Every male urinal has its features making it look great in the eyes of the viewer. This one is no exception. You will find this product appealing to its great features. Don’t hesitate to go for it if you find it appealing.

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Final verdict

Now, with the list of buying guides above, you probably have your favorite. Each one is made and designed differently. Some manufacturers have employed various innovations and technologies to improve their products. Nevertheless, all the urinals above are spillproof and appropriate for male use.

Different considerations come into question when deciding one over the other.

If you have an answer to these two main questions, you probably know what male urinal you want: Does the product serve me fully? Is it cost-effective? Below is other considerations that every individual will consider in choosing the favorite one.

  • The capacity of the container.
  • It is durable
  • Safety
  • Strength
  • Comfort
  • Easy to use

With this mentioned, you are ready to walk right into a store and ask your favorite spillproof male urinal. You can also order online at

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