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Physical therapy is beneficial for people who have shoulder pain or are recovering from a shoulder injury. Usually, the patient has to visit the therapist’s clinic for a therapy session.

If the therapist feels that it will be beneficial for the patient also to do some exercises at home, he will recommend using over the door pulleys. It also helps in achieving a reasonable range of motion of the shoulder much quicker.

Shoulder pulleys are simple devices that anyone can use at home. It has a hook that you can hang on the door and also a pulley with a rope attached to it.

Additionally, at the end of the cable are two handles that you can grab and perform various exercises that improve your range of motion. Moreover, your therapist will teach you multiple movements and techniques using the pulley for maximum benefits. To summarize, a shoulder pulley helps in reducing pain, increasing blood flow, and increasing the range of motion. 

However, choosing the best over the door pulley can prove to be a difficult task. Also, there are various manufacturers and varieties in the market. Hence, to help to aid you in your decision, we have narrowed down eight best over the door pulleys. Let’s start with the list. 

RangeMaster over-the-door shoulder pulley:

RangeMaster - EconoRanger Shoulder Pulley for Physical Therapy Exercises - Metal Bracket Door Attachment

This product is a complete package. It has everything that you will need to get started to perform shoulder exercises and gain back the range of motion. 

The best thing about the product:

RangeMaster has included a flip chart with this product that lists all the exercises that you can perform. 

Product Overview:

The product comes with a metal bracket that can be attached to any door in your home as long as it is less than 2 inches thick. The metal bracket is sturdy, but it can bend if you apply extra force. RangeMaster has put paddings on the inside of the bracket. It protects the material of your door from getting damaged. 

The pulley is made up of self-lubricating nylon that doesn’t make any squeaking sounds. It helps you to perform your exercises in a noise-free environment. RangeMaster has enclosed the pulley in a zinc-coated metal to protect it from any damage, extending the life of the product. 

The rope is 75-inches long and is made up of a slightly stretchable material. The length has been kept long so that you can adjust it as per your height.

RangeMaster has included a wooden dowel handles in this over-the-door pulley, and they are very durable. They have a hole in them through which the rope goes in. To modify the length of the cord, you will have to tie a knot, as the handles don’t have a notch in them.

The device comes with an instructional flip chart. This chart has a good collection of exercises that you can perform from on the over-the-door shoulder pulley. It has a complete set of instructions on how to perform each activity. The flip chart is a welcome addition, as you don’t have to search online for directions, thus saving valuable time. 

This product by RangeMaster is a complete package. It will help you in performing shoulder exercises without wasting any time. Just follow the direction on the flip chart and gain back your range of motion in no time at all. 


  • Metal Bracket
  • Self-lubricating nylon pulley
  • 75-inch rope
  • wooden dowel handles
  • adjustable
  • Flip chart with instructions


  • You will have to tie a knot to adjust the height. 

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DMI Over-the-Door Shoulder Pulley:

DMI Over the Door Shoulder Pulley for Physical Therapy helps Increase Mobility and Maneuverability on Injured

Duro Med Industries (DMI) is a branch of Briggs Healthcare. They have been making healthcare products for 35 years. Moreover, they have a wide assortment of products that aid the elderly and people with disabilities. They also perform thorough tests before launching their products in the market. Furthermore, they have excellent customer service, which helps them to stay in the market for over three decades. 

The best feature of DMI over-the-door shoulder pulley:

The unique feature of this shoulder pulley is that it comes with two pulleys. It helps in performing the exercises more smoothly compared to the products that have only have a single one. 

Product Overview:

The product comes with a unique metal bracket. It has metal pipes in the shape of the hanger coming out of the main bracket. The pulleys are attached to these pipes. The bracket is robust and durable. It will hand on to the doors of 1 3/8 to 1 5/8 inches thickness. 

The DMI product comes with two pulleys that are made up of plastic. The housing for the pulley is also made up of plastic. Although the material is plastic, the device is very sturdy. It is also noise-free so that you can perform the exercise with peace of mind. The two pulley system is beneficial for patients as it provides better exercising capabilities through increased motion. 

The DMI over-the-door shoulder pulley comes with a nylon rope that is 1/4 inches in diameter. It is 96-inches in length, which means that it is usable by people of varying heights. To adjust the height, you will have to tie knots in the rope, as there isn’t any other adjustment method. 

The device comes with two plastic handles with fantastic grips. They are also of adequate size and can be used by everyone with ease. 

The DMI over-the-door shoulder pulley is a unique product with its two pulley mechanism. It will help you in performing most of the exercises that the therapist recommends. Due to its hangar-like bracket extension, you can stand under it and perform extra tasks not possible on other shoulder pulleys. It will help you in regaining your range of motion very fast. 


  • Two pulleys
  • Metal bracket with hangar-like extension
  • Large plastic handles with fantastic grip
  • Long rope


  • Takes a bit of extra space compared to rest
  • Not easily adjustable

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Over-the-door Shoulder Pulley by DMI:

DMI Shoulder Pulley for Physical Therapy, Over The Door Pulley, White

This shoulder pulley by DMI is portable and affordable. You can carry it with you quickly to any location and perform your daily shoulder exercises. 

The best thing about Over-the-Door shoulder pulley by DMI:

DMI has made this pulley very portable. You can take it wherever you want, find a door, hang it up, and perform your exercises. 

Product Overview:

The product comes with a nylon strap and hard plastic buckle to attach to the door. It is not as easy to hang compared to a metal hook, but you get used to it after a few attempts. 

Additionally, the pulley is made up of plastic and is covered by a metal housing, which makes it durable, and it lasts a long time. It is noise-free and hence doesn’t make any annoying squeaking sounds. Therefore, you can perform your exercises with relaxation and peace. 

Furthermore, the rope is made up of nylon and is 1/4 inches in diameter. Whereas, the length of the cord is 72 inches for maximum usability. It is sturdy and also will last quite a while with fair use. 

The handles are made up of wooden handles, which makes them durable. Also, they have a hole in them, and the rope runs through it. Hence, to alter the length of the cord, you can tie the knot at one of the ends of the wooden handles. 

DMI has made this over-the-door shoulder pulley very simple yet very useful. It is affordable and, best of all, portable. You can perform all of your therapist’s recommended exercise on it and recover from a shoulder injury as soon as possible. It is highly effective and will increase your range of motion. 


  • Portable
  • 72-inch rope
  • Noise-free rope
  • Affordable
  • Adjustable


  • Nylon strap for door attachment

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Over-the-door Shoulder Pulley by Therapist’s Choice:

Therapist’s Choice® Shoulder Pulley, Over The Door

Therapist’s Choice Medical Supplies Inc. is a healthcare product manufacturer based in Canada. They are famous for their products and provide a wide range of medical supplies. 

The best feature of Over-the-Door Shoulder Pulley by Therapist’s Choice:

It is economical, and with its simple construction, it is portable. It is small enough to fit in your pocket.

Product Overview:

Therapists’ Choice has opted to go with a nylon webbing door strap. You can fasten it to any door so that you can perform your exercises wherever you feel comfortable.

The pulley is made up of nylon plastic and is covered in a hard plastic housing. It does make some noises and, if not used properly, may cause friction. It can cause the metal rivet to get hot and not safe to touch. So you have to make sure that you adjust the cord appropriately before using it and to avoid injury. 

The rope is simple and 79-inches in length. It means that the device is adjustable and you can set it as per your requirement. The cord is sturdy, but as mentioned above, make sure that it is perfectly aligned and doesn’t break.

The handles are made up of molded plastic and have a hole cut out in them. The rope goes through these holes, and you can tie a knot at one end of the handles to adjust the length of the cord. The handles have the right size, and you can comfortably grip them in your hands. Despite being made up of plastic, they are hard and robust. 

The therapist’s Choice shoulder pulley comes in a clear plastic bag, and you can carry it even while traveling. The size is adequate to carry the device in your pocket. It will help you to do your exercises no matter where you are and support in a quick recovery from your injury. 


  • Economical
  • Portable
  • 79-inch rope


  • You have to be careful before using it and make sure the rope is aligned properly
  • Pulley makes mild noises.  

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Over-the-Door shoulder pulley by Drive Medical:

Drive Medical Overdoor Exercise Pulley

Drive Medical was found in the year 2000. Hence, they have been developing medical equipment for almost two-decade now. In short, they are fast-growing to be one of the most established medical equipment supplier. Also, their products are of high quality, and they never compromise on it. Therefore, they have gained quite a name for themselves in the market. Additionally, they provide exceptional customer service. 

Best Feature of Drive Medical Pulley:

The shoulder pulley comes with a 12 inches adjustable spreader for maximum comfort of the user.

Product Overview:

The device comes with a metal bracket that has 5 inches hook that you can attach to your door. It has two small circular plastic padding inside the hook to avoid damage to your door. Furthermore, it has 12 inches adjustable spreader coming out of the metal bracket. 

It features two nylon pulleys that have a metal covering. You can hang them on the spreaders and also can adjust them as you please. Both of the pulleys are of high quality and provide a sound free experience for maximum comfort.  

Additionally, the rope is 96-inches in length, which makes it usable by people of different heights. It is a traction rope that offers excellent durability. The quality of the pulley makes sure that the cord doesn’t slip at all, and you can perform your exercises comfortably. There is no adjustability option, so you have to tie a knot in the rope as per your requirements.  

The handles are made up of hard plastic and offer a fantastic grip. They are large enough that anyone can use them with ease. They come with indents in the inner side of the handle to place your fingers. It adds to the overall satisfaction of the device. 

The Drive Medical Over the shoulder pulley is very durable and hence long-lasting. It also offers two easily adjustable pulleys on a 12 inches spreader. Furthermore, it is very functional and will increase your range of motion considerably.  


  • Metal bracket
  • 12-inches spreader
  • Two adjustable Pulleys
  • Comfortable handles
  • Long traction rope


  • Very bulky
  • Not portable

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BodyHealt Over the door Shoulder Pulley:

BodyHealt Overhead Shoulder Pulley – Overdoor Pulley with Large Foam Grip for Optimal Comfort

BodyHealt is a fast-growing medical equipment manufacturer. They use high-quality material in their products and also never compromise on it. Moreover, its mission is to satisfy its customers 100 percent. Hence, they provide excellent customer service and always listen to their feedback. 

The best feature of the product:

The device comes with very comfortable and large foam grip handles. It will help in performing your therapeutic exercises with ease. 

Product Overview:

The product comes with a metal hook for secure attachment. You can use it with a door of maximum two-inch thickness. They don’t come with padding but do have a plastic cover on one end to avoid damage. The metal hook is not strong enough, so make sure not to hang any weight on it, or it will be bent.

The pulley is made up of black nylon plastic. It is of fantastic quality and does not make noises. A metal housing protects it and makes it durable, and it will last a long time with regular usage. 

The rope is made up of good material but is not stretchable. The length is also adequate for use, and you can adjust it by tying a knot. 

The handles are large and offer a fantastic foam grip for its users. They also provide maximum usability and are very comfortable to use. Therefore, people of different hand sizes can use them with ease. 

The BodyHealt Over-the-Door shoulder pulley is of lovely quality. It is very tough and will last a long time without any wear and tear. It comes with very comfortable handles with foam grips. You can also opt for a nylon door attachment if you don’t want the metal hook. The pulley is noise-free and ensures that you get a relaxing and healthy workout for your shoulders. 


  • Metal Hook
  • Noise-free pulley
  • Large handles with foam grip


  • Slightly expensive

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Over the door, pulleys let you experience range-of-motion strengthening, pain-relieving, and stretching exercises for the shoulders. Since you can effectively control the active assistance, you would always be in full control of the workout and guaranteed that you do not exaggerate the painful shoulder condition you are suffering from.

If you are willing to understand the variety of exercises you can do with your over the door pulley, please consult your trainer or physical therapist you have been working with. This way, they can guide you the best exercises for your specific medical condition.

You must do the correct technique and form as you operate your pulley. I.e., when you pull the arm down, you must experience the muscles located in the upper back, and underneath your armpit trigger and get the shoulder blade to indicate directly downward towards your backbone and the floor as you do the motion.

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