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Personal trainers are certified professionals who assist people with exercises and guidance in achieving their health and fitness goals. Working as a personal trainer often requires a combination of skills to provide effective service and help clients achieve their desired results. And regardless of whether you are starting a personal training business or already a pro, it is always good to seek ways to improve. 

This article discusses what it takes to be a successful personal trainer and provides tips for improving and polishing your skills.

1. Ensure clean facility by hiring a cleaning company

Maintaining a clean fitness space is difficult since bacteria, viruses, and fungi thrive in a high-traffic environment. Still, taking the time and the appropriate steps to clean the facility thoroughly is a precondition for a successful business. 

And especially now, during the Covid pandemic, make sure you opt for a cleaning company with the required insurance coverage customized to protect the company and its clients (meaning you). And why is this important for you? Because these types of business insurance offer protection from a wide range of accidents and business risks- from a customer slipping on a just mopped wet floor to damaging property or theft. 

2. Have an individual approach towards your clients

Each of your clients has different goals and needs. Choose exercises, order of activities, and pace that work specifically for them. Consider their individual preferences as you develop their workout routine. Importantly, give them alternatives. 

Providing your clients with options will likely enhance their motor learning, performance, motivation, and adherence. Also, as some clients may have smartwatches or other devices they want to use to track their progress, be mindful about this aspect.

3. Explore science and application 

Research in recent years has vastly and persuasively illustrated why and what exercise is good. That being said, it is essential to spend time learning as much as you can about the science behind training. 

Following the science, explaining, and applying it to your clients can help them stay on top of their motivation and achieve actual results. More importantly, as your job is to facilitate training and teach, send your clients scientific articles to answer any possible question they might have. 

4. Invest in your education

As with any other profession, you need to continuously invest in yourself and your knowledge to stay up in the game. And with the access we have to information now, there is simply no excuse to be behind the curve. 

Make learning and educating part of your daily routine. Read what is new within your industry and if possible, keep an eye on good personal trainer seminars. That is a great way to make investments that will most definitely return big time!

Professional Improvement5. Remain flexible

When it comes to your business and working with individuals, you must be flexible at all times. Introduce, for example, a 24-hour cancellation notice to protect yourself from last-minute cancellations. 

But, in case of circumstances where a client may cancel because of a family emergency or illness, be flexible and do not charge them. Be sure to let them know there is usually a fee involved, but you are waiving it because you understand the situation. These kinds of tactics are great for building harmony with clients and keeping them coming back. 

6. Record (and make visible) quantifiable results 

There are a lot of unmeasurable critical results that can be achieved through training. So, to be more successful and keep your clients’ motivation on the desired level, you need to record visible and available data to work with. 

To achieve that, regularly take pictures, get measurements, and keep track of all the numbers. That is a great way to keep things in perspective for your clients. Also, if you have approval from them, use some of these data to showcase your excellent work. Before and after photos work exceptionally well by marketing your business.

7. Build networks 

To build yourself professionally, you need to also invest in building networks. Your goals in networking should be to identify and develop referral partners, make your list of contacts, and gain new clients. 

Furthermore, it would also help if you establish a network of colleagues, physical therapists, nutritionists, and other health professionals closely related to your niche. Building networks on different levels will ultimately help you become the go-to person in your fitness industry.  

The bottom line

All the tips we have provided you with in this article are a great way to improve your expertise as a personal trainer. Keep in mind that introducing these ideas to your training business will make it easier for you to attract clients and achieve success. 

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