How Scalp Micropigmentation Builds Confidence

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Hair loss is one of the most devastating things to happen when you age. Your hair can affect your entire look, so having it fall off can drastically change your appearance.

Several factors can cause falling hair; it could be due to genetics or stress. Men are usually more prone to this ailment, but several women are victims, too. 

Nobody likes looking at thin hair or bald spots so hair loss can affect your confidence. You won’t want to go out or meet with friends. How can you solve this concern? Luckily, a new scientific breakthrough called Scalp Micropigmentation can help you!

What Is Scalp Micropigmentation?

This treatment is similar to having a tattoo on your scalp. Miniscule needles inject a pigment into your scalp to make it look like hair follicles. The result is an illusion that you have fuller hair with more volume.

Scalp micropigmentation is non-invasive, so the procedure needs minimal effort. You can walk out with new confidence in under four hours.

The markings will last your scalp for 4 to 6 years, so that’s enough time to show off your locks!

This treatment can benefit men with a receding hairline and thinning hair. Women who suffer hair loss from stress can also benefit from SMP.

People who suffer from Alopecia and scarring can also benefit from this procedure. Their medical conditions may cause them to lose hair, but SMP will gain it back!

The Benefits Of SMP

This treatment has several cosmetic benefits, but it’s also one of the most practical choices for falling hair. Here’s how you win with scalp micropigmentation:

  • It’s affordable – Hair transplants and wigs can cost a lot of money. Having SMP treatment is cheaper, and the results are just as good.
  • It’s long-lasting – One session can last you four to six years. You have the choice to refresh it after that time.
  • It’s fast – You will see instant results after the first treatment. You can go out and show off your hair once you finish.
  • It’s safe for everyone – Your age or medical condition doesn’t matter; SMP works for anyone who wants thick-looking hair! Even people who have burn marks or scars can enjoy the effects of this treatment.
  • It won’t disfigure your scalp – The needle is small enough that it won’t leave scars on your scalp. You can enjoy the effect without worrying about any disfigured side effects.

SMP has several benefits for you. It’s one of the best ways to treat hair loss!

Scalp Micropigmentation Treatments

Melbourne, Australia, is lucky to have a trustworthy scalp micropigmentation clinic. Clients are happy with their service, and they offer several treatments.

Here’s all the essential information about the best SMP clinic in Melbourne! They are dedicated to giving you the best service.

1. The shaved head look

If you’ve ever considered going bald, you may remember feeling anxious about the shiny “Q-ball” look you will have. With SMP, the pigments resemble hair follicles to look like you have a clean-shaven head.

2. Create hair density

Women suffer from hair loss due to stress, pregnancy, or hormonal imbalance. So, scalp micropigmentation can create wonders. The pigment gives the illusion that hair is thick, and the procedure works with any hair type and color.

3. Cover scars

Hair transplant scars can stand out on your scalp and make you insecure. Luckily, SMP can cover these scars after a few sessions. The employees at Luxe Micro in Melbourne are skilled at covering scars so they can adjust the treatment to your needs.

4. Treating alopecia

This condition is one of the most common causes of hair loss. People are left with bald spots or small hair patches. SMP can even out these spots and make you look like you have a full scalp.

Scar micropigmentation has several procedures that can benefit you. Go by the office and see how Luxe Micro can help you!

Tips To Remember Before An SMP Session

Having an SMP treatment for the first time is nerve-wracking. You may feel nervous about the result. 

The best way to have a good outcome is to know your hair. This strategy can help workers apply the right pigment.

Know your hairline shape

Your hairline shape can complement your whole look, so make sure you can pinpoint the form of your hairline.

Know the hairline position

Always go for your natural hairline. Don’t go for something too low as it will look strange and unnatural. Let the technician start where your original hairline was, this will give the product a realistic look.

Know your hairline style

Once you know your hairline shape and condition, you can help the technician by knowing your ideal hairline style. Make the right choice to have a fashionable and natural-looking scalp.

Here are some of the typical hairline styles:

  • Lightweight hairline – This hairline works best for people with lighter skin. The pigments make the scalp look freshly shaven. 
  • Jagged hairline – The pigments are spread under your actual hairline to mimic real hair. This technique will give the illusion that the pigment is natural hair. People love this style because most don’t have a defined hairline. This technique can bring out the design.
  • Edged-up hairline – This technique uses large, sharp lines to create a “clean” look. It’s popular among younger clients because they make an aesthetic pattern.

Clients with darker skin may prefer this style, as the sharp lines look more natural on a darker skin tone. 


Scalp micropigmentation is a lifesaver for several people. The technique can bring lost locks and help boost your confidence. Visit the most trusted clinic in Melbourne to get the best results!

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