How do Men Really Feel About Hair Loss?

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There’s something cruel and unfair about male hair loss. Many men expect it, but only a few can face it happily. Statistics state that about 6.5 million men in the UK will struggle with the most common kind of baldness, male pattern hair loss (MPHL), with it affecting 50 percent of men over 50. In an age of vast technological advancements, space travel and large strides in medical science, it seems strange that baldness is still so prevalent.

What Percentage Of Men Go Bald?

Hair loss can occur for many reasons and affect women as well as men, but men are far more likely to lose their hair. As much as half of the men in the world experience hair loss by the age of 50, with about 70% of men losing hair as they get older. Hair loss also affects younger men with 25% of bald men seeing first signs of hair loss before age 21.

Research has revealed that hair loss can have a devastating impact on a man’s self-esteem and confidence, which explains the escalating popularity of hair transplants. In this blog we’ll have an indepth look at the effect losing their hair can have on a man.

Impact of Male-Pattern Baldness

Many men will suffer from some degree of male pattern baldness during their lifetime, but despite this, many men still say it affects their self-esteem and confidence. 

In one particular study, nearly half of the men who currently still had a head of hair said they were worried about the impact that going bald would have on the way they look, specifically about whether it would make them look older than their years.

Some men have described a fear of losing their hair as amongst the worst things a man could suffer. Around one in three men, who have suffered from hair loss, have stated that they have had to experience jokes about their baldness. Additionally, one in five said they felt they were perceived to be older than their true age, while more than one in ten said they felt less attractive since they started to lose their hair.

Do Women Like Bald Men?

Many men who are losing their hair may ask, “Do women like bald men?” or, “Do women find bald men attractive?”

Every woman in the world has their own unique type, whether they prefer tall men, short men, bald or older men. Many women stated that the decisive factor in attractiveness is not hair loss, but the personality of the man. Another group of women stated that hair loss is a secondary and an insignificant factor. Moreover, they pay much more attention to a man’s sense of humour and other personal characteristics, such as intelligence, sociability and confidence.

On the whole, women like when men take care of themselves, whether that is bald or with a full head of hair.

Being Bald can Actually work to Your Advantage

In a professional sense, being bald can actually be an advantage. Even though most people don’t want to look older, work colleagues may interpret your looking older with having more experience. 

Also, a study conducted by the Wharton School of Business in Pennsylvania indicated that as well as being thought of as more manly and dominant, men with completely bald or shaved heads are often considered to be better leaders. 

Psychological Effects of Hair Loss

However, those who  experience severe hair loss are more likely to have negative psychological side effects, such as depression, than those with no or little hair loss. 

Psychological side effects can flow into different aspects of your daily life — from your performance at work, confidence in your relationship, to your own sense of self worth and everything in between.

Society’s beauty standards, public figures and influencers drive how our culture sees good looks, sexuality and success. For men, body standards have changed over the years, and men often feel that loss of hair signifies the end of youth and attractiveness.

Men who suffer from hair loss sometimes develop depression. If you think you are suffering from hair loss and depression, it is important to assess the symptoms in order to sort out the best mental health and hair loss treatments. 

Talk to your health care provider if you are suffering from any of the following symptoms: 

  • Undue tiredness
  • Trouble focusing 
  • Suicidal thoughts 
  • Distancing from family or friends
  • Persistent low mood
  • Feelings of worthlessness 
  • Moodiness 
  • Loss of appetite 
  • Sudden weight loss or weight gain
  • Troubles sleeping 
  • Feelings of hopelessness 
  • Feelings of guilt
  • Loss of interest in hobbies

How to Deal With Hair Loss Mentally?

Learning how to deal positively with hair loss mentally will help men with the process of going bald.

  • Hair loss isn’t life threatening. It may be unfortunate and not what you like, but a positive attitude to your hair makes a big difference.
  • You might think it is the first thing people see when they look at you, but mainly people don’t notice as much as you think they do.
  • Pharmaceutical companies are continually looking for ways to help with hair loss. For instance, topical finasteride has been proven as a great treatment for bald spots in men and help boost hair growth. In the future, baldness may be a thing of the past.

While hair loss or thinning hair can seem disastrous, you can put it into perspective. Focus your attention on ways to feel more positive about your appearance, a well-groomed beard, a lean physique or smart attire.

Is a Hair Transplant an Option?

If you feel that you really don’t want to live with hair loss, there is a permanent solution. Enhance Hair Restoration are the premier experts in hair transplant surgery. They offer the very best in hair growth and hair loss treatments. Get in touch for a free consultation and start your journey to a new full head of hair.

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