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Have you ever wondered what the fuss on white teeth is? For most people, having white teeth is of utter importance. For one, white teeth create a great first impression as you’ll be able to smile more. In addition, having bright white teeth can increase your self-confidence and give you an instant self-boost. The more you smile, the more you appear confident and capable. And in the long run, your smile will make you more attractive to others.

So, with more people associating white teeth with attractiveness and good health, the pressure of having perfect teeth increases. However, with age comes discolored and stained teeth leading most people to look older than they are. 

So, are the yellow stains on your front teeth making you self-conscious as you smile? You don’t have to be. There are dental cosmetic procedures available at Smiles on Queen and other dental clinics you can seek to make your smile brighter as your confidence is boosted. These procedures are discussed below.

1. Teeth Whitening

As the name suggests, teeth whitening removes stains and discolorations from your teeth. Staining tends to appear as you age due to food, medication, and smoking habits. The discolorations present themselves as yellow or grey-colored.

Cosmetic dentistry whitens your teeth by first removing any tartar, plaque, and stains on your teeth to expose their natural color. After which, your dentist will use a bleaching agent to whiten them. There are different shades of white for your selection.

However, it’s good to note that not all stains are removable through teeth whitening such as gray stains. Consult with your dentist for better advice.

2. Veneers

Veneers are applied to the front face of your teeth. They help alter tooth stains (those that can’t be removed by teeth whitening), cracks, chipped teeth, and spaces between teeth. Veneers are placed in a way that covers every tooth surface, giving you a bright and healthy smile. 

Using tooth adhesive, veneering is done using a thin porcelain material stuck on the problematic tooth. With the veneer material, your teeth can resist discoloration as food and beverages can easily roll off veneers.

In addition to being stain-resistant, veneers offer instant results immediately after your dentist is done applying them. You won’t have to deal with weekly visits to the dentist for whiter and brighter results like other types of treatments.

Your dentist will custom-make the veneers to suit your teeth’ shape, size, and issue.

3. Crowns

Tooth crowns work like veneers, but instead of being placed on your teeth, they’re cap-like that’s fitted on your teeth. Your dentist will shave or trim the top and sides of your tooth to give space for fitting the crown onto your already existing tooth. These crowns can be made from various materials such as ceramic and porcelain.

4. Composite Filling

The traditional method used for filling cavities was metal or silver fillings. These weren’t aesthetically pleasing and could expand and contract depending on the surrounding temperatures.

On the other hand, composite fillings look like the color of your teeth, making them less conspicuous. If you already have the metal fillings in place, your dentist can exchange them with composite ones.

5. Braces

Tooth braces remedy crooked and misaligned teeth. There are different braces—some are made of transparent material, making them hard to notice, while others are made of metal. Invisible braces are also available; these are placed behind your teeth, making them invisible.

Braces work by applying pressure on your teeth. Over time, the teeth tend to move and align themselves to the brace due to the pressure. It’s good to note that tooth braces are available for children and adults.

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6. Teeth Bonding

Tooth bonding involves jointing material to an already existing tooth, mainly to deal with tooth cracks and stains. For cracks, the material will fill the broken part, making your tooth complete and naturally-looking.

7. Teeth Shaping

This tooth cosmetic surgery aims at rectifying any uneven teeth you might have. Your dentist will use an electric device to shape your teeth to match the others and make your teeth look uniform. This is done if your condition isn’t severely off. An alternative to filing using an electrical device is the removal of the tool enamel.

8. Dental Implants

As you grow old, there’s a high possibility of your teeth falling out due to decay and cavities, among other reasons. These often leave gaps in your mouth, which aren’t aesthetically pleasing. This is where dental implants come in.

Dental implants aim at filling the gap left by your former teeth. They’re mainly made of titanium and are surgically put in place. After the space has been filled, your cosmetic dentist can place a crown over the implant.

9. Dentures

Dentures are most familiar with the aged who lost their teeth as time goes by. They might also work if you’re involved in an accident that removes a majority of your teeth.

Full or partial dentures are available for your use, depending on your needs. Dentures replace your missing teeth and the surrounding tissue. This makes you look as if you have all your teeth, which are also naturally-looking.

10. Gum Contouring

This is a cosmetic solution if your teeth tend to appear small in size. This is often seen as usual, but most of your teeth’ surface is covered. Your dentist will perform gum contouring by cutting out the extra gum surrounding your teeth. The extent of cutting is based on your preference, tooth support, and gum extension. The tips of your gums are aligned for a uniform look. Gum contouring is a painless procedure that’s often done using a laser.

11. Gum Grafts

This procedure goes hand in hand with gum contouring, and they can be done together. Gum grafts cover up exposed teeth, which tend to be longer than expected. Soft tissue is used to cover up the exposed tooth surface to a considerable extent that’s aesthetically pleasing.


From the article above, you’ve seen that there are many cosmetic dental procedures you can choose from to help with your oral aesthetics. As you seek a cosmetic dental operation, it’s crucial to seek the services of a licensed dentist. Doing this avoids the possibility of the procedure being done by a quack who might worsen your teeth condition in the long run.

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