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A dental emergency precisely is any dental condition that presents a threat to one’s dental health. Any dental problem that needs to arrest bleeding, alleviate severe pain, or save teeth needs a dental emergency. But all dental emergencies don’t originate from pain and bleeding only. 

A dental emergency may be Bacterial, Fungal, or Viral infections that have a direct effect on the teeth and need prompt medical attention. An emergency dentist can quickly diagnose the dental problem and come up with a treatment to solve the dental condition as fast as possible. 

What are some of the common Dental emergencies?


Pain in the tooth could indicate several underlying conditions that need urgent medical attention, like tooth decay. It is not advisable to take painkillers once you have an unexplained toothache. It is always advisable to seek advice from your emergency dentist where possible. 


It is not usual to have abscesses forming on the gums or between teeth. When you notice an abscess coming out from any of your teeth, there must be an underlying dental infection that needs urgent dental attention. Check for abscesses between the teeth and on the roots of the teeth. If you spot swellings with a yellowish substance inside, you need to seek dental care as fast as possible. 

Broken Teeth 

For you to break a tooth, you must have chewed something hard, but don’t worry if that happens. Take a glass of warm water, rinse your mouth properly and apply gauze on the broken teeth to reduce the felt pain. Then look for an emergency dentist in any available dental care clinic to urgently attend to your problem. A valuable tip is to avoid chewing hard things that your teeth cannot handle.

Knocked-Out Tooth.

A knocked-out tooth also requires emergency dental care. If your tooth falls off, you should not scrub the tissue fragments. In that case, just rinse your mouth, then place the knocked-out tooth well in a cup of milk or saline water to keep the tooth safe for restoration. Then see an emergency dentist for tooth restoration.

Tooth Sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity is commonly a post-treatment complication. It is also a common tooth problem that affects almost everyone at some point in life. It is usually due to an imbalance in teeth contact and is related to neurologic conditions. If you experience teeth Sensitivity, please see an emergency dentist as possible to get the appropriate dental services. An emergency dentist will, in any case, advise you to observe proper dental hygiene.

Where to Get Emergency dental care?

While some dental clinics provide emergency dental care, others work on appointments only. When looking for a dental center, it is advisable to go for one that provides emergency dental conditions at all stages of life. That means you can rely on them whenever you have a dental emergency.

The bottom line

A dental emergency is any tooth problem that requires emergency dental care. If you experience a dental condition that is so painful or it is a threat to your life, don’t hesitate to seek appropriate emergency dental care.

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