Why Do People Prefer Invisalign Orthodontic Treatment Over Traditional Braces

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Like many, you might have thought in recent years that fewer people have braces than they used to. It certainly looks to be the case, but if anything, the number of people requiring orthodontic treatment has increased. The main difference is the types of treatment available.

Traditional braces are made from ceramic or metal brackets bonded to the patient’s teeth with an adhesive. Then the archwire is attached to the front to be adjusted throughout the treatment to help align the teeth. Besides this process requiring multiple adjustment appointments, it can be very uncomfortable.

How Invisalign treatment is different from braces

Invisalign is an incredible alternative orthodontic treatment to traditional braces. The process involves using several clear, near-invisible, removable aligners to gradually straighten the patient’s teeth. The benefits of this treatment are started to be noticed all over Australia, and it is considered the next big thing in orthodontic treatment.

Some of the key differences between Invisalign treatment and traditional braces include the following:

  1. Transparent aligners – Invisalign uses near-invisible clear plastic aligners. The plastic used is medical-grade and designed to fit comfortably over the teeth.
  2. Digital treatment planning – Rather than casting a mould of the patient’s teeth, Invisalign treatment uses computerised imaging technology to create an accurate model of the patient’s teeth and design the entire treatment plan.
  3. Removability – This is one that people are thrilled about. The aligners used in this treatment can be removed whenever the patient needs them to be. This doesn’t mean they should be taken off for too long. However, taking them off for meals or when brushing and flossing is fine.
  4. Reduction in discomfort – Invisalign treatment is designed to be far more comfortable than traditional braces. They fit snuggly around the teeth and being able to remove them can reduce the discomfort caused by the lack of oral hygiene that can be associated with traditional braces.
  5. Aligner progression – When the treatment begins, patients will receive a package containing a series of aligners that are all slightly different. Each one is typically worn for two weeks before it is time to switch to the next. This dramatically reduces orthodontist appointments.

What are the key benefits that have patients falling in love with Invisalign treatment?

All over Sydney, we have heard fantastic reviews for Invisalign treatment. The treatment is becoming so popular that Invisalign services in Sydney are expanding more than anywhere else in New South Wales and possibly Australia. So, what main benefits are drawing people in?

  1. Aesthetics – Of course, one thing that people love the most is how discreet they can be. This has been a negative factor of braces since their invention.
  2. Comfort – The plastic used is made to be smooth, light, and comfortable, making them a far better option.
  3. Oral Hygiene – For many who have had traditional braces, they will tell you how difficult it can be to keep on top of your oral hygiene. Invisalign treatment eradicates any of these worries.
  4. Convenience – Due to the technology and process involved, it requires far fewer trips to the orthodontist, which makes it much more convenient for everyone involved.


It goes without saying that these advancements in orthodontic technology can work wonders to ensure every Australian has the confidence they deserve. We are proud that the work being done in Sydney is paving the way to creating more perfect smiles than ever before.

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