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The eyes are one of the essential organs of your body. When these are healthy, you enjoy all the colours of your life. But aging, improper care, and some medical conditions put them at risk. Many people don’t go for a regular examination, which is worse. Neglecting them means risking vision loss. So, whether or not you have eye problems, talk to the specialists and check them. They can examine them and suggest the best ways to keep them in good shape. Or, if there is any eye disease, they can recommend proper treatments. Do you worry about the cost?

You can check a reliable Canadian online pharmacy for lower prices. Depending on availability, they can offer OTC and prescription drugs in branded and generic categories. Now, let’s delve into common eye problems and their cure briefly.


A damaged optic nerve can lead to this condition and increases the risk of vision loss with time. The increased pressure in the eyes can be the culprit. Due to excess pressure, the optic nerve suffers, causing permanent blindness without proper treatment. If you visit an experienced ophthalmologist, they can recommend microsurgery, laser surgery, and eye drops for recovery.

Retinal vascular occlusion

This eye complication is evident in the retina, impacting blood circulation. One can face this disorder for several reasons, such as obesity, diabetes, blocked arteries, high BP, blood clots, and atherosclerosis. Treatment methods may include the use of blood thinners and eye injections.


The pink eye problem occurs with inflamed eyelids and conjunctiva lines. Generally, bacteria and virus attacks are the main culprits. Sometimes, one can get this issue because of the chlorine water in the swimming pool, dirt, smoke, shampoo, etc. Sensitivity to pollens and dust can lead to this eye issue more. The infectious nature of the disease makes it spread quickly to others. During this infection, one should maintain distance from others and avoid wearing contact lenses. You can treat this ailment with antibiotic ointment, eye drops, and pills.

Ocular migraine

It can cause vision loss in one eye temporarily. It usually affects migraine patients. This disorder has to do more with other health conditions than your eyes. As mentioned, migraine can make you vulnerable to this because of the spasmed retinal blood vessels. One can take beta-blockers (BP medicine), epilepsy drugs, and aspirin for cure after seeing a doctor.


When one or more eye muscles become paralyzed, it becomes a case of ophthalmoplegia. The broken signal between the brain and eye, muscle disorders, thyroid, migraine, and stroke can cause this disorder. Since people get double vision, doctors can recommend eyewear and eye patches for relief.

Many types of eye problems are there. They may not be curable, but you can go for regular checkups to detect early symptoms of any threatening disease and prevent significant issues. You may avoid surgeries. With age, your eyes become weak. Hence, older adults have to take this more seriously. Some people believe contacts and eyeglasses will protect their eyes. But they must realize that medicine doses need regular monitoring per the condition. So, please meet your eye specialist and prevent unwanted risks.

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