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Whether it’s about forgetting your contact lenses somewhere, running out of solution or dealing with dried-out lenses, contact lenses are not that easy to maintain. Have you ever wondered what to do if contact lenses dry out?

This article will tell you what you need to do if contact lenses dry out. 

Contact lenses need to be well taken care of. Otherwise, they can lead to an eye infection or damage. Also, you must ensure that when you use lenses, there are a few things to follow. 

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How to Care for Contact Lenses?

  • Always maintain hygiene and wash your hands before and after using the lens
  • Use an all-purpose solution to clean and disinfect  
  • Rubbing the lenses gently for about 20 seconds can make them easier to maintain. 

Things to do if Contact Lenses Dry Out

Inspect the lens

Yes, it is possible to inspect the lenses thoroughly and take extra precautions when handling a dried lens, as it could crumble and be of no use. You should throw away any lens with split, cracks, scratches or lenses which have been ruined. 

If there is discomfort

If the contact lens looks fine but has major discomfort while wearing it, you should take it out and dispose it immediately. 

If the lens has shrivelled up

If your lens has only been shrivelled up, you can soak your contact lenses in the solution for about 24 hours. However, because they have been out for so long, they are more susceptible to damage and breakage and may not last for very long. 

Check the lens after soaking

Post the 24 hours of soaking up the lens, you must check it to ensure it’s clean and well. You can wear this lens normally. However, if you feel the contact lenses hurting your eyes, causing any discomfort or pain to the eyes. In such cases, it is best to remove the lens immediately and get rid of it. 

Consider wearing disposable lenses

Leaving contacts out can happen sometimes, but if it happens frequently, you may want to switch to disposable lenses. These are convenient and come with little maintenance. Also, you need not worry about them drying out. The reason for this is simple, you throw these lenses away and use a fresh pair the next day. This helps in minimizing infections and offers the same vision as other lenses. They’re available in various colours and tints. 

Dried-out lenses are an inconvenience, but there are a few steps you can take if it happens. Maintaining hygiene and keeping them protected is the first defence against pollutants and bacteria. 


When choosing contact lenses, ensure that you select a high-quality contact solution that keeps your contact lenses protected and well-hydrated. Also, an utterly dried-out lens should be avoided as it can cause further damage to the eyes. 

Moreover, the eyes are extremely sensitive, so you must avoid any risk or damage to the contact lenses; and avoid wearing dried-out lenses. 

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