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Doctors sometimes need a break from their routine and take a brief hiatus from their practice. Unfortunately, this can leave several patients hanging, especially those they’ve been seeing for a long time. Clinic and hospital administrators take care of the situation by temporarily hiring locum tenens practitioners to handle their cases. In doing so, they prevent patient turnover and ensure their facility continues to function properly.

If you’re a doctor who wishes to expand your horizons and work with different people and are up to the challenge, you can sign up with a physician recruiter, and they can help you find posts that suit your style. These companies can provide exceptional service as they can pair doctors with posts that aren’t only appealing but help practitioners create networks and relationships with their colleagues and other medical experts.

Here are some common locum tenens mistakes doctors must avoid.

No malpractice insurance coverage

Some first-time locum tenens doctors don’t consider adding malpractice insurance coverage to their existing policies. However, doctors must remember that the malpractice insurance policies in their primary occupations will not cover any cases outside the agreed-upon parameters. Therefore, when accepting a locum post, you must ensure that you have additional coverage to be safe. It may cost you a bit, but the peace of mind will be more than worth it.

Inadequate trust and self-confidence

Yes, even doctors tend to doubt themselves, especially if they’re new to the field, are still struggling to find their footing, or if their specializations and interest aren’t completely jived with the post. However, the challenge for locum doctors is to find their groove and rely on their extensive medical knowledge and expertise to provide excellent service to patients who consult. The post will expand their horizons and provide exceptional opportunities to learn about various aspects of their practice.

Agreeing to low compensation

Doctors taking on locum posts may need the experience and cash to line their pockets and bank accounts. While most hospitals provide locum practitioners with fair wages, negotiating salary is always possible. Typically, locum jobs pay an hourly wage, so doctors need to determine whether the rate is acceptable. It’s also essential for job-seeking practitioners to look for recruiter companies that can help them secure a better-than-most rate for their skills.

Inadequate training in technology

Yes, even now, some doctors have trouble with technology, especially the ones dedicated to electronic medical records. Some practitioners struggle to enter the necessary data to provide prescriptions and update patients’ records. If you need to learn how to operate such devices, you must ask for assistance from IT personnel to provide fast and adequate service.

Bad attitude toward colleagues

Among the things that turn people off from doctors is a bad attitude. Remember, doctors must be pleasant, available, and able to help people. In addition, a doctor must work well with others for their reputation and networking.


Doctors who seek locum tenens posts must avoid these common practice mistakes. They must be aware of various policies and practices affecting their post and desire to serve the public.

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