Facial Rejuvenation: 4 Common Types of Facelift Procedures

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As people age, their skin goes through some inevitable changes. These changes occur due to the breakdown in the connective tissue which causes the skin to become thinner and lose fat, elasticity, and other important chemicals that prevent it from being smooth, plump, and younger-looking.

While following a proper skincare routine and maintaining a healthy lifestyle are essential to keeping a youthful appearance, there is still no way to slow down or even stop the aging process and reduce the development of wrinkles and sagging skin.

Luckily, there is another option people can take advantage of to reverse the telltale signs of aging and that is a facelift. Whether you are looking for a small touch-up on your face or a more extensive correction, you can choose from a variety of surgical and non-surgical facelift procedures to give you a brighter and more natural-looking complexion. 

Here is a list of the four most common procedures people undergo for facial rejuvenation. 

Liquid facelift

Probably the most common type of facelift procedure people undergo today is the liquid facelift. The procedure is simple, time-efficient, and non-invasive as it involves the use of an injectable serum such as Botox, which is injected into the troubling areas of your face to achieve a younger-looking complexion. It contains various chemicals such as collagen or hyaluronic acid which stimulate collagen production and promote skin elasticity.

In order to get the best results, it is imperative that you have your liquid facelift performed by experienced and skilled nurse injectors.

For example, if you live in Toronto and want to get Botox, book an appointment with the best esthetic team in your area to get Botox in Toronto for the best price and achieve optimal rejuvenation results.

Traditional facelift

If you are looking to improve more significant signs of aging, then the traditional facelift procedure is the right option for you. It involves making incisions on your hairline and around your ears as well as below the chin to restore your cheeks’ perkiness, reduce wrinkles, sagging skin, and droopy jowls and get your face tight again. 

Although the procedure takes a few hours to complete, the results you get from undergoing are excellent and long-term. The scars from the incisions will be well hidden along the hairline and you will end up with flattened fine lines, wrinkles, and sagginess, all of which will give you a tighter and younger appearance.

Keep in mind that the recovery time for this procedure can be slightly longer than other facelift procedures.

Mini facelift

The mini facelift procedure is a less invasive technique than the traditional one, which also provides long-term results. The procedure involves a cosmetic surgeon performing small incisions under the hairline in order to tighten and smooth out the skin while removing excess tissue. It is best suitable for younger patients who are looking to reduce mild or moderate signs of facial aging, such as wrinkles and fine lines.

Unlike the traditional facelift procedure which requires longer recovery, mini-lifts are much shorter. In fact, it is often because of this reason that many people refer to it as a weekend facelift, meaning you can undergo your procedure on Friday and get to your normal activities on Monday looking better and younger. 

Deep plane facelift

Another facelift procedure you can consider is the deep plane facelift. Its main purpose is to eliminate the look of sagging skin around the chin and neck by lifting up and strengthening the muscles in that part of the face. 

It is the most invasive type of procedure which involves extensive dissection of the tissue beneath the muscular layer of the face, or SMAS, to treat various issues including skin laxity, jowls, necklines, and hollow cheeks. Your surgeon will reposition, reshape and smooth out the SMAS which will later result in fewer wrinkles and a younger-looking appearance. 

In fact, according to research, patients undergoing the deep plane facelift procedure look at least five years younger. The results are simply the best and longest-lasting out of most facelift surgeries. 

Facial Rejuvenation

Final thoughts

Although the skin aging process cannot be stopped, there are some things you can do to slow it down and get a much younger-looking appearance such as undergoing a facelift procedure. Depending on the skin issue you are dealing with, you can choose from a variety of facelift procedures to get rid of sagging skin, reduce wrinkles and fine lines and improve your overall appearance. 

For more information, refer to our post and read about the most common types of facelift procedures you can consider. 

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