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Ingrown Hair on Scalp (Head) with Cyst, Bump: Causes & Removal

Can you get ingrown hair on your scalp or head? What exactly causes it? Is it normal to get ingrown

Ingrown toenail pus

Ingrown Toenail Pus – Yellow, Green Drainage Coming Out an Infection Sign?

Ingrown toenail pus occurs when an ingrown toenail begins to grow into the skin instead of growing over the skin.


Purple Nail Beds: Meaning, Causes (Anemia, Pregnancy, Diabetes, Anorexia) & Remedies

Discolored nails and nail beds, or fingertips will make your fingers look unnatural. While a color like light yellow is

Sebaceous cyst with infection

Infected Sebaceous Cyst (On Head, Back, Penile Shaft): Antibiotic Treatment & Removal

Even though an infected sebaceous cyst is not cancerous, it can be very irritating. An infected sebaceous cyst is a

Orange tongue coating

Orange Tongue (Coating & Spots): Causes – STD, Acid Reflux, Thrush

An orange tongue can easily be missed, given that your tongue will often change its color depending on the kind

Purple gums or dark spots on gums

Purple Gums: Meaning, Causes & Treatment for Dark, Purple Gum Spots

Gum discoloration can be worrying. Due to different reasons, you can get yellowish to even purple gums. Dark spots or

Pubic hair loss

Pubic Hair Loss and Itching: Causes (Thyroid, Pregnancy) & Treatment

Do you have a bald spot in your pubic hair? What could be causing it? Itching and losing pubic hair

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