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A weave is a versatile method of styling hair with many combinations, colors, and ways of wearing it. Anyone is sure to find the perfect style for them. With origins in ancient Egypt, where only the wealthy had extravagant extensions, it is a hairstyle fit for a queen.

The possibilities are endless with hair weaves, from beautiful, long, flowy locks to more fresh and funky shorter styles. Although the technique could enhance any woman’s look, it could have some downsides to it as well if not done correctly. 

As such, this article will provide you with some tips on how to prevent damage to natural hair when opting for a weave.

Keep Natural Hair Healthy

A weave would look at its best for longer when applied to healthy natural hair. If the natural hair is strong, it may withstand the extra weight added. For instance, the natural hair may be able to endure the gluing, sewing, or clip-in process and carry the locks. 

For that reason, before going for a weave, your hair should be free from product build-up such as hairsprays, gels, setting lotions, or other chemicals to keep the hair in its best form. Other ways to keep natural hair healthy would include moisturizing daily, sleeping with a headwrap or silk pillowcase, and trimming away dead ends every six to eight weeks.

Choose A Professional Stylist

It may be tempting to skimp on the costs of a weave and find a cheaper salon that may be closer to home, but this could be a regrettable decision. While the US imported $1.8T worth of hair in 2021, it would seem like there’s a variety of professionals to choose from, and clients don’t have to settle for the second-best.

Not all stylists use quality products and are equipped with knowledge of how to apply them properly. Some may not even ensure you a stunning result. While it’s essential to stick within your budget, it’s important to note not to skip on quality. Consider scanning salons within your locality and choose the one that would give the best value for your money while being affordable yet providing your hair with utmost care and giving you good results. 

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Ensure Hair Is Clean

Natural hair could get dry and damaged over time. Some people opt to wash their hair daily, while some may not. Over-washing may strip the hair and scalps’ natural oils, which may lead to hair damage. While there is no general rule on how often, consider thoroughly washing your hair with shampoo at least twice or thrice a week. However, note that the frequency varies per person, depending on several factors such as age, lifestyle, and hair condition.

In addition, depending on the weather and climate of the area, moisturizing your hair with oils like argan oil or coconut oil can be recommended. Ladies may consider deep conditioning with good quality products at least once a week after washing as part of the hair care routine.

Protect Baby Hairs

Baby hairs are new hairs that form at the edge of the hairline and are thus referred to as the hair edges. Hairstyles that pull too tightly on these newly formed edges may permanently damage hair growth in that area and may even cause bald spots.

When styling the hair with a weave, ask the stylist to leave these baby hairs out of the hairstyle and take care of them separately. Furthermore, sleeping with a silk headband or cap may assist the strands in holding moisture that could otherwise be lost. 

For additional care, you may also apply natural oils and deep condition the hair edges regularly. The extra care could restore some of the lost moisture and damage.

Wear Different Styles

Having a weave may take a toll on the natural hair, and it may be wise to give them a break between styles. There are many other options, like having a protective hairstyle before attempting another weave.

Letting your hair rest before getting another weave could help prevent damage and leave hair healthy enough for the style to be applied again. During this period, consider using natural oils and deep conditioning products to assist and care for your hair.

Avoid Heated Styling Tools

Using heat styling tools before opting for a weave may cause dryness, split ends, and breakage to your hair. Along with the damage from previous hairstyles, applying extra heat to your hair may cause irreparable damage.

Instead of using heat from hairdryers, straighteners, and curling irons to style the hair, you can ask a professional to assist with a protective hairstyle and keep your hair neat in that way. Newly formed baby hairs may bear the brunt of the heat stylers and could cause damage before they even start to grow out properly. 

Wrapping It Up

Styling hair with a weave could leave you feeling like a goddess, but only when it is done with proper care of the natural hair in mind. Neglecting the person’s hair may lead to breakages, loss of moisture, and even bald spots, making it essential to look after it. Follow the tips above, choose the right professional, and create a stunning look that would turn heads!

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