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Does more hair stick in your comb? Are you worried about your hair changing in texture? This is one of the worries for both men and women as you approach the age of 50 years. This post opens up your view of the signs, treatment, and hair care products that are required for aging hair.

What is aging hair?

The hair on your body plays a great role, including preserving the temperature of the body. As you age, the aspects of your hair change. The moment you notice this change, you should not be worried because it is a normal process in every human being. It has, however, become a cause of worry, especially women.

Signs your hair is aging

Hair loss: As you get older, your hair begins to lose the strength, and this, in the long run, results in the fall off of your hair.

Brittleness of your hair: As you age, the rate at which your body absorbs some of the nutrients that are useful for the health of your hair reduces. Some of the nutrients include proteins and vitamins. Deficiency of these, therefore, guarantees poor health for your hair and thus brittle hair.

Dryness and curly hair: Your hair becomes dry and becomes frizzy and, in the long run, gets to be unmanageable as you get older. This is because of the lack of adequate nutrients absorbed into your body. Your skin is also likely to change in its ability to generate new hair cells.

Graying: The level of the coloring pigment of your hair called melanin reduces as you get older. Your hair, in the long run, changes its appearance.

Hair becoming dull: Your hair will lose its natural shine as you get older. In the long run, your hair will look dull and lack some life.

Hair breakage: When you age, your hair will become weak because of the weakened hair production cells and follicles. This automatically creates room for its breakage.

Change of hair texture: The texture of your hair becomes rough the moment you start getting older. This is pointed to the limited amount of nutrients that your body can take in. What happens is that your hair becomes a bit spongy and puts on a wiry texture. In part, this is due to the reduced melanin production by your scalp skin.

Manageability: Since your hair is likely to lose some moisture as you age, it becomes harder to handle with time. It is, therefore, hard to handle to fly away hairs and the split ends.

Hair aging process

According to MedlinePlus, the process of hair change involves the follicles, which are the skin structures that make hair grow. The follicles begin to lose melanin, a color generating pigment of the hair. This process begins as early as at the age of 30 years.

African American hair

African American hair has a unique appearance. It is known to be fragile and prone to any source of injury and any damage that comes on.

It is estimated that more than half of the African American women have thinning hair or loss as they get older.


Biotin supplements: Biotin pills can increase the number of hair cells on your head and skin. In the long run, it will make the hair to become thicker and thus give your hair to look healthier.

According to an article published in the Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology, it is indicated that biotin helps to generate fatty acids and proteins in the hair, making it thicker and stronger.

Fatty fish: The fish such as salmon or tuna has a lot of the fatty acids, and they are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which are known to make your hair obtain more shine, luster, and the thickness.

Laser treatment: Laser therapy can facilitate the regrowth of hair in case of the loss because of the aging process. There are even new laser brands that you can use at your home, and they include HairMax Laser Comb or HairMax Laser Band.

They help to push the hair from the resting phase in the course of its growth. The success of this is alluded to according to the study by Cleveland clinic that found out that 60% of people ended up with hair growth after the use of this remedy.

Best shampoo for aging hair

The following shampoos are known and considered one of the best when used for sorting out the issues that are related to the aging hair.

Keranique scalp stimulating shampoo

It is a shampoo that is packed with a compound called ginseng and amino acids. Further, it has peppermint that enables it to stimulate the scalp, thus helping to improve the flow of blood and, in the long run reducing toxins in the hair.

Phyto Phytologist shampoo

It is able to energize and then restore your hair to its full strength, length, and fullness. This is is just in case your hair is thinning as a result of the aging process.

Milk shake Energizing blend shampoo

It has a super minty scent that has high amounts of cleansing properties and hence able to take away the dirt and oil without taking away any natural oil from your scalp. It works to stimulate the circulation of blood on your scalp and thus creating room for new growth of hair.

TRESemmé Renewal Hair & Scalp Nourish & Renew Shampoo and Conditioner

It is able to nourish your scalp and renew the hair. In the long run, it can make it more manageable daily.

TIGI S Factor Stunning Volume Shampoo and Conditioner

When you age, your hair becomes and looks flat and limp. This is according to Francesca Rapolla of the Unilever R & D Technical Manager for hair. It has provitamin B5, jojoba oil, and nettle. This helps to pull out the dull hair, the lifeless hair, and give it more shine.

Alfaparf Semi di Lino Magnifying Shampoo

This shampoo can make the ends of your hair strands to be tangle-free and very smooth. From various reviews, it can make your hair to be flat if you apply it on your hair regularly.

Best products for dry and frizzy hair

Now that the aging of hair is a normal process, it is impossible to evade it. You can come in with the best remedies to ensure that moisture, texture, fullness, density and the color of your hair is maintained. The following are some of them:

Living Proof Timeless Collection

It contains pre-shampoo treatments, conditioner, and shampoo. It contains amino acids, ceramide-like lipids that are able to hinder or do away with the likely signs of aging hair. The cost of this starts at around $ 26.

Alterna Caviar Antiaging Moisture Intense Oil Crème

It is made up of marine extract, shea butter, and hydrating glycerin. You should use this before you wash your hair. When you use this product, you will have smoothing, softening, moisturizing, and deep conditioning benefits for your hair.

Pantene Expert Age Defy Conditioner

It has silicon molecules. It is, therefore, a conditioner that can get wrapped around the weak, aging strands of your hair and thereby creating a lock of moisture in your hair, which protects your hair from breakage. This ends up making your dull hair smoother and shinier.

StriVectin Hair Ultimate Restore Shampoo

This is a sulfate-free shampoo that has cleansing properties that can save the strands of your hair so that they look gentle. Further, it has protein0based complexes that coat the weak strands of hair, thus making them stronger.

Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Antiaging Scalp Serum

This is a treatment option that is a dermatologist creation whose ingredients include peptides, retinol, and another compound called alpha-lipoic acid. They work in synergy to create an ideal environment that facilitates healthy growth of hair.

DeveloPlus Antiaging Hair Treatment System

It is one of the clarifying shampoos that are able to get rid of any dulling residue in your hair. It is, in most cases, a 5-minute, protein-packed product that can reconstruct and strengthen any fragile hair.

The system has gained a lot of popularity and positive reviews because of its ability to be a clarifying agent without stripping your scalp of its essential natural oils. Many users bank on this to rate it highly and render it a high-performance product.

Living Proof Timeless Mousse

When your hair follicles shrink as a result of the aging process, your scalp will produce finer, thinner, and less dense. This kind of foam can increase the diameter of every strand, and thus this makes you feel fuller from the root of your hair to the tip.

Nexxus New York Salon Care Youth Renewal Restoring Masque

This is a well-formulated hair mask that can make your hair look brighter and very smoother. It is made up of proteins and pearl extracts that can make your hair look a lot healthier and more luminous.

Kérastase Densifique Fondant Densité

This injectable product contains a compound called hyaluronic acid (a substance that is found in many fillers). It is, therefore, able to fill out and then strengthen your hair fibers and follicles. This makes your hair to begin growing within a short time.

L’Oréal Root Cover Up

It is useful in helping out in one of the signs of aging hair, which is the graying of hair. The cover-up can hide them within a very short time. It is manufactured and sold in red, blonde, and brunette hues and lasts for a very long time.

Bumble and Bumble Full Potential Hair Preserving Booster Spray

It acts as a bandage that is in liquid form and thus protects any strands of the hair from falling off, and this enables your hair to grow to its full length. It, in due course, takes care of the fragile ends of your hair from breaking off.

Anti-aging hair care tips

There are many things that you can do before your hair gets the signs of aging. They are simple hair care tips that you can follow. They are as follows:

  • Ensure that your diet is full of proteins while at the same time avoiding the intake of a lot of fat. What is more, take in a lot of water and take some supplements like vitamin C, E, B7, and B3. They help in the growth of your hair.
  • Apart from that, constantly trim your hair after every about 6 to 8 weeks. This is essential to ensure that your hair keeps growing. You could also explore with your hair specialist the best haircut that makes your hair look thicker.
  • Avoid the chemicals that are likely to compromise the health of your hair. They include the straightening, bleaching, and drying agents. These chemicals are only known to make your hair to be stiffer and dryer, thus making them break.
  • Ensure that you avoid the super-hot showers. These kinds of showers deny your hair of the basic and very important oils that are good for the health of your hair. Once you have showered, ensure that you rinse your hair with a lot of cool water.
  • Limit the use of mega-hold styling products. They contain very high levels of alcohol that makes your hair to become very dry and brittle. Instead, you could consider using natural products like aloe vera that are able to nourish your hair as you age.
  • Be gentle when you are washing your hair. This is because your hair is very fragile when it is wet. You should brush your hair before you take a shower when it finally dries and minimizes the combing afterward.

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