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Being a mother comes with a lot of joy and changes. Several significant changes occur in your body after birth.

The most annoying one is the belly-fat that is likely to keep you from wearing your favorite fashion outfits. Fortunately, with a girdle, you should be able to get back to your average size and shape in a few months.

Being a mum is wanting. For this reason, we do not want you to go through the hassle of finding a perfect girdle for yourself.

This article has reviewed the best ten postpartum girdles in the market today to make it easier for you to get yourself one.

Top 10 best girdles we reviewed

These are the best 10 postpartum girdles from our reviews that should help you get yours without much struggle:

Tirain 3 in 1 postpartum support girdle

We ranked this #1 for the best value for money and effectiveness.


  • Has three belts to cover up all postpartum shape needs
  • Made up of a comfortable and highly breathable fabric
  • The material is easy to maintain and wash
  • Easily adjustable to your comfort
  • Has added designs to give belly support during breastfeeding
  • Unlikely that it will roll up and down during the day
  • Offers great comfort to both C-section and natural birth mothers


  • May cause marks on the skin when worn directly
  • Not available in a wide range of colors
  • Bright color makes it unsuitable to wear under bright clothes
  • Not suitable to sleep in
  • It may be tricky to wear at the start since it has three separate belts.

This product is a mix of everything supportive. It consists of a waist belt, belly fat belt, and pelvis belt.

It has everything that you need to get back into shape. The girdle is made up of high-quality fabric that happens to be very breathable, thus very comfortable.

3 in 1 postpartum girdle is available in regular and size making it easy to get a suitable size. It also has a good rate score from customers.

Squeem perfect waist firm compression waist trainer

We reviewed and ranked this one #2 because the price is a little high, but it is a very effective waist cincher for ladies who want to contour up after birth.

Squeem Women's 'Perfect Waist' Contouring Cincher, Black


  • Provides excellent compression enough to trim the belly and provides support to the back
  • Has a boning structure that prevents it from moving up
  • Invisible under any clothes you wear.
  • Made up of pure cotton for maximum comfort
  • Gives a smoother look
  • Available in two colors


  • Quite expensive
  • Available in either small or big size
  • Has an unpleasant rubber smell that may take time to go away.

This is a perfect girdle for women who may wish to smoothen their curves at the same time, enhance their natural look.

It is incredibly comfortable as it has a flexible boning that helps prevent the girdle from rolling up and down as you go through your day.

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Just Us store fajate vs. Colombian post- surgery postpartum body shaper girdle

The third one we would recommend is from Just US. It is quite unique for its surgery considerations.

Just Us store fajate vs. Colombian post- surgery postpartum body shaper girdle


  • Made of a great compression specific to the areas one would love to reshape
  • Has excellent back support hence improving the overall posture
  • Enhances the butt and shapes the waist hence clearly defining your curves
  • Made up of a thick but comfortable material that causes no bruises to your skin


  • Short leggings that are likely to roll up
  • Made up a significant bra portion hence cannot be used by women who wear small-sized bras.
  • Difficult to walk in, especially when the leggings roll up.

Just Us is one of the best abdominal compression girdles to give a try. It has its compression specific to the waist and abdomen, making it a perfect choice for postpartum use.

It has a provision in case you want to empty your bladder or change a pad.

This postpartum girdle is made up fine, breathable material to increase your comfort as you run up and down during the day.

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Belly bandit original postpartum belly wrap

Nude Original Belly Bandit


  • Available in different styles including bamboo and cotton
  • More comfortable to wear and take off
  • Comfortable and does not cause any chaffing or irritation


  • Quite expensive
  • Visible under some clothing
  • Serves more like a wide belt than a girdle

The belly bandit wrap is designed to help tighten and shrink your belly as well as the hips and thighs. It is a perfect choice for those mothers who intend to use it again in future pregnancies. Additionally, it is highly adjustable to help you create optimal results over time.

The belly bandit is made of spandex that is highly breathable to help you adjust accordingly.

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Bellefit dual closure postpartum girdle


  • Has a flap opening with hook closures for easy access to the genital area.
  • Enhances posture and reduces back pain
  • Restores the body figure much quickly when worn immediately after birth.
  • Suitable for women who suffer from diastasis recti (abdominal muscle separation after birth).


  • The saddle between the legs can cause injury to the inner thighs
  • Quite expensive

The Bellefit dual closure girdle offers different types of support. It has an extra slim design that is smooth enough to let you go through your daily activities comfortably.

Besides, it has two rows of adjustable hook-eye closures to help you tighten the girdle if you so wish.

It is highly ensured and compressed to help align the mid-abdominal separation that occurs after birth.

Additionally, Bellefit offers you enough and great support to cover from a C-section fast. Not to forget, the girdle is comfortable, you can wear it every day all day long until you attain the shape you desire.

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Goege waist trimmer belt postpartum delivery

Goege Waist Trimmer Belt-Postpartum Postnatal Recoery Support


  • Made up of stretchy and adjustable material
  • Light-weight can be worn all day long
  • Available in a variety of sizes
  • Has abdominal binders to help prevent roll downs
  • Comfortable to wear and remove
  • Affordable


  • Hand wash only, which may make maintenance quite inconvenient
  • Most of its sizes are small
  • Quite bulky at the start
  • May cause skin marks if not worn over clothes

The George waist trimmer is undoubtedly one of the best gifts you can get yourself after birth.

It is made of spandex and polyester, making it highly comfortable and breathable. You can wear this girdle all day long without sweating.

The George waist trimmer is made up of double Velcro straps to help add support to the tummy and the back area.

It comes in a variety of sizes; it is easily maintainable through hand washing. You can wear this waist trainer under any clothes since it is highly discrete.

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Leonisa slimming braless body shaper

Leonisa slimming braless body shaper


  • Easier to adjust
  • Discreet under any colors
  • Has a zipper closure with three hooks
  • Made of highly breathable fabric
  • Comfortable, can be worn the whole day


  • Quite expensive
  • May not offer maximum compression for mothers who may like to go back to their shape fast.

This postpartum girdle does not come with a bra; this way, it provides a lot of versatility. This means that it gives you the freedom to wear the bra of your choice along with it. This classic body shaper offers enough support and compression to the waist, thighs, and hips.

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Amon forgive postpartum maternity girdle

Amon Forgive Bodyshaper


  • Highly comfortable, can be worn for long hours
  • Made up of highly breathable spandex material
  • Highly affordable


  • Offers less support as compared to other girdles.

This is the best girdle mothers who happen to be on a budget. It is a simple pull-on type that is easy to put on and take off.

The Amon forgive offers great comfort through its highly breathable spandex fabric.

As if that is not enough, this postpartum girdle has room enough to accommodate all types of postpartum bellies. It is also available in a range of colors to suit your taste.

Gabrialla postpartum support girdle

Gabrialla Postpartum Body Shaping Girdle


  • Has a wide range of variety to choose from
  • Pocket-friendly
  • Made of highly breathable material


  • Hides the natural curves
  • Not comfortable to wear through the day
  • May roll up and down.

If you happen to be looking for a classic postpartum support girdle, Gabriella will suit you. This girdle is one of the most affordable girdles in the market today, offering front and rear compression and support.

For utmost convenience, Gabriella has two hook closures at the crotch. It is also available in a range of regular size and plus size too. Its elastic-cotton lining makes it one of the most comfortable girdles in the market today.

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Maidenform flexees women’s shape wear-waist Brief firm control

Flexees Maidenform Women's Shapewear Hi-Waist Brief Firm Control


  • Has an extra panel for the tummy
  • High waist, providing compression to all sides of mid-section
  • Has silicon elastic to prevent roll downs
  • Made up highly breathable material that prevents sweating all day long
  • Quite affordable


  • Compression reduces as one loses inches from the waist
  • Not available in a variety of sizes

This postpartum belly wrap ensures that you get back to your shape fast and safely. It is made of nylon and elastin in different ratios to help you attain the comfort you might be looking for.

Moreover, it has a silicon elastic band to prevent roll downs that annoying.

This girdle gives you ultra-control and proper shaping to help you get shapelier. Again, it is made of extra panels for extreme tummy support.

You can wear this girdle at any time since its smooth and silky component makes it unnoticeable under clothes.

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Why should you wear a girdle?

Best postpartum girdles and corsets
Why you should invest in a good postpartum girdle and corset.

There are several benefits associated with wearing a girdle after childbirth. Here are the reasons as to why you need to get yourself a girdle fast:

  1. Boosts your self-esteem

It is normal to get depressed over the fact that your favorite clothes no longer fit. Most women feel less attractive because of their saggy and protruding tummy.  A postpartum girdle helps you attain confidence in yourself by keeping things together as you get back to shape.

  1. Prevents skin from sagging

After birth, the abdominal skin looks saggy and old. A girdle will help you smoothen out the abdominal skin by erasing the lumps. There is no better way to fit into your old clothing than to have your abdominal skin laid perfectly.

  1. Reduces the uterus size

A girdle will give the uterus support to return to its normal size. Besides, the uterus is likely to return to its regular place in a short while.

  1. Aids in cesarean section recovery

A cesarean-section is painful to deal with. It is even more painful when you use the abdominal muscles to cough or laugh. To keep the muscles in their place, you need support, and that is where the girdle comes in. If you happen to choose the right type, you are also likely to keep the wound from opening until you fully recover.

  1. Reduces bleeding

Postpartum bleeding occurs as a result of uterine atony.  Atony is the state whereby the muscles of the uterus remain relaxed for a long while. A slight or just enough compression will keep the muscles contracted hence reducing blood flow. Besides, compression of the abdominal muscles increases blood flow and prevents the occurrence of clots.

  1. Alleviates pain

One of the best ways to ease the pain is to immobilize. To have minimal movement of abdominal muscles, you need to provide excellent support. Good support relieves muscle stiffness hence quicker recovery.

  1. Reduces inflammation

A good compression offered by the girdles enhances blood flow and lymphatic system drainage. If proper drainage doesn’t occur after the delivery, you are likely to develop facial and lower limb edema.

  1. Enhances posture

The spinal cord curves outwards to give room for growth of the baby. After birth, you will need to support the spine back to its position.

For this reason, you will need proper support to keep the muscles of the back and the spine from damaging and developing defects. The correct girdle will keep your body in an upright position.

  1. Helps you lose abdominal fat

A girdle, just like a traditional corset, prevents you from overeating. This way, your body will have a chance to burn the excess fats and flush out toxins.

When should you start wearing a postpartum girdle?

A postpartum girdle can be worn on the same day after delivery or right on the next day. However, do not wear a girdle without consulting your doctor. A doctor can examine your state and advice you accordingly.

How long should you wear them?

How often and how long should I wear a girdle? A postpartum girdle can be worn every day. There is no stipulated time that you should wear the girdle, keep wearing it until you get the results you want.

Each woman’s uterus is different. Therefore one cannot detect when the uterus will get back to its original size.

  • A girdle can be worn each day and at night
  • Wearing it regularly will help you achieve desirable results fast.
  • You may opt to stop wearing it at night after the first 4 weeks.

Types of postpartum girdles

There are several types of postpartum girdles that could fit your style and help you get back to your shape. Here are the most common types:

Pull-on girdles

Pull-on girdles are worn just like pants. They have crotch access to help you have an easy time during pad changing or when visiting the toilet. They also have a large adjusting scale that can be easily adjustable if you happen to have a small and short torso.

The pull-on style is not visible under clothing, even though it does not offer adjustments as the tummy goes down.

Shape girdles

The shape girdles are quite old in the market. They are similar to compression underwear. Most of them have closing hooks while the rest is made with a zipper.

They offer maximum support to the back and the lower abdominal muscles. They are the best choice if you happen to have had a cesarean section. It is unlikely that a shape girdle will cause friction on the scar. They are discreet under clothing.

Corset type girdles

A support belt is made to help you compress the hip, abdomen, and back muscles at ago. They are made with fastenings to help you adjust to your comfort. This type of girdles is a good option for plus -size women because they are mostly available in large sizes.

Pull-up girdles

Shape wears provide less compression compared to other girdles in the market. They are popular with women who would love to fit into their clothes after a couple of months. Additionally, they are a bit cheap, because they do not specifically offer what other postpartum girdles offer.

Wrap girdles

These types of girdles have a frontal flap that wraps around the midsection and is usually fastened at the back.

Types of girdle fasteners

Fasteners allow adjustments on support belts. They include:

  1. Eye and hook

They are mostly found on shape wears and girdles. They are adjustable, just like a bra. Eye and hook fasteners are durable and easy to wash.

  1. Zipper

Zippers are common with girdles. Zippers may be uncomfortable if one happens to have sensitive skin. They can cause severe allergic reactions and irritation.

  1. Velcro

They are usually found on support belts to allow for proper adjustments. Velcro is perfect if you intend to use the girdle in the future pregnancies, besides they are a good choice for plus size women.

What should you consider before buying a girdle?

Here are the factors to consider before you can finally pay for a girdle:

  1. Type

Not all types of girdles work for every mother. You should aim at understanding the various models available to make an informed choice. Do not buy a girdle just because it worked for some else. It may not work for you.

  1. Support

For most benefits after birth, you will need maximum compression. Again if you gave birth a few weeks ago, you would want to move to shapewear as you juggle your day.

  1. Material

You should buy a girdle whose material is easy to clean. Additionally, go for an excellent breathable fiber that won’t start to smell soon. The material should also be elastic, one that does not cause unnecessary pressure.

The most common material includes nylon, latex, and cotton. Good material should not cause irritations and sweating.

  1. Size

Do not purchase a garden without measuring your torso and waistline to ensure that it fits you perfectly. Also, buy one that is easily adjustable as you slim.

  1. Comfort

You are unlikely to wear your girdle if it happens to be uncomfortable. A slight compression is expected at the start, but it should not cause marks on the skin. Choose one that you can wear all day long without slipping off.

  • You should also check if the girdle can let you work freely. Additionally, you should be able to wear it all day long if you so wish.
  1. Affordability and customer reviews

A quality postpartum girdle can be quite costly. However, you do not have to pay through the nose to have it. You might want to consider the durability of the fabric if you wish to use it again in the future.

  • To make sure that the girdle is not only affordable but great, read the reviews from customers who have used it before.
  1. Effectiveness

The main reason for wearing a girdle is to attain support. You should feel supported at all times. A great girdle can enhance your posture. A girdle should provide maximum support to the C-section sutures or any other suture within the abdominal or peritoneal cavity without any pain.

  1. Usability

You should be able to put on your belt without much struggle. If you have to go to the toilet, is it easy to adjust? A good girdle should have crotch access to enable you to have an easy time when you visit the bathroom.

Do these have any side effects?

Are girdles completely safe? A right girdle will not harm your health, but a wrong one will do. Tight corsets are not recommended for the first 6 months after birth. Here are the side effects associated with postpartum girdles:


Girdles may cause unnecessary pain to the already painful mid-section following childbirth. It is important to wait for you to recover from delivery pain before you start wearing it. Additionally, tight corsets are not recommended before six months post-delivery.


The girdles may pinch or compress a little more. For this reason, you might develop skin marks and mid-section pain. On that note, you must consult your doctor before buying any girdle or even using one.



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