Top Health Issues Babies Face in 2023

As a new parent, you want your baby to be safe, healthy, and happy. That means educating yourself about the health issues that arise as you welcome your little one into the world in 2023. From learning how to define toxic stress to learning how to cure a baby’s upset tummy, part of becoming a new parent is preparation. Learning what challenges your baby may face now helps to ensure their health in the future.

Skin Issues: Diaper Rash & Cradle Cap

Two of the most common ailments that babies develop are diaper rash and cradle cap. Diaper rash is a common type of dermatitis that creates patches of inflammation on your child’s bottom. Although it is more common in babies that have not been changed frequently enough, it can also happen in babies that have sensitive skin. Signs of a diaper rash include inflammation around the buttocks and genitals, sores, itchy skin, and discomfort and fussiness, especially during diaper changes. Cradle cap is another common ailment in babies. It develops as an oily or crusty scales on a baby’s scalp. While it’s not painful for itchy, the scales can become thick and discolored and are not easy to remove. Luckily, the ailment will usually clear up on its own within a few weeks or months. However, washing your baby’s hair in mild shampoo or using something from the new baby bundle may help to loosen and remove the scales.  

Gut & Digestive Issues

Babies are new to the world of eating and digesting food, and sometimes their bodies don’t handle it well. Many develop gastrointestinal issues for at least some period of time. Those issues may present as vomiting, reflux, diarrhea, or colic. While vomiting, reflux, and diarrhea often fix themselves within a few days, colic can be more problematic. Colic most commonly affects babies that are 3-4 weeks old and is at its wost around 6 weeks. The ailment is stressful for the babies and parents alike. Colic presents itself as excessive and prolonged crying and can sometimes be hard to diagnose since the child seems healthy other than the crying. Nobody knows for sure what causes colic and research shows that changing formulas is not effective. However, many parents swear by organic gripe water for newborns. An herbal supplement thought to ease symptoms of gas, hiccups, and colic, gripe water is made of ginger root and fennel seed. 

Viral Illnesses

One big thing that parents need to watch out for in 2023 is respiratory syncytial virus, most commonly known as RSV. While most kids catch the virus by the time they’re two and only deal with mild symptoms, it can be much more serious in young infants. In infants, the virus can lead to trouble breathing and and dehydration, and may even turn into pneumonia or bronchiolitis. This year, there is an unprecedented rise in cases of RSV, leaving many children’s hospitals overwhelmed. You can lessen the chances of catching it by teaching kids to cough into their elbows, washing hands frequently, and sanitizing surfaces often.   Above all else, remember that no parent is perfect and that children will inevitably fall ill from time to time. Do what you can to protect your little one but don’t beat yourself up if you do find yourself at the pediatrician’s. It’s all a part of life. 

What Procedures Does an Orthodontist Do?

There are many reasons why you might need to visit an orthodontist. Whether it’s an orthodontist in Arlington, TX, or an orthodontist in your local area, they will offer a wide selection of services to improve your oral health. Orthodontists provide specialist dental services that can brighten your smile and correct tooth alignment issues. Below, we’ve covered some of the many procedures that professional orthodontists can offer you.

Metal Braces

Traditional metal braces are one of the most common procedures that people get t the orthodontic clinic. They are usually offered to children and teenagers but are also beneficial for adults.  Braces are used to straighten the teeth and pull them into their correct positions in the mouth. They consist of small brackets that the orthodontist attaches to your teeth. A metal wire is fed through the brackets and tightened accordingly to encourage the teeth to gradually move into an optimal alignment. 

Lingual Braces

Lingual braces are very similar to metal braces in that they comprise brackets and wires that are used to adjust the alignment of your teeth. However, the brace brackets are attached to the back of each tooth, making them less visible and less disruptive to your speech. With both metal and lingual braces, your orthodontist might use what are known as orthodontic elastics. These are small elastic bands that can be used in combination with braces to help correct tooth and jaw alignment, and speed up the whole process for you.


Invisalign has grown in popularity in recent years due to its unnoticeable appearance on the teeth. It’s a great alternative to braces when you want to correct your smile. Invisalign involves the use of plastic aligners that you wear over your teeth for several hours a day, removing them only to eat, drink, and brush your teeth. Because the clear aligners are less visible than braces and easy to remove, you can walk out of the house in confidence.  Although they can feel unusual when you first start wearing them, you quickly get used to the feeling of wearing Invisalign retainers. The length of time that you’re required to wear Invisalign depends on your needs. Some people might only need to wear them for a few months, while others may require a much longer length of treatment.


If you’ve recently had braces removed or you’ve undergone a tooth alignment procedure, you might need to wear teeth retainers for the foreseeable future. Retainers keep your teeth in their new alignment by preventing them from migrating back to their original positions.  Your orthodontist can prescribe retainers for you to wear at specific times of the day. Depending on your needs, they might offer you removable clear retainers, or banded or bonded retainers that are glued to the back of your teeth.

9 Great Advantages of Earning a BSN Degree

Earning a Bachelor of Science in Nursing is an excellent way to empower yourself and your nursing career. With this versatile qualification, you gain essential skills, knowledge, and experiences that can be used across various places during your nursing career. This degree will give you the edge needed in today’s competitive job market and set you up for long-term personal and professional growth and better salary prospects than those with an associate degree. Herein we’ll look at all the great advantages of earning a BSN degree.

Career Advancement Opportunities

The education and skills acquired can open up advanced career opportunities if you pursue a BSN degree. Nurses who have earned a BSN degree often become eligible for specialized positions such as nurse practitioners, clinical nurse specialists, and other advanced practice roles. In addition, they may also be promoted to higher-level positions such as supervisory or management positions. It will allow them to apply their knowledge, skills, and experience to lead and mentor others in their profession.

The Flexibility of Programs

There’s no longer a need to attend physical classes to gain a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree – those days are over! With the emergence of affordable RN to BSN online programs, nurses can study while continuing their current job and managing other personal-life obligations. The flexibility of these programs also allows people from all backgrounds to take advantage of the educational opportunity that a BSN degree offers. Additionally, many RN to BSN online programs are designed specifically for working nurses, so the curriculum is tailored to meet their needs.

Higher Earning Potential

Earning a BSN degree can elevate your earning potential. The cost to complete a BSN program may be more than that of an associate degree, but the potential salary gains and perks that come with the degree can often outweigh the cost. BSN-prepared nurses in certain settings earn significantly more than those with lower-level degrees, and the longer they stay in the profession, the higher their salaries typically are. Moreover, many employers are willing to provide incentives or bonuses to nurses who hold a BSN degree. These incentives can range from educational loan repayment to tuition assistance for continuing education courses.

Improved Job Satisfaction

Besides the monetary benefits, nurses earning a BSN degree tend to experience higher job satisfaction. With their increased knowledge and specialized skills, they can provide better quality care, which often leads to improved patient outcomes. They are also often capable of taking on roles that offer more responsibility, challenge, and authority. It can bring a great sense of accomplishment to their profession and increase job satisfaction. However, it is essential to point out that job satisfaction benefits are not only applicable to the individual. Improved patient outcomes can also lead to pride and satisfaction for the entire healthcare organization.

Improve Your Knowledge and Skills

If you want to expand your knowledge and skills, a BSN degree can be an excellent way to do so. A BSN program goes beyond primary nursing education and curriculum. It is designed to provide nurses with a comprehensive knowledge base that can be used in various settings – from hospitals to long-term care and home health. You can also expect to develop a wide range of skills, with topics such as advanced health assessment, evidence-based practice, and leadership as part of the curriculum. Earning a BSN degree can also prove helpful in obtaining certifications, such as the Certified Nurse Educator (CNE) or the Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) certifications.

Flexible Schedule

Though it depends on the program, many BSN online programs offer a flexible schedule. These programs often offer classes at various times throughout the week and weekend, so you can easily plan your school schedule around your work schedule. It is especially beneficial to those who want to pursue their degree while still working as an RN. Some programs may even allow you to take classes on your own time, making it easier to fit the coursework into your daily life. However, check the requirements for your desired program before enrolling.

BSN Nurses are in Demand

Demand for BSN-prepared nurses is increasing, as they are seen to be better prepared and more suitable for certain roles than those with associate degrees. Hospitals and other healthcare organizations are seeking out nurses with BSN degrees as they recognize their value in providing quality patient care. It is why more and more nurses are opting for RN to BSN online programs, as it allows them to take advantage of the increased demand. For instance, if you are an RN with a BSN degree, you may find yourself in a position to negotiate a better salary or be offered promotions more quickly.

Improved Quality of Care

With the higher level of education and specialized skills that come with a BSN degree, nurses are better equipped to provide quality patient care. They understand the importance of evidence-based practice, which can positively impact patient outcomes. BSN nurses are also more aware of the bigger picture regarding healthcare, which can lead to better decision-making and improved patient care. However, this does not mean nurses with lower-level degrees cannot provide quality care. It is just that those with a BSN degree have an edge due to their extra expertise.

Opportunity to Focus on Certain Areas

If you want to focus on a specific area of nursing, such as geriatrics or pediatrics, then having a BSN degree can be beneficial. With advanced training, you can hone your skills to specialize in a certain area and build up your knowledge and experience. It is helpful for your professional development and the organization you work in, as you can offer greater expertise and support.


A BSN can lead to better job opportunities, higher pay, and the ability to provide improved patient care. If you are a registered nurse seeking to improve your career prospects, consider earning a BSN. With an online program, you can complete your coursework according to your schedule and take advantage of clinical placement opportunities in your area. So, a BSN degree may be worth considering if you are ready for the challenge and want to improve your career prospects.

5 Tips for How to Stay Healthy As an Athlete

If you’re an athlete, staying healthy is vital for success on the field and overall well-being. Making sure your body can handle the physical strain that athletes put it under daily is a skill that takes dedication, commitment, and knowledge to master. That’s why we have researched ways to ensure athletes of all levels can stay in optimal health. In this post, we discuss tips for staying healthy that can assist both newcomers and experienced athletes.

Consider Sports Medicine

While professional athletes probably have a team of sports medicine professionals to help them stay in peak performance shape, everyday athletes can still benefit from the services offered by sports medicine experts. Sports medicine is an invaluable source for all athletes, whether you need physical therapy for an injury or want to learn proper warm-up and cool-down exercises. The staff at a sports medicine clinic can also provide valuable information on nutrition, strength training, and other lifestyle factors that could play a role in keeping you fit and healthy.

Prioritize Proper Nutrition

Eating nutritious meals balanced with carbohydrates, protein, fat, vitamins, and minerals helps to give our bodies the fuel they need to stay in top shape. It’s also important to stay hydrated; experts recommend athletes drink around two liters daily. Sports drinks can be beneficial for athletes engaging in intense physical activity for more than an hour, as they can help to replenish electrolytes lost due to sweating.

Get Adequate Rest

Sleep plays a critical role in recovery, repair, and muscle growth, all of which are essential for athletes looking to stay healthy and perform at their best. Without adequate rest, it’s much harder for our bodies to fight off illnesses and injuries, so make sure you get enough sleep each night. Experts recommend you get around seven to eight hours of restful sleep each night. If you have trouble sleeping at night, there are ways to help you establish a healthier sleep routine.

Practice Mental Health

Physical health isn’t the only important factor in staying healthy as an athlete; mental health is just as important. Stress, anxiety, and depression can all harm performance, so athletes must prioritize their mental well-being. Take time each day to relax and practice mindfulness activities such as yoga or meditation. Visiting a therapist may also benefit athletes struggling with mental health issues, as they can provide valuable guidance and insight into handling stress and anxiety.

Use Supplements Wisely

Supplements can benefit athletes looking to improve their performance and health, but only if used correctly. Before taking any supplement, consult with a doctor or nutritionist to ensure it’s safe for you and will provide the benefits it claims. Always read the label of any supplement before taking it, as some may contain ingredients that could be dangerous for certain people. You should never use supplements to replace a healthy diet; you should only take them in addition to one. Staying healthy as an athlete is about more than just physical fitness, it’s about taking care of your body and mind. You can achieve better overall health and wellness by following the tips outlined above.

5 Signs of a Serious Back Injury

The back consists of muscles, bones, connective tissue, nerves, and other tissues that extend from the neck to the pelvis. Injuries on any of them cause discomfort and pain. Back injuries may result from working in the garden or around the house, car accidents, falls, lifting heavy objects, or playing sports. While injuries can impact any back part, they’re common in the lower back. Sprains and strains, fractured vertebrae, and herniated discs are the back injuries you might experience. The severity of a back injury varies depending on the cause and the nerve damage sustained. Determining your injury’s severity can help you seek adequate medical care and attention to prevent dire effects. Here are a few signs of a serious back injury.

Breathing complications

Back injuries, such as spinal cord injuries, don’t affect your lungs. Nonetheless, they impact your breathing or respiratory muscles, affecting your breathing. It also increases the threat of pneumonia and other lung issues. Your breathing nerves begin in the neck and to the back’s middle. A spinal cord injury anywhere in this part may cause you to lose control of some of your breathing muscles. Depending on the extent to which your breathing is affected, you can breathe with the help of equipment or on your own. Treatments like chiropractic care can successfully eliminate suffering and discomfort associated with spinal disorders and neck or back pain.

Blood in urine

Blood in your urine may be due to various reasons, including cancer, medications, inherited illnesses, polycystic kidney disease, kidney inflammation, swollen prostate, kidney stones, kidney infection, and urinary tract infection. If these are ruled out, an injury on your back may be the cause. A brutal hit or trauma on your lower back can make blood appear in your urine. The trauma may be due to a car accident, fall, or something heavy hitting you. While mild injuries get better with rest and a doctor keeping an eye on you, severe ones may need surgery.

Bowel and bladder issues

If you’ve hurt your spinal cord, bowel and bladder management will be crucial to your recovery. Spinal cord injuries almost always impact bowel and bladder control because the nerves managing these internal organs are attached to the spinal cord’s base and pass down via the cauda equina. After a spinal cord injury, messages are no longer delivered from bowel and bladder nerves to the brain, meaning the brain won’t be notified when the bowel or bladder is full to know when it’s time to go to ease yourself.


Paralysis can be permanent or temporary, depending on the severity of the injury. The actual back injury doesn’t cause paralysis, but rather the damaged nerves. For instance, injuries in the lower or middle parts of the spine may disrupt functions below the injury, such as the ability to feel sensations or move your feet, although the actual structures are healthy. Paralysis from a spinal cord injury can be paraplegia or tetraplegia.


An injury in the spine may damage tissues or inflame them, resulting in a pinched nerve. This may cause numbness, pain from the neck down to the arms, tingling sensations in the fingers, and weakness in the shoulder, arm, or hand. If you experience this after a back injury, seek immediate medical attention.


Understanding the severity of your back injury enables you to seek the right care for quick recovery. Consider these signs when determining whether your back injury is serious.

Vikki Gerrard La Crosse WI Shares 7 Simple Habits to Lead a Healthy Lifestyle

Is your resolution to lead a healthier, happier life? Making new habits can be a struggle, but the benefits of a healthy lifestyle are critical to a long and prosperous life. Health and Sustainability advocate Vikki Gerrard La Crosse WI shares seven of her top tips for creating simple habits that can help lead to a healthier lifestyle:

Start With An Energizing Breakfast

Fueling your body correctly in the morning has lasting effects throughout the day. Eating a balanced breakfast with plenty of fresh, healthy foods gives you an energy boost that can help jumpstart your day and keep you going until dinner. Offering your body the right nutrition in the morning also keeps your metabolism running efficiently and enables you to maintain a healthy weight. A great breakfast should include protein, complex carbohydrates, and healthy fats. Yogurt with fresh fruit and nuts, whole-grain toast with avocado, or a smoothie bowl are great options. You should also eat breakfast at the same time every day to maintain consistent stamina.

Take It Easy On Processed Foods

Processed foods are convenient and easy to prepare, but they often contain high amounts of sugar, unhealthy fats, and preservatives that can harm your health in the long run. Eating too many processed foods can also lead to weight gain. Try to limit your intake of packaged snacks and meals. When you eat processed foods, choose options with fewer ingredients and less sugar. You can easily improve your diet by swapping quickly processed and packaged food with more natural, whole ingredients. Add more fresh fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, and healthy fats to your meals to nourish your body. While dropping the fast food habit can be challenging, the less you consume, the better you will feel. Over time, you’ll crave processed foods less.

Drink More Water

Getting dehydrated without realizing it is easy, especially when living a busy lifestyle. Drinking plenty of water throughout the day helps keep your body hydrated, which helps with energy levels and mental clarity. Additionally, it can help your body to flush out toxins more effectively. If you struggle to meet your water intake quota, there are plenty of simple ways to make water more enjoyable. For instance, you can add fresh fruit and herbs to infuse your water with flavor and additional nutrients. You can also try drinking tea or flavored sparkling water instead of sugary sodas and juices.

Move More

Exercise is integral to leading a healthy lifestyle, as it helps keep your body fit and strong. Make sure you make time for physical activity a few times each week, whether taking a brisk walk in the park or joining an online yoga class. Even just 10 minutes of movement can help to improve your energy levels, mood, and productivity. If you’re short on time, make small daily changes to get more movement in. Take a few minutes during lunch or breaks to take a quick walk or do some stretches, and take the stairs instead of the elevator whenever you can.

Get Enough Sleep

Your sleep patterns can significantly affect your physical and mental health. Aim to get seven to nine hours of sleep each night to help your body restore energy and balance hormones. To get the most out of your sleep, avoid screens at least an hour before bedtime and ensure you’re winding down in a calming environment. A regular nighttime routine can help establish healthy sleep habits, so try to go to bed and wake up around the same time each day.

Practice Gratitude

Taking the time to practice gratitude can help improve your overall well-being. Writing down a few things you’re grateful for each day or setting aside a few minutes to meditate and focus on being thankful can hugely positively affect your mindset. If you make it part of your daily routine, you’ll soon start noticing how much of an impact it has on your life. Practicing gratitude can help to reduce stress, improve your mood, and reset your perspective when things don’t go as planned.

Make Connections

Humans are social creatures, and making time for connections with your loved ones is essential. Whether having a virtual coffee date or taking a socially-distant walk in the park, staying connected can help reduce stress and lift your mood. Making regular calls or scheduling times to chat with family and friends can help put things into perspective and remind you that there are people who care about you. Healthy relationships with others are a great way to look after your mental health and stay connected, even when life gets hectic.

Final Thoughts

Living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be complicated. It can simply mean making small changes that help you feel energized and in control of your life. Start by getting enough sleep, moving more, improving your diet, drinking plenty of water, and being mindful of the relationships around you. With these simple steps, Vikki Gerrard La Crosse WI knows you’ll soon start feeling fitter, healthier, and happier.

All about birth control pills

Means of chemical contraception very known in the woman, the contraceptive pills allow to many women and family for the control of the birth. By creating conditions that prevent the egg and sperm from meeting, they are more than 99% effective, provided they are taken properly. There are several forms, each with its own indications, advantages and disadvantages, which should be known in order to use them better

The different types of contraceptive pills

More than 60 years old, birth control pills have been perfected over the years in order to obtain safe, effective models with few side effects and less restrictive to take. They are among the oldest forms of contraception. A contraception guide provides information on other modern methods. Despite the large number of contraceptive pills, two groups stand out: the combined pills and the mini-pills.

Combination pills

Combination birth control pills combine synthetic versions of two female sex hormones: estrogen and progesterone. They are also called estrogen-progestin pills. The concentration of these two hormones fluctuates cyclically during the menstrual cycle and prepares the uterine lining to receive the human egg. Before reaching this stage, these hormones induce ovulation, facilitating the meeting between the egg and the spermatozoa. It is on these functions that the combined pills act.

Mechanism of action

Released in a way that reverses their original role, the female sex hormones in combined birth control pills combine three mechanisms of action. The first is to prevent ovulation. This is done by acting on the maturation of the egg, if it is not mature, it is not released by the ovaries. Thus, there will never be a meeting between egg and spermatozoon, thus no fertilization. Whether or not ovulation has taken place despite the pill, the hormones act on the migration of spermatozoa in the uterine cavity. In fact, there is a mucus that becomes fluid in the first phase of the menstrual cycle to allow the rapid passage and meeting of the spermatozoa with the egg so that it can be fertilized. The action of the pill here makes the mucus, called cervical mucus, thick. This reduces or even prevents the migration of spermatozoa and thus reduces the chances of fertilization. The third concomitant action of the contents of combined contraceptive pills is to create unfavorable conditions for the implantation of the human egg in the uterus in case fertilization has taken place. In order to receive the fertilized egg, the uterine lining must be thick and large for the egg to implant and develop. The pill prevents this thickening. Thus, a well-taken combined pill corresponds to a thin uterine lining, unable to maintain a pregnancy.

Taking estrogen-progestin pills

Generally speaking, contraceptive pills must be taken at the same time every day. Otherwise, their effectiveness decreases in percentage to 91%, which exposes you. For the duration of taking birth control pills, you take it as long as you are indisposed to carry a pregnancy. Depending on the three types, the intake cycles differ. Monophasic estrogen-progestin pills are taken every day for 21 days with a 7-day window where you do not take any pills. The phasic forms are taken in sessions according to hormone concentration. They are taken in the same way as the monophasic forms. The third type of estrogen-progestin is known to be daily pills to be taken over 28 days without interruption. They contain 21 to 23 activated pills and 4 to 7 placebos.

Benefits of estrogen-progestin pills

Combination pills are popular because they are easy to access and use. You decide when to start and stop your contraception. Estrogen-progestin pills have many advantages, such as improving the menstrual cycle, which becomes more regular. They are recognized as protective factors for certain pathologies, including acne, ovarian cysts, fibroids, uterine and ovarian cancer and certain inflammatory diseases.

Side effects of estrogen-progestin pills

Although the new generations of pills considerably reduce the side effects, some of them still persist, such as abdominal pain, headache, nausea, weight gain. Acting normally on the nervous system like natural hormones, the pill can be a source of mood swings.

Disadvantages of combined pills

Apart from the side effects that pass over time, the combined pills are a risk factor for high blood pressure in some women. Unlike condoms, they do not protect against sexually transmitted diseases.

The mini-pill for contraception

Composed of a single hormone, progesterone, the mini-pill is also called a progestin or micro-progestin. They are pills designed to considerably reduce the undesirable estrogenic sensations and are suitable for women who have had sex, older women and therefore for all ages.

How the mini-pill works

The micro-progestin uses two of the modes of action of the combined pill. Indeed, progesterone is the hormone that thins the mucus and is also involved in ovulation. Thus, the mini-pill induces a thickening of the mucus mainly and to a lesser extent prevents ovulation.

Adverse events related to progestin-only pills

Progestin-only pills share some undesirable sensations with the combined pill, notably digestive problems, mood swings and headaches. They can also induce a loss of desire, minimal metrorrhagia, irregularity of the periods.

Benefits of mini-pills

Like all birth control pills, mini-pills allow you to continue having sex. They are indicated for breastfeeding women, unlike estrogen-progestin pills. Suitable for all ages, the mini-pill makes menstruation less regular and can stop it.

Disadvantages of microprogestins

Microprogestins do not have a protective action against sexually transmitted infections. On the other hand, they have many drug interactions. This explains the decrease in their effectiveness when combined with other drugs.

Best choice of pills: combined or mini-pills?

Birth control pills, whether estrogen/progestin or progestin, are over 99% effective. They all require that you take them at the same time every day and that you follow the instructions. However, it is normal to wonder which pill to choose. It is important to know that progestin-only pills are indicated for women who have recently given birth and for women who are breastfeeding. They are more recommended for women over the age of 35. However, the right pill is the one that you have agreed with your doctor as for male erectile dysfunction. Combined contraceptive pills and the mini-pill are chemical contraceptives that are easy to access and use. Knowing how to choose them means enjoying a fulfilling sexual and family life.