How to Get Rid Of Razor Burn Fast, Overnight, Naturally At Home

Razor burn is an uncomfortable and unsightly skin condition. It can be annoying and uncomfortable to have. This skin condition often occurs after shaving, hence the name razor burn. In most people, it occurs on face, legs, bikini line and other parts of the body one might shave to get rid of the unwanted hair.

It is more common in people with sensitive skin. some of the symptoms accompanied this skin condition will include redness of the skin, stinging, itching and irritation, in some people, it might lead to the formation of painful itchy bumps otherwise known as razor bumps. Here is how to get rid of razor burn fast, overnight, naturally at home with simple and natural home remedies.

What causes razor burn?

What causes razor burn? As the name suggest, this are skin irritation that occur after shaving. It occurs when the skin is displaced and hair follicle is twisted and pulled by the scraping action of the razor blade. The burn is common in people with sensitive skin and those who fail to shave properly.

razor burn after shaving
razor burn

The main causes of razor burn or razor rash are:

  1. Shaving when you skin is dry
  2. Pressing too hard when shaving
  3. Not shaving in the direction of the grain
  4. Using a blunt razor to shave

Adopting a proper hair removal method is the first step in prevent razor burn on face, legs, bikini are and other parts of the body. Proper technique will include:

  • Always using a sharp or new razor
  • Shaving on the direction the hair grows
  • Wet they are to be shaved before you start to shave
  • Using minimum stroke as possible
  • Wet every stroke
  • Use a shaving cream.

Getting rid of razor burn fast

What do you need to get rid of razor burn and razor bumps? One full proof method to completely get rid of razor burn is to stop shaving. This method is however not practical to most people. There are people who feel social pressure or have other reasons to shave.

razor burn
shaving rash

To say the truth, shaving can be a challenge for both men and women. To get a clean shave and reduce the formation of razor burn and razor bumps, dermatologists recommend the following tips:

  1. Before shavings, regardless of where you want to shave, dermatologists recommend you wet you skin and hair. This works to soften you skin. A warm bath or shower are the best way to do that.
  2. Next, apply a shaving cream or gel before you start to shave
  3. Gently shave in the direction the hair grows
  4. Do not use a shaving razor for more than 7 shaves

If you follow the above steps and still develop razor burns, you can quickly get rid of the symptoms including the bumps, inflammation and bruises from forming. To get rid of shaving rash really fast, you can try the following methods:

A cold compress: in this process, you can use ice cube or cold water. All you need to do is apply the cold compress on the affected area after shaving. A cold compress works by numbing the area the irritation, inflammation and stops razor bumps form forming. Applying a cold compress is the fastest way of getting rid of razor burn.

Warm compress: this is also a fast way to get rid of shaving burn. Warm compress will help stop pain, irritation, itching and inflammation. A warm compress can be applied on the chin, jawline, legs, on bikini line and on any part of the body after shaving. A warm compress works in this way, it makes the brain pick the heat stimulus instead of the pain from the irritation. This offers a fast relief for the razor burn.

Aspirin paste: aspirin is often administered as a pain medication. At home, applying aspirin paste works fast and quickly to get rid of razor burn. All you need to do is crush two tablet of aspirin into fine powder, add two tablespoon of water, with into a fine paste and apply on the affected area. This reduces the irritation, itching and inflammation.

Baby care products: for parents and caregiver of baby, chances are you already have a product in your bathroom that will treat razor burn and bumps quickly and effectively. Baby oil and diaper rash cream can also be effective in soothing and moisturizing skin irritated from shaving. All you need to do is apply baby oil to the shaved area after patting the area dry.

Hydrocortisone cream:  this is a must have first aid treatment. This cream reduces inflammation, itching and ease razor-burn symptoms. Be careful when using this option, hydrocortisone cream contain steroids which can thin the skin if used too often.

How to get rid of shaving rash fast

A shaving rash or a razor burn is often described as a skin irritation that can be caused by dry shaving. The rash also occur as a result of aggressive shaving, or shaving with dull blades. A shaving rash typically arrives a few minutes after shaving. A shaving burn in form of a rash occurs when the symptoms are bad enough.

How then do you get rid of shaving rash caused by dry shaving or pressing the razor too hard on the skin? There are a lot of different home remedies that might help get rid of the rash at home. So of these remedy work more effective than others.

Here are the best remedies to get rid of shaving rash faster and effectively at home.

1. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has been used for a long time now as a great soothing and heling home remedy. The soothing and healing qualities of aloe Vera gives instant relief from burning sensation, itching and inflammation associated with razor rash.  Aloe Vera will also help get rid of the redness, and itchy bumps that might form after shaving.

To use aloe Vera:

  • Extract fresh aloe gel from a fresh leave
  • Clean the affected area with warm water then gently rub the gel
  • Allow it some time to dry, then rinse it off with warm water
  • Do this twice or thrice for some days.

2. Witch hazel

Witch hazel is a great natural antiseptic that can help reduce inflammation on the skin. Must people use it to clear acne, it can also be used to get rid of shaving rash and accompanying symptoms such as itching, and irritation.

Witch hazel contain chemicals components knowns as tannins, when applied on skin, it may help get rid of swelling, repair broken skin caused by razor burn and fight bacterial infection.

All you need to do is apply the remedy directly the razor rash and bumps to reduce the irritation, itching and redness. Witch hazel provides faster healing when in the right way.

3. Hot compress

Hot compress can also be a great way to offer relief for itching, irritation and pain that accompany shaving rash. A gentle warm compress can be a great way to reduce swelling and inflammation that might occur after shaving.

A hot compress can be applied on any part of the body after shaving. It can be applied on the chin, under armpit, on legs, on scalp, or along the bikini line. Hot compress is the best way to reduce shaving irritation fast.

How to get rid of razor burns on legs, on face, on neck and on bikini line

Razor burns can occur on any part of the body you shave. The rash can occur on face, on neck, and on bikini line on most women. In most people as already mentioned will have symptoms such as redness, itching, irritation and inflammation. Some people will also develop itchy and painful bumps.

home cure for razor burn
home remedy for razor burn

Here is how to get rid of razor burns on face, on neck, and on bikini line:

4. Lemon juice

Lemon juice is naturally acid and helps to stop bacterial from overgrowing inside ingrown hair follicles. Lemon juice is also high in vitamin C, this vitamins can safely be used on skin to help promote the skin to develop new cells more easily.

Just after shaving, apply lemon juice on skin to help reduce redness and prevent infection by killing bacteria that may have formed.

5. Tea tree oil overnight cure

Tea tree oil is rich in antibacterial, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. These properties are what makes tea tree a great home remedy for getting rid of razor burns on legs, face, and neck and on bikini line.

To use tea tree to get rid of shaving burn on legs and other part of the body, all you need to do is:

  • Add some drops of tea tree oil to some water
  • Shake to mix and dilute the tea tree oil
  • Apply the dilute solution of the affected area and leave it on for some minutes
  • Rinse it off with warm water
  • Repeat the procedure twice a day for effective results

6. Cold compress gets rid of razor burn overnight

A simple cold compress on the affected area is also a great and easy way to get rid of razor rash overnight at home.

A cold compress can work on shaving rash on legs, face, under armpits, on scalp and along the bikini line. Cold compress soothes inflammation, reduces redness, and gets rid of itchy bumps that might accompany the rash.

You can place some ice cubes on the affected area, simply soak a clean piece of cloths in cold water and hold it over the affected area.

How to get rid of razor bumps naturally

You can also get rid of razor bumps naturally at home by using the following natural remedies. Some of the remedies may be more effective than the other. Instead of trying only one remedy and giving up, we would recommend you try the others.

7. Baking soda paste

Baking soda is the other great natural remedy for razor bumps. Baking soda contain strong anti-inflammatory properties. It is also a great skin soothing agent that effectively work to relieve itching and redness. These are some of the common symptoms accompanying a shaving rash.

To use baking soda:

  • Mix a teaspoon of baking soda in a cup of water
  • Gently mix to achieve a fine paste
  • Soak a cotton ball in this solution and apply it on the affected skin (legs, face, bikini area )
  • Leave the paste on for some minutes before rinsing it off
  • Do this twice or thrice for a week

8. Fresh cucumber slices soothe razor burn naturally

Fresh cucumber is said to contain hydrating and ant-inflammatory properties, this are what makes cucumber a great and effective natural remedy when dealing with razor burn or razor rash. Cucumber is also said to contain vitamin C and K, the two important ingredients for relieving pain and itchiness.

All you need to benefit from this qualities is:

  • Slice fresh cucumber and coal the slices in a refrigerator
  • Rub the cold slices gently on the razor burn to ten minutes
  • Repeat at regular intervals until the skin heals
  • The other option is you puree half a cucumber and mix it with some milk. Cool the mixture and apply it on the affect part of the body.

9. Oatmeal

At home, you can also alleviate inflammation and skin irritation caused by razor rash. Oatmeal contain soothing and anti-inflammatory properties that can help naturally get rid of razor burn.

To use oatmeal as a natural remedy:

  • Mix equal amounts of finely ground oatmeal with plain yogurt
  • Gently mix the two and apply the resulting mixture on the affected area
  • Leave the paste on before rinsing it off with lukewarm water
  • Do that twice a day for better results

10. Coconut oil

Coconut oil is the other incredible natural remedy for razor bumps after shaving. Applying coconut oil on your face, legs, bikini area or scalp after shaving works by clearing up any kind of razor burn or rash. Majority of the people who have used the remedy swear by it for clearing keratosis pilaris, skin bumps. You need to use this remedy is rub it on the skin and allow it to absorb.

Coconut oil smells great. When used to naturally treat razor bumps, it makes an extraordinary showing also clearing up skin inflammation, dry skin and various other skin conditions.

11. Lavender oil to cure razor burn naturally

Lavender is another great essential oil you can use to get rid of razor bumps naturally at home. Lavender oil is known for its great soothing and healing properties. When used on razor bumps, it not only help treat the bumps but also eliminate redness and irritation that might have developed on the skin.

The best practice when using lavender oi is diluting 6 drops of the oil and gently massaging it on skin.

12. Black tea

Black tea bags even though often used to treat sunburn at home, they are also great home remedy for shaving burns and rash. To use them:

  • Moisten the bags in lukewarm water
  • Remove them, place them on a plate and cool them in a refrigerator for 10 minutes
  • Gently rub them on the affected area to relieve the itching and irritation
  • Do this twice a day

How to prevent razor burn

Razor burns is common especially to people with sensitive skin or those that do not shave properly. It can be irritating and annoying. When accompanied by bumps (razor bumps) it can lead to itching and continued urge to scratch.

The bumps may also clog with pus and dead skin cells. When drained, the bumps may discharge a foul smelling discharge. Not shaving is the best way to prevent razor burn, if however, due to any reasons you just cannot stop shaving, then there are some ways you can prevent the burns and bumps form forming.

According to Doctor Joshua Zeichner, director of cosmetic and clinical research at Mount Sinai Hospital’s department of Dermatology, shaving is a process that not only affects the hair but also the skin. shaving is a good form of exfoliating, or sloughing off dead skin cells, the downside of this is that, overdoing it can bring redness, cause razor bumps, and expose tender skin.

Here are some of the things you need to do to prevent razor burns.

  1. Before shaving, first take a steamy shower. The reason for doing this is that, warm water softens both your skin and hair. This reduces tension as the razor cuts your scruff.
  2. Before you shave your legs, face, and bikini area, take time to lather your skin up. All you need to do is massage shaving cream into your face and neck in a circular motion and let it on for some minutes before your start to shave. A dry shave will drag the razor across your skin increasing the likelihood for the formation of ingrown hair, razor bumps, itching and irritation.
  3. Replace your shaving blade every now and then
  4. Zeichner advises that when shaving, you need to go with the flow. Shaving against the grain may give you a closer shave, the problem with doing this is that, it increases the risk of skin irritation. When the hair regrows, it become trapped and curls back on itself and grows inwards. This may cause inflamed, red bumps that are injured the next time you shave.
  5. Reduce pressure and amount of effort you use when shaving. Zeicher says, you do not have to push to get a good shave. A lot of pressure increases skin irritation. To avoid rough handling, you can use a vibrating razor handle. This will help decrease the amount of pressure you apply.
  6. Shave less often, say twice or thrice a week
  7. Instead of shaving , you can try chemical depilatories
  8. Avoid shaving too close to the skin
  9. Yu could also try electrolysis or laser hair removal
  10. After shaving, a post-shave lotion containing niacinamide may reduce moisture loss, chapping, red skin and other symptoms of razor burn.



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