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The skin is the body’s largest organ, and everybody knows how the skin is subjected to various forms of abuse and injuries. It includes sun damage, aging, bruises, burns, cuts, and abrasions. Everyone wants to have young-looking and smooth skin. But as everyone might know, it takes massive effort to do this because it will inevitably come unless you have an elixir to stop aging. 

But in the past decades, the discovery of the regenerative ability of stem cells sparked interest and research on how it could potentially treat rare diseases and make the skin look younger and revitalized; thus, cell therapy was born. 

What Is Cell Therapy?

Cell therapy is the process of introducing new and healthy cells to replace missing and diseased cells of a patient. In the past, introducing stem cells to patients with heart ailments, spinal muscular atrophy, and genetic vision loss was successfully achieved.

As such, there are many types of cell therapy. Some may be used for regenerative medicine, immunotherapy, and cancer therapy. Regenerative medicine benefits a lot from stem cells, specifically exosome therapy. Exosome therapy helps restore the functions of organs and induces tissue regeneration. An exosome company manufactures this for biotech and academic institutions to help advance the study of stem cells and help the medical world discover new medicines and treatments.   

But today, the focus on stem cells highlights how they could help revitalize the skin, which is not unusual in this social-media-obsessed world. Here are some of the ways cell therapy can re-energize the skin:

Regenerate Sun-Damaged Skin

Adult stem cells harvested on the patient’s abdomen were used on the photoaged facial skin of subjects with an average age of 56 years, and results showed partial and some extensive reversal of the skin’s elastin network and made the skin structure more even-toned and supple.   

The injected stem cells eliminated the sun-damaged elastin and replaced them with new vibrant ones. The patient’s own MSC or mesenchymal stem cells were instrumental in the complete structural regeneration of the photo-aged facial skin.   

Facilitate Facial Lift

Surgical face lifts used to be the gold standard for making one’s face look young and beautiful. It’s a costly and painful procedure that has a lengthy recovery time. Most of the time, surgical face lifts result in an unnatural appearance. Despite this, many still resort to having a surgical facelift for the lack of a better option.   

Now, anyone can have a non-invasive procedure to lift the years away from their face using cell therapy. Stem cell facelift works by harvesting fat tissues from a patient’s body, sending these to the lab to separate the healthy stem cells, and injecting the stem cells under the skin to influence the skin to produce more collagen.   

The procedure also helps facilitate a healthy blood flow to give one a glowing and youthful appearance. The stem cell will be injected into specific face problem areas to restore plumpness and add volume to sagging areas.   

Collagen is abundant in the body to help repair tissue, heal wounds, and make the skin elastic. But as one ages, collagen production in the body declines, resulting in sagging skin, lines, wrinkles, and the appearance of dryness. With stem cells, there is a rapid growth of collagen that stimulates the surface of the skin, making it firm, luminous, and bright. The effect is the disappearance of wrinkles and plumpness of the skin. Many people might compliment that you look ten years younger than your age anywhere you go.   

Help Treat Skin Conditions

Severe inflammatory and autoimmune skin conditions like vitiligo, atopic dermatitis, and psoriasis can seriously affect an individual’s quality of life. Mesenchymal stem cell therapy has been found to help alleviate the symptoms and effects of these complex skin diseases. In some cases, the cell therapies act as immunosuppressants, while they are effectively applied as culture grafts for grave conditions. 

Skin regeneration seems impossible in severe cases of these diseases. Still, with cell therapy, a person riddled with this disease can live a normal life after a course of treatment. The affected skin can be revitalized. With the therapy, the renewal of cells and their plasticity is possible.

Cell Therapy


Going under the knife will soon be a forgotten practice when cell therapy becomes the norm in dermatology. Having smooth, supple, and younger-looking skin will be easily achieved with a non-invasive procedure like cell therapy.   

Before, only embryonic cells were considered viable for treatments; now, there are several options for patients like an umbilical cord and adult stem cells. The future of medicine looks even brighter with the advancements and research on the promising effects of this method. Anyone who dreams of having younger-looking skin can make it a reality.

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