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Botox treatment is a new trend in the twenty-first century, and it’s not strange at all. Just think about all the benefits people can enjoy thanks to this product, such as effectiveness, affordability – the list goes on and on. However, there is one thing we often forget: the success of the procedure depends a lot on a specialist’s qualifications and experience. Correct injection techniques are quite crucial as well, as there are numerous danger zones that must be considered and avoided during solution administration.

So, that’s what we would like to discuss in today’s article: things to avoid during the session, as well as aftercare advice from doctors. Hopefully, you will find answers to all your questions here! And don’t forget that botulinum toxins are unavailable for home-based usage, so it is impossible to purchase them if you are not a doctor. But if you want to buy Botox safely with license, there are plenty of suppliers who would like to help you with this.


Things to avoid during Botox injections

Botox is one of the best solutions when it comes to the treatment of muscle spasm-related issues. This injectable is pretty strong, so it is crucial to be aware of the facial anatomy and the correct way to administer botulinum toxins to preserve one’s youthful looks and perfect health conditions. So, below you will find the most common mistakes newcomers in the cosmetic beauty sphere make; knowing those makes it easier to avoid them!

Inject into frontalis muscle, masseter muscle, and other Botox danger zones

If a specialist is inexperienced, it may be tricky for them to distinguish facial muscles safe for the injection from those dangerous for this process because of close location of those to one another. Mainly, the following regions cause confusion:

  • Frontalis muscles (instead of corrugator supercilii muscle). These two are located in the glabella region, and incorrect Botox injection may lead to unwanted brow lifting and excessive relaxation, as well as upper eyelid droop;
  • A superior-lateral portion of the orbicularis oculi muscle. If Botox is administered in this area too often, it can lead to comically-arched eyebrows, which some people can be not too happy about;
  • Mistakes while injecting Botox in the lower third face. This product is not meant for the area around the mouth but can be pretty helpful if administered in the chin zone. However, it is not recommended to inject it directly into the chin muscle; it is better to choose a nearby masseter muscle for more successful results (dermal fillers are more suitable for chin injections).

Using too much botulinum toxin

If too much remedy is used during Botox treatments, it may lead to a loss of expression, which may demand some time to disappear entirely. It may take up to a few weeks for many patients, and there are no solutions to make this process faster, just time. Not to mention that expected adverse reactions may be more severe because of the overdose.

Perform administration low under the crow’s feet

If the wrong area is chosen for the procedure, orbicularis oculi inferior muscle may become too relaxed; as follows, under-eye bags may occur, which is not really attractive and desired by people out there. So, once again, a correctly picked injection spot always matters.

Choose the area around the mouth as a target to inject Botox

There are many tiny arteries placed around the mouth, so if administered incorrectly, it may lead to painful sensation and bad swelling. Not to mention that Botox is not the right choice for such a sensitive area, and dermal fillers would work best for it. Some people think that botulinum toxins are suitable for lips augmentation, but it’s not true as well; the only procedure that may be considered effective is the gummy smile treatment which can lead to slight upper lip enhancement.

Aftercare tips to make a recovery faster

Aftercare tips to make a recovery faster

All Botox injectors will confirm that a correctly planned aftercare routine is key to a fast recovery and better results in general. It is not too complicated, doesn’t demand expensive products, and can be easily performed at home without a doctor’s assistance. So, here are top-5 the most useful and helpful things you can do to eliminate post-treatment side effects faster:

  • Apply ice to the injection spot after injectable treatments. It will help to reduce swelling and bruising after the needle puncture;
  • Avoid heavy exercising not to cause any unnecessary irritation to an individual;
  • Don’t drink alcohol, and stop using blood-thinning medications a week before and after the injection session. In this way, you’ll avoid bruising and bleeding after the procedure;
  • Stop visiting places with excessive heat, and always apply SPF when going out. It includes hot tubs, hor showers, saunas, and others;
  • Don’t massage your face unless you were instructed to do so. Once again, we don’t need unnecessary irritation for a sensitive injection area, so don’t massage, rub, or press on the botulinum administration spot if it’s not instructed.

If anything bothers you, getting in touch with a medical expert is essential to ensure nothing threatens your well-being. In the aesthetic medicine sphere, safety always comes first.

The conclusion to the discussion

Botox injections are incredibly helpful products that require precision and high qualification from a doctor. If administered incorrectly, it may lead to numerous problems: starting from droopy eyelids and ending with too intense muscle relaxation. Sometimes, it may be pretty difficult to reverse these adverse reactions, so it is better to be careful from the beginning and follow previously approved instructions to perfect one’s appearance. If you are a future patient, make sure to check whether the person who is going to treat you is a qualified professional with plenty of experience in this sphere. That’s it for today’s article; thanks a lot for tuning in. Stay safe!

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