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Acne is a common problem that affects about 85% of teens and even adults at some point in their lives. It comes in the form of pimples that can be frustrating and hard to get rid of. It is often associated with other skin problems such as irritation, sticky pores, flaking skin, and dryness. Acne is a common problem for teens because hormones trigger it and can become super stressful, especially when it appears all over your face, neck, and back. It can even significantly impact one’s self-confidence and esteem. 

Although conventional treatments help treat acne, most of them are often associated with adverse side effects such as skin irritation, redness, and dryness. Many of them get rid of the pimples for a short period, and they are back again, probably more severe than before. Thankfully, there are natural ways to help teens fight acne.

Moisturize your face with aloe vera

Aloe vera is a green tropical plant that produces a clear gel that is good for the skin. When you apply it to the skin, the gel helps fight bacteria, reduce inflammation and promote wound healing. That is why it is a common addition in many skincare products, and it is widely used to fight skin rashes, psoriasis, burns, and cuts. 

What makes aloe vera promising in fighting acne is that it contains salicylic acid, lupeol, urea nitrogen, phenols, cinnamon acid, and sulfur. These compounds inhibit bacteria that trigger pimples or acne. Aloe vera may not clear acne on its own but complimenting it with acne skincare medication such as tretinoin cream or clove basil oil makes the remedy more effective. You can apply the acne treatment first, then the aloe vera gel, or vice versa.

Use green tea on the skin.

Green tea is not only helpful inside the body, but it is also good for applying to the skin. It contains flavonoids and tannins that can fight bacteria that cause skin inflammation in the form of acne. Green tea is also an antioxidant that reduces sebum production, fights inflammation, and inhibits the growth of pimples on skin prone to acne. Although there are plenty of skincare products with green tea in the market, it is pretty easy to make a natural skin remedy. 

Pour green tea in a tin of boiling water for 3-4minutes. Then allow it to cool and apply it to your face with a cotton ball. You can apply before bedtime and leave it overnight or in the morning for ten minutes. Store it in the refrigerator for freshness and use it once or twice a day.

Apply tea tree oil

Another natural remedy for acne in teens is to apply tea tree oil on your face. Tea tree oil fights inflammation and bacteria-causing pimples. According to a study, tea tree oil effectively reduced pimples when used as a lotion containing 5% benzoyl peroxide, a popular acne medication. However, you should dilute it with a carrier oil before applying it to your skin because it is concentrated and can cause irritation or redness when applied directly onto the skin.

Apply essential oils

Essential oils with anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties also provide acne relief, especially for people with dry skin. Essential oils with cinnamon, cloves, rose, and lavender fight s. epidermidis, a bacterial causing acne. Others such as lemon glass and rosemary inhibit p. acnes. However, the oils can be very concentrated, so you need to dilute them with a carrier oil before applying them to your skin. You should do a patch test before application and stop if you experience irritation.

Cleanse with honey

An excellent way to naturally cleanse your skin is to apply honey on your face, leave it for some time, and then rinse your face with warm water. The honey balances the bacteria on your skin, speeds up your skin cells’ healing process and promotes healthy skin. Honey is a natural antibacterial that also cleanses the pores and fights acne. 

The takeaway

Acne treatment drip infusion is also an excellent way to fight acne from the inside of the body. Acne treatment drip infusion regulates sebum to promote healthy skin with components such as vitamins and pantothenic acid. It also promotes collagen production, reducing acne scars. 

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