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It’s a familiar experience for most people. Maybe you sipped scalding hot coffee or aggressively got at just-delivered pizza. The instant burn on the roof of mouth can feel like a trip to hell. Often, it lasts only several seconds. However, it can feel like ages.

Fortunately, you don’t need to go to the hospital for treatment. In any case, the pain would be gone by the time you get to the doctor. Instead, you may want to prepare yourself with a few home remedies to numb the pain before it gets too much.

We’ll discuss seven proven home remedies shortly. First, though, what causes the intense burning pain at the top of the roof?

First, Second, and Third-Degree Mouth Burns

The roof of the mouth, also known as the palate, is covered with skin. It can experience first, second, and third-degree burns.

What most people experience, such as when you aggressively bite at a hot pizza, is first-degree burns. First-degree burns are mild and only impact the outer layer of the skin (known as the epidermis). In most cases, the worst of a first-degree burn is redness in the affected area.

Second and third-degree burns are more severe. Second-degree burns often affect both the epidermis and dermis (the layer just beneath the epidermis). Since the dermis contains more delicate tissue, second-degree burns can cause intense pain, swelling, and even blistering, in addition to redness. Foods such as cheese that hold a lot of heat and are also sticky can cause second-degree burns.

Third-degree burns are even worse and typically leave the affected area white or black. The area may even feel numb temporarily. Unfortunately, third-degree burns are very rare in the mouth.

burned roof of mouth

Second and third-degree burns can damage tissue and cells underneath the skin. As the area heals, the dead cells will fall away, revealing new tissue and cells. First-degree burns take about a week to heal, while third-degree burns can take months to heal fully.

Natural, Home-Based Remedies for burn on the roof of mouth

Taking immediate steps to remedy the situation may minimize the pain and prevent extensive damage. The following are some proven tips;

1. Take cold water 

Taking cold water immediately after the burning commences curbs the extent of the damage by cooling the area right away. It can also prevent the burn from reaching the inner layers of the skin. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, you should submerge the burning area in cold water for at least 10 minutes.

All you need to do is fill your mouth with cold water. Then, spit the water out and refill your mouth with new water when the initial water loses its coldness.

2. Drink cold milk or yogurt 

Generally, you need to consume a very cold liquid to quell the pain, and what better choices than milk and yogurt? An added advantage of these two over water is that they coat the skin, providing a temporary barrier. This alone can minimize the irritation and soothe the itching.

Above all, you’ll need plenty of fluids as the wound heals. So again, milk and yogurt are excellent choices. They keep the body hydrated while soothing the pain.

3. Consider Aloe Vera 

Studies show that Aloe Vera is effective in healing first and second-degree burns. It has anti-inflammatory properties that make it the perfect choice for reducing pain sensation. Additionally, Aloe Vera promotes blood circulation and inhibits the growth of bacteria. These two latter qualities make it a good choice for wound healing.

Apply a layer of pure Aloe Vera gel taken from the Aloe Vera plant leaf directly to the affected area.

4. Apply honey 

The features of honey that are relevant to wound healing include viscosity, water content, sugars, and antioxidants. Honey also contains a wide range of amino acids, vitamins, minerals, glucose oxidase, and gluonic acid. Glucose oxidase produces hydrogen peroxide in the mouth, which has antibacterial properties. The high water content allows honey to provide a moist condition for rapid wound healing.

The recommended way to use honey for mouth roof burns is to soak the area in cold water, then apply 15-30ml of honey directly onto the wound.

5. Over-the-counter drugs 

If the pain is intense, such as in the case of third-degree burns, you’re allowed to reach for your emergency painkillers. “You can take ibuprofen, which is an anti-inflammatory medication to help with the pain and swelling,” says Susan L. Besser, M.D., who works as a primary care physician at Mercy Medical Center.

“You can also spray the area with an over-the-counter analgesic such as Chloraseptic to help numb the pain. Topical benzocaine in an orabase is another excellent choice.”

When to See the Doctor

Remember that home-based solutions are usually considered the first step and are mostly about pain relief. If you experience severe pain from a burn on the roof of mouth, significant blistering, swelling, and excessive redness, see the doctor.


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