7 Simple Ways to Stick to a Healthy Diet

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While determining the actual number of people on a diet in the world isn’t easy, it’s no secret that the majority have had to endure hell to get where they are today.

You only need to read a few health magazines or online forums to appreciate how much some people sacrifice to meet their dieting goals. For example, one Mindfuleating.org.uk contributor says, “I’d binge-eat then restrict myself,” while another says, “I fell out of love with some foods.”

In the end, only the strongest survive. The statistics are scantly, but NIFS for Fitness, a nonprofit organization, says only 5% to 20% of individuals who set out on a healthy diet follow through to the end. The others eventually give up a few days, weeks, or months down the line.

Simple Tips to Stick to a Healthy Diet

With courage and a strong will, you can join the elite group of individuals who stick to q healthy diet to the end. The following are a few tips to get you to the finish line;

1. How to set realistic expectations?

Most people who set out to stick to a healthy diet fail at the first step – goal setting. The majority never imagine the difficulties and challenges they’re bound to face during the dieting journey. They often begin without ever thinking about how dieting may affect them and how to resist to urge to binge. Worse still, many people set out with extremely high expectations, such as losing 40 pounds in a month. Take time to set SMART goals before you begin dieting.

2. Find a motivation

Another reason many people abandon their dieting plans midway is the lack of motivation. Dieting isn’t easy. Giving up on the foods you once loved can be the toughest challenge of your life. Initially, it seems easy. But only until you attend a party a few weeks down the line and everyone is enjoying ice cream and all kinds of soft drinks. That’s when temptations may overwhelm you. Remembering what motivates you to diet can help fight off most temptations.

3. Abandon the “all or nothing” thinking

Dieting is a long-term commitment. It’s like a marriage. Marriage is bliss, and most of the time, you’ll be happy and enjoying multiple benefits of being with your partner. However, no marriage is perfect, right? Partners disagree one in a while. Then they sit down, resolve the issue, and move on as a happy couple. This is the same way you should treat dieting. Don’t divorce your diet simply because you flirted with ice cream at a party yesternight.

4. How to pair dieting with exercise?

Granted, you shouldn’t try to change too many things at the same time when dieting. However, research shows that people who adopt a diet plan and exercising simultaneously are more likely to be successful in both. The main reason is that the two tend to reinforce one another. Exercising encourages you to stick to a healthy diet, and dieting reminds you that you need to exercise for the best results. What a combo!

5. Going out? Have a plan

Eating out when you’re trying to stick to a healthy diet is like a time bomb. It’s like walking in a minefield. One small mistake, and you’re back to the drawing board. The best solution is to have a plan. First off, let whoever you’re going out with know that you’re on a diet. You’ll need their support. Secondly, check the menu in advance. Do they have the “right” foods? If not, change the restaurant or bring your own food.

6. Keep junk food out of the house

You’re much more likely to fall off track if you have junk food in the house. In fact, studies show that proximity to junk food is one of the risk factors for obesity. It takes high levels of self-restraint to avoid a bite when you know that there are a few kebabs in the fridge a few steps from you. It’s even worse if the food is on display. Clearing your home of junk foods and replacing them with healthy ones would be a step in the right direction.

7. Track and measure your progress

Finally, you’re more likely to keep fighting if you’re aware that you’re making progress. So, purchase a tape measure and a weighing scale and begin taking measurements of your body periodically to remind yourself that you’re on the right track. You also want to keep a mirror somewhere close so you can check yourself and see the progress “on display.” Any slight change will give you the hunger to keep going.

It’s a Marathon, Not a Race

If it’s going to take a whole year to get into gear, then so be it. If you must backslide a hundred times to get it right, let it be so. You only lose when you give up.

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