5 Hacks to Turn Your Home Into a Yoga Studio at Little to No Cost

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The number of American yogis has increased exponentially in the past decade. According to Statista, from just over 28.7 million yogis in 2018, we had about 37 million yogis in the country in early 2020. Currently, the figure stands at about 50 million, with a few research organizations saying it is closer to 55 million.

It’s excellent news considering that yoga has multiple health and wellness benefits. If you haven’t joined the bandwagon, it’s not too late.

Turn Your Home Into Your Yoga Studio

The best part is that you no longer need to go to a commercial studio to practice. With the social distancing regulations imposed to curb Covid-19, you’re better off practicing yoga from home. If you’re wondering how to get started, the following five tips should help you turn your home into a yoga studio.

  1. Designate a yoga space

Any room can be a good place for yoga as long as it’s free and large enough. The “extra” bedroom or a garden room is usually the best spot, though. What’s most important is the location and square footage. The best rooms for yoga are located in a quiet area of the home where you can concentrate and go through your sessions with minimal disturbance.

As for space size, experts recommend 21 square feet for every yoga practitioner. Fortunately, no room in the home can be less than 21 square feet. Most rooms even have enough space to store the essentials you need to begin your yoga sessions.

  1. Bring in your yoga equipment 

The first thing you need is a yoga mat. Beyond that, what you need will depend on the type of exercises you want to do and your personality type. For instance, you can bring in yoga blocks to help you lengthen your reach. Yoga blocks work as “extensions” when working on flexibility. You may also bring in yoga straps to help you go deeper into certain poses.

If you’re like to add a touch of class, you may consider a traditional, woven yoga blanket to add pattern and texture. A chic basket to store your props may also be functional and classy.

  1. Set the mood 

Four things are important here, i.e., color, scent, sound, and lighting. Color can be partly addressed when setting up your props. However, it’s important to remember that yoga works best in areas with sufficient warmth. Soft cream shades are excellent, as are soft yellow and orange. These colors put you in the mood. For sound, soft music does the trick. You may need a soundbar system.

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Candles should take care of both lighting and scent, though you’re also allowed to invest in unique lighting systems to immerse you in the activity. If you love essential oils, consider scented candles.

  1. Eliminate clutter 

Once you’ve set the essentials in place, take time to remove everything else from the room. Remember that yoga requires utmost concentration and undivided focus. Therefore, anything that may distract you has to go. For example, trees are an excellent addition to the yoga studio as they add mood, improve focus, and relieve stress. However, if you feel it may distract you, take it out.

A humidifier may also be helpful as you may sweat quite a bit during yoga. However, if you feel it might not help, then take it out of the room. Unnecessary shoes, utensils, clothes, and any other clutter must be removed too.

  1. Pick your favorite yoga show

Now you’re ready to get started. Hopefully, you’ve read a few books and watched a few videos to learn yoga poses and other activities. Perhaps you even have a few magazines and professional guides from experts to help you through your sessions. However, you need even more resources.

Subscribing to a yoga streaming service can do you a world of good. Although books, magazines, and YouTube videos are cool, yoga shows have one thing they don’t – someone on the other end willing to listen to and help you out. So if you’re lost or stuck, you can call them, and they’ll help. Fortunately, there are currently hundreds of yoga streaming services you can follow.

You’ll Love It

It might seem a small step in your life, but having a yoga studio at home can eventually transform your life. For one, it saves from expensive studio subscriptions. Depending on where you live, yoga studios can charge as much as $500/month. Additionally, you no longer have to worry about transportation costs. Here too, you could save hundreds of dollars per month.

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