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If you suspect earwax is building up, you have many treatment options before the problem worsens. Unfortunately, the very thing most of us use to remove earwax may actually cause the blockage, cotton swabs placed too far into the ear canal. Nevertheless, eliminating excessive earwax is pretty straightforward, provided you consult with a physician to ensure you’re receiving proper care. Now, let’s outline what causes earwax build-up in the first place. 

Why does earwax collect in the ear canal?

In short, certain individuals simply produce more earwax than others, indicative of a hereditary trait passed down through generations. Although our bodies can secrete more earwax than usual, it’s usually our fault that earwax builds up. Take a moment, and think about the different electronic devices we place inside our ears. Whether it be earbuds, Bluetooth headsets, or something practical like noise-canceling earplugs, any of these items prevents earwax from falling out naturally. 

On the contrary, certain medical conditions, such as exostoses and osteoma, can also cause a blockage. Similarly, the ear canal may be narrower than usual, which invariably leads to earwax build-up over time. Notwithstanding those considerations, you have plenty of options regarding treatment.

How to tell when you’ve developed too much earwax

The initial signs of excessive earwax are subtle, and you may not notice that anything is awry until others start to comment on your poor hearing ability. One common symptom is a sensation of fullness in the ear, which causes muffled hearing. If you place objects in the ear regularly, this condition is more likely to develop quicker. Yet, sudden, severe pain signifies a problem that you ought to address immediately as the ear is one of the body’s most sensitive parts.

Another sign is fluid draining from the ear, or others might smell foul odours after standing nearby. Indeed, if you’re experiencing any of those symptoms, it’s time for a trip to the physician’s office to undergo a non-invasive earwax removal procedure. These treatments are safe and effective at removing earwax when it starts to affect your quality of life.

What’s the benefit of removing earwax at a physician’s office?

It’s feasible to remove earwax from the comfort of your own home with over-the-counter kits, but you might have a difficult time using them effectively. The risk is that you could accidentally place a swab too deep and damage the inner ear, which is painful and can also lead to loss of balance and coordination. As such, visiting a physician for professional earwax removal is preferable to home remedies. Not only can you rely on a skilled doctor to address the problem, but you’ll also benefit from a thorough diagnosis of what’s leading to the build-up.

Ultimately, excessive earwax is only a cause for concern if you’re in pain or having hearing difficulties. Thankfully, you have many safe and effective treatment options available.

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