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Telling your doctor you need hearing aids is certainly daunting, especially from the fashion sense. This is not only because of the difficult psychological process of accepting but also the fact you’ll have to wear ugly aids that inevitably interfere with your fashion sense for years. However, unlike before, modern hearing aids from HearCanada are sleek and very discrete. You can easily maintain your fashionable look with these aids. Getting hearing aids is also crucial for self-care, and anyone with hearing difficulties should consider it.

What You Should Know About Modern Hearing Aids

The clunky, bulky hearing aids most people know are outdated. Traditionally, there was more focus on function over form in hearing aids design. However, with advancing technologies, modern hearing aids are sleek and discreet. They also offer endless customization options.

1.      Stylish Appearances

Lack of customization was a major barrier to most people purchasing hearing aids. Traditional models were only available in a few colors, were bulky, and were difficult to operate. Most people, including those who much needed them, were very self-conscious and only wore aids where necessary.

However, modern hearing aids are available in sleeker and more trendy styles than ever before. You should consult an audiologist to recommend the best brand and hearing aid style according to the degree of hearing loss, ear contours, and your budget.

2.      Intuitive Technology

It’s interesting how glasses became a fashion sense while wearing hearing aids is still stigmatized. However, modern technology has reduced the stigma of hearing aids. Modern aids have advanced technological features that make them fashionable. These features include:

  • Automatic adjusting – Hearing aids from 2000 had the ability to switch speech settings between quiet and noisy environments. However, this technology has recently improved. Modern aids can evaluate the environment and adjust sound settings accordingly, significantly improving the listening experience.
  • Music programs – Most developments in hearing aids technology focused on speech amplification to improve speech quality. However, listening to music remained a challenge. Fortunately, modern aids have improved music sound quality.
  • Motion sensors – They are the latest enhancements that have made hearing aids better. Aids with motion sensors have a pedometer, can detect falls and many more features.
  • Direct streaming – Except for a few models, most modern hearing aids can currently connect with various devices, including smartphones and TVs. Users can stream TV shows, podcasts, and calls directly to their hearing aids.

These technologies have improved listening experiences and made it easy for most users to make hearing aids their everyday accessory. Wearing aids is becoming fashionable, as users can stream music and movies directly. Manufacturers have also made significant design changes to hearing aid styles, increasing wearability. This has reduced the stigma initially associated with using hearing aids.


There are endless black and nude-colored hearing aids that can help you achieve a fashion statement. With the help of an audiologist, choose hearing aids with a snug profile, as they fit comfortably into the ear and can be worn for longer periods.

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