What Procedures Does an Orthodontist Do?

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There are many reasons why you might need to visit an orthodontist. Whether it’s an orthodontist in Arlington, TX, or an orthodontist in your local area, they will offer a wide selection of services to improve your oral health.

Orthodontists provide specialist dental services that can brighten your smile and correct tooth alignment issues. Below, we’ve covered some of the many procedures that professional orthodontists can offer you.

Metal Braces

Traditional metal braces are one of the most common procedures that people get t the orthodontic clinic. They are usually offered to children and teenagers but are also beneficial for adults. 

Braces are used to straighten the teeth and pull them into their correct positions in the mouth. They consist of small brackets that the orthodontist attaches to your teeth. A metal wire is fed through the brackets and tightened accordingly to encourage the teeth to gradually move into an optimal alignment. 

Lingual Braces

Lingual braces are very similar to metal braces in that they comprise brackets and wires that are used to adjust the alignment of your teeth. However, the brace brackets are attached to the back of each tooth, making them less visible and less disruptive to your speech.

With both metal and lingual braces, your orthodontist might use what are known as orthodontic elastics. These are small elastic bands that can be used in combination with braces to help correct tooth and jaw alignment, and speed up the whole process for you.


Invisalign has grown in popularity in recent years due to its unnoticeable appearance on the teeth. It’s a great alternative to braces when you want to correct your smile.

Invisalign involves the use of plastic aligners that you wear over your teeth for several hours a day, removing them only to eat, drink, and brush your teeth. Because the clear aligners are less visible than braces and easy to remove, you can walk out of the house in confidence. 

Although they can feel unusual when you first start wearing them, you quickly get used to the feeling of wearing Invisalign retainers. The length of time that you’re required to wear Invisalign depends on your needs. Some people might only need to wear them for a few months, while others may require a much longer length of treatment.


If you’ve recently had braces removed or you’ve undergone a tooth alignment procedure, you might need to wear teeth retainers for the foreseeable future. Retainers keep your teeth in their new alignment by preventing them from migrating back to their original positions. 

Your orthodontist can prescribe retainers for you to wear at specific times of the day. Depending on your needs, they might offer you removable clear retainers, or banded or bonded retainers that are glued to the back of your teeth.

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