Only 1 in 10 Chance of Catching Coronavirus from an Infected Person Who Lives with You

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According to a recent study, getting  covid-19 in your own home from infected family members is a rare occurrence. So, if you don’t get the virus from people living in close proximity, where are you getting it from?

Moreover, how did the virus spread in the first place?

Obviously, people are not “social distancing” or wearing masks inside the house, at least most people don’t, so the big question is where is this virus coming from, if it’s not transmitting massively in the most likely place?

If the PCR test is highly unreliable, and the places where the virus is most likely to incubate ( your home) are not hotbeds of transmission, what’s going on here?

Daily Mail:

Just one in ten people who catch Covid pass it on to someone they live with, a study has found.

US researchers analysed data from more than 7,000 homes in Boston and found more than 25,000 people lived there between March 4 and May 17, 2020.

In this time frame 7,262 people caught Covid but they only passed it on to a further 1,809 people they lived with, a transmission rate of 10.1 per cent.

The paper also found the likelihood of passing the virus on to someone you live with was lower for bigger households.

For example, someone in a home with three to five people — one of whom was infected — was 20 per cent less at risk than a two-person house.

However, the data showed people living with Covid commodities were more likely to catch the virus from an infected family member.

Risk of catching the virus increased by 31 per cent if a person had asthma, 67 per cent for cancer patients and 35 per cent if a family member was obese.

Did you know that the Noble laureate who invented the PCR test said that Fauci was a liar who abused test data for his occult agenda and is afraid to debate?


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