Do You Suffer from Covid Derangement Syndrome?

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What is CDS or Covid-derangement-syndrome, you asked?

In laymen’s terms it’s called delusional psychosis. Women are more prone to it than men, as the nature of being emotional beings. For most women, emotions overcome logic almost every single time.

What is a Covid case? How do you define it?

That’s an easy one: you perform a PCR test.

But, what if the test used to find SARS-CoV-2 has a 96% or higher false positive rate?

There is a lot of scientific data to support that. Of course the technical documentation for every PCR test for SARS-CoV-2 states that influenza A, B, and H1N1, also hepatitis, all interfere with the test and can cause a positive result.

But why follow the stated documentation?

If the false positive rate is as high as 96%, that would mean that 96% of the fatalities may have been from something else.

The symptoms of Covid are nearly identical to hundreds of diseases. Covid has also been falsely attributed to many other conditions. How does a respiratory virus infect your toes? It would be like saying that athletes foot infected your spleen.

Because of the financial incentive of labelling everything as Covid and the high false positive rate, many people were told they had Covid when they really had something else. Many treatable bacterial infections can become fatal if they are not diagnosed.

MRSA infections in hospitals are highly fatal. Strep, bacterial pneumonia, and legionnaire’s all have the exact same infection profile as Covid. How many of those were mistaken as Covid over the last year? How many of those people could have been treated, but weren’t because Covid has no “cure”.

If you think doctors would be able to properly diagnose patients, you don’t know doctors.

Over 260k preventable deaths from medical mistakes a year. There are hundreds of stories of mistaken Covid from families and doctors, all ignored by the media.

Imagine how many deaths would have been attributed to the flu if every person who had it was counted as killed by the bug, if they died of any cause over the next 3-6 months.

Millions upon millions.

So why is Covid counted that way?

Even with the inflated death count “The Greatest Pandemic Ever” has only managed to kill .03% of the world’s population after an entire year.

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