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When you hear a person say that they have itchy testicles, you will find that it is the skin, which hangs around the testicles, and known as the scrotum that is actually itchy.

An itchy scrotum may also involve the groin area, as well as the skin folds located behind the testicles. In many cases, and itchy scrotum is not viewed to be a symptom of a serious medical issue.

In almost all cases, itchy testicles tend to be more irritating and highly embarrassing, and nothing more. It is important to understand that there are a number of factors that can cause itchy balls, and it may therefore be a bit difficult to pinpoint what could be causing the itchiness in the scrotum.

Many of the reasons behind the itchy scrotum are nothing but harmless irritations, even though there may be a few issues that may be of concern.

What causes an itchy scrotum?

Itching in the areas around your scrotum is often caused by the same reasons that cause itching on all your other body parts.

Majorities of the causes are not serious, and you can be able to deal with them using the right treatment remedies.

Some of the causes of an itchy scrotum include:

1. Allergies cause itchy scrotum at night

When you come into contact with allergens or irritants, the area surrounding the scrotum, groin area, and testicles can become highly uncomfortable, itchy, and may lead to the development of a rash.

Allergies can be brought about by the following:

  • Dyes
  • Plants
  • Fragrances
  • items that the person may come into contact with on a day to day basis

If you can know what is causing the allergic reaction, it will be best to avoid them altogether. The allergic reaction is often referred to as contact dermatitis.

2. Dry skin on testicle sack

The dry skin on testicle or scrotum sack may be brought about by:

  • Eczema
  • Dermatitis
  • STDs

Dry skin may spread from the groin area or the way to the shaft.

Apart from STDs, you may also find yourself getting dry skin on the testicle sack after you have had a vasectomy.

It is vital to note that the dry skin on the scrotal sack is a common problem, and it should not worry you, as each man will experience it at one point or another.

Given that the scrotal area provides ideal conditions for fungal and bacteria growth, many problems dealing with dry skin on the scrotum may be addressed by applying an antibacterial or antifungal cream, which help eliminate the itchy scrotum issue.

3. Cancer lump on testicles

A man with testicular cancer may or may not exhibit a variety of symptoms. Often, the first indication that a man may have testicular cancer is the enlargements of the scrotum, or the appearance of a small lump inside the testicles.

Apart from enlargement of the testicles, the main may experience pain, accompanied by the need to scratch the ball sac.

The man may also experience a dull ache in the lower part of their groin or abdomen. If any of these symptoms are experienced, there will be a need to make sure that the man is checked out, to confirm that he does not have testicular cancer.

4. Jock itch rash on scrotum and inner thighs

Fungi has been known to favor areas that are moist, dark and warm. It is the main reason why the skin folds behind the testicles makes for an ideal environment for the fungi to begin growing.

Once the fungi infections start to grow, they are likely to cause itchiness accompanied by a lot of irritation.

Around the scrotum, the most common type of fungi infection that develops here is known as jock itch, and which is caused by Trichophyton rubrum.

An itchy scrotum, as well as a red, and scaly rash accompany jock itch. You can relieve jock itch by applying over the counter sprays and creams.

5. STDs

One of the primary causes of itchy balls is a condition known as genital herpes, and which the herpes virus causes.

When it appears, it is in the form of blister-like sores that develop around the genital area and is often accompanied by a lot of itching in the scrotum area.

6. Genital warts

Viruses often bring about warts. Genital warts, which are known to cause an itchy scrotum are caused by the human papillomavirus, which is also known as HPV.

The condition is easily transmitted from one person to another through sexual contact. Once you have been infected with HPV, it may take between thirty and ninety days for warts to start appearing on the skin surface.

7. Ingrown hair

Having ingrown hair may be very painful and may actually lead to an itchy scrotum. In many cases, ingrown hair around the groin area is caused by using the wrong shaving technique.

When your skin hair is growing, it may at times be unable to break through your skin barrier, and this may make it to begin growing in a sideways manner.

Once the hair on an area that had been shaved begins to grow, it is normal for the hair follicles to start curving backwards, in an attempt to re-enter the area with a soft skin.

As this is happening, the skin will become irritated, and may lead to the formation of bumps all over the skin surface.

The hair that has become coiled, and which was unable to fully emerge to the outer area of your skin surface brings about a majority of these bumps, and this is what causes an itchy scrotum

8. Razor burn after shaving

Another factor that can cause an itchy scrotum will be the razor burn experienced after you have shaved your groin area.

Even though shaving is one of the quickest and most affordable ways for a person to eliminate unwanted hair, it often has one extreme drawback: the razor burn.

The razor burn is the skin irritation that you experience after you have shaved a particular area. In many cases, it will not only cause a burning sensation, but it may also cause a rash to appear in the affected region.

In some cases, you will not only get an itchy scrotum, but you may also have to deal with an area that is highly swollen.

9. Red itchy bumps on scrotum

One of the primary causes of red itchy bumps on scrotum are ingrown hairs. As described above, these are hairs that occur when your hair shaft begins to grow back into the skin, resulting in an itchy scrotum, swelling, and redness all over the affected region.

You can treat the bumps by practicing good hygiene practices, and where necessary, by using an exfoliating product.

Another cause of these bumps is sexually transmitted infections, although these are known to cause bumps on the penis, and not in the scrotum. Sexually transmitted infections that can cause red bumps include herpes and genital warts.

10. White itchy rash on testicles

Pillar cysts are the most common causes of white itchy rashes on the testicles. The cysts occur over a man’s sebaceous glands, which are located in the region above the penis.

The condition is quite common in many men, and it has been known to cause a lot of psychological and emotion discomfort, given that not many men are willing to disclose their existence, or visit a health clinic for consultation purposes.

A condition can develop across men of all ages, although it is quite common in young men. Even though they may not cause any harm to a man’s body, they may cause embarrassment, and may lead to sexual relationships being ruined, due to the hesitation by the males to disclose their existence to their partners.

11. Itchy balls no rash

An itchy scrotum with no rash may be caused by an allergic reaction, dermatitis, or by eczema. If you experience this, it is recommended that you keep the area cool and dry at all times

After taking a shower, you should make certain that you pat the entire area dry before you can wear any clothes.

Keeping the balls dry will help ensure that your itching does not become much worse.

Itching balls treatments and remedies

You may be surprised to come to the realization that there are home remedies you can use to get rid of the itchy scrotum.

The best thing with using home remedies is the fact that all the ingredients you need can easily be found inside your kitchen.

Using the readily available home ingredients will help reduce your experiences, while ensuring that you use natural ingredients to take care of the itchy scrotum.

You can rely on the following home remedies:

1. Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is one remedy that is always included in the list of home remedies that can be used to treat different skin conditions occurring in the body.

It contains many properties, which are all great for ensuring that you take proper care of your skin. Apple cider vinegar has been rated one of the best remedies a person can use to take care of itchy balls.

What to do at home

  1. Measure a single teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and combine it with a single glass of warm water
  2. Take the solution that you have created above and use a cotton ball to dab it all over your testicles.
  3. You should not wipe the area that you have dabbed on, but you should instead allow this area to dry out alone
  4. You will need to apply the solution at least three times each day
  5. You should be able to experience some relief from the itchiness within no time.

2. White vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is not the only solution that is effective against itchy balls. White vinegar is also highly effective.

It comes with antifungal properties, which assist in eliminating the bacteria that cause infection around the groin area.

What to do at home

  1. Measure four cup of water and add a single cup of white vinegar to the water
  2. Obtain a piece of clean cloth and immerse it into the solution you have created above
  3. You should then take this piece of cloth and use it to gently wash the area that is affected.
  4. Make sure to wipe the area thoroughly, before leaving it to dry out on its own
  5. Repeat the application process three times each day

3. Tea tree oil

Currently, tea tree oil is already being used to treat different kinds of skin infections. It has been used severally to eliminate bacteria that have the potential to cause a person a lot of discomfort.

Apart from eliminating bacteria, it also assists in reducing any inflammation that may be present around the groin region.

What to do at home

  1. You will need a jar of tea tree oil as well as some clean cotton balls
  2. Immerse the cotton ball into the tea tree oil, and use it to dab over your testicles
  3. Apply the tea tree oil on affected testicles each day

We highly recommend Essential Oil Labs Tea Tree Oil (Check price on Amazon)

4. Rubbing alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is favored when it comes to treating itchy balls due to the fact that it leaves the groin region completely dry.

Given that the bacteria that cause conditions such as jock itch reside in areas that are moist and warm, applying the rubbing alcohol will help ensure that the entire area becomes dry.

What to do at home

  1. Obtain alcohol that has a high amount of isopropyl. Try to get the one that has a percentage of ninety. It is the highest that can be found in the market, and is known to be safe for use on the human skin
  2. Obtain a cotton ball and place some alcohol on the cotton ball
  3. You should then take this cotton ball and proceed to dab it all over the area that has been affected by the itchiness.
  4. For rubbing alcohol, you will not need to wipe it off as it will dry out on its own
  5. Apply the rubbing alcohol as many times as possible

5. Listerine

You may be wondering why you need Listerine, yet it is mainly used for cleaning the mouth. You need to remember that Listerine is effective in cleaning the mouth as it eliminates all fungi and bacteria from the mouth.

As such, it can also be used in eliminating the fungi and bacteria that are responsible for causing the itchy balls.

What to do at home

  1. Obtain a q-tip, and place a generous amount of Listerine on it
  2. Use the q-tip to dab all over your testicles, making sure that you do not skip any area
  3. Allow the Listerine to stay on the skin surface and do not wash it off
  4. Repeat Listerine application at least three times each day, and you should be able to get some relief

6. Bleach

It is normal for you to be scared to use bleach on your skin. Many people fear using bleach as they assume that it should only be used for cleaning items around the house, or for washing clothes.

What many do not know is the fact that bleach comes with certain properties, which can be used to get rid of annoying infections.

What to do at home

  1. Prepare a whole tub of water and place a small amount of bleach into this water
  2. You will need to soak the lower part of your body into the water for a whole ten minutes
  3. Try and repeat the bleach remedy once each day until the itchiness has subsided completely

7. Salt bath

Salt, a home ingredient that is used in virtually all homes comes with many properties that can be utilized in fighting infections.

Aside from assisting, stop the growth of fungus around your groin area ensuring that the fungus does not spread to other parts, it also comes in handy in helping heal the itchiness.

What to do at home

  1. Prepare your bath tub and fill it with warm water
  2. Measure a handful of salt and place it inside the bathing water. For this remedy, you can use any type of salt
  3. Immerse your body into the tub, taking care to ensure that your testicles are fully covered by the salt water
  4. Prepare the salt water two times each day until the itchiness in your balls has subsided completely

8. Garlic

Garlic, thanks to its numerous antifungal properties comes in handy in helping eliminate itchiness around your groin area, and particularly in the balls.

It assists in relieving itchiness caused by fungal or bacterial infections.

What to do at home

  1. Take a few garlic cloves and crush them to form a thick paste
  2. You will need to apply this paste over the area that is affected
  3. Allow the paste to stay on your balls for a few minutes
  4. Proceed to wash off the paste using lukewarm water
  5. After rinsing off the garlic paste, you must ensure that you pat the entire area dry
  6. Repeat application of garlic paste at least two times each day for at least one week

9. Onions

Many people are not aware of the fact that onions contain antifungal properties, which can be relied upon in treating itchy balls.

Onions are effective anti fungi killers, and assists in eliminating the fungi that is responsible for causing the itchiness around the scrotal region

What to do at home

  1. Obtain a ripe onion and proceed to grind it until it becomes pasty
  2. You should take the onion paste and apply it gently all over your itchy balls
  3. Allow the onion paste to stay on your balls for at least thirty minutes
  4. After thirty minutes have elapsed, you will need to use warm water to wash off the paste
  5. Apply the onion paste two times each day

10. Honey

For years, honey has been used as a natural antiseptic, due to the fact that it comes with anti-inflammatory properties.

These properties assist in relieving the effects that are caused by itchy balls.

What to do at home

  1. Take a generous amount of honey, and using your fingers, apply the honey all over your scrotal sac
  2. You will need to leave the honey on your scrotal skin for at least thirty minutes, but if possible, it is recommended that you leave it there for the entire night
  3. When you wake up, ensure you wash the scrotal skin thoroughly, and use a piece of cloth to pat the testicles dry. You should not leave any moisture behind as it may provide an ideal breeding ground for other infections, and hence slow down your healing process.
  4. You will need to make sure that you apply the honey on the scrotum at least two times each day (in the morning and in the evening)

As you try out the above home remedies, it will be important to remember that when you have itchy balls, it will be extremely important for you to observe high levels of hygiene. Failure to properly maintain your hygiene may lead to the emergence of other conditions, which when combined with the itchy testicles could end up being very annoying and uncomfortable for you.

11. Best cream for itchy scrotum

It is essential for you to keep in mind that rashes and itching around the groin region could be an indication that you have a serious condition such as an STI or a yeast infection.

These are conditions, which will require immediate attention. Having said that, to treat itchy balls with creams you need to:

  1. Ensure that your groin region is completely dry. You can use mild soap to clean the area, but stay away from hydrogen peroxide as it can cause irritation on your skin.
  2. Obtain and apply over the counter-antifungal creams. When obtaining the creams, you will need to ensure that they are water-based creams.
  3. Follow the instructions that have been provided on the tube.

Even if the itching subsides after applying the cream a few times, you have to ensure that you continue with treatment for the recommended duration. This is meant to ensure that all fungi has been killed, and that it will not come back.



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