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Why would you want to make yourself throw up? It is felt that vomiting and nausea as part of many reasons which include acidity, infections and sometimes experiencing motion sickness. If you are feeling it most of the times and it doesn’t allow you to continue with the regular day-to-day activities, then you are required to think about it very carefully.

1. How to make yourself throw up using index finger

The fastest method that can be used to make yourself throw up is by using clean fingers so as to trigger the gag reflex.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Wash hands and cut the nails so as to avoid scratching the throat.
  • Pull the hair up (that is if you have long hair) so as to get it out of the way.
  • Choose a place where you’re going to vomit. It can either be in the toilet or even in a bucket.
  • Sit down or even kneel in a way that doesn’t press the abdominal part of the body, you don’t need to have extra pressure over the stomach.
  • Insert the index finger into the mouth and then reach towards the back of the throat.
  • Press the finger down in the back of the throat as far as required so as to trigger the gag reflex.
  • Once you begin to feel nausea, remove the finger very fast. You’ll likely vomit right away.
  • If you are still feeling nausea but can’t throw up, try the procedure once again.
  • Wash hands after vomiting.
  • Rinse and do the gargles using plain water so as to get rid of the leftover stomach acid from the mouth and throat.
  • Don’t brush the teeth until about 30 minutes after you vomit. The enamel will be very much sensitive to coming into contact with the stomach acid.

2. How to make yourself throw up using by watching other people throw up

Another fast method that can be used to induce nausea is to watch other people throw up. This is able to trigger a very strong urge to vomit as well.

You can also watch videos of other people vomiting so as to achieve it.

If this isn’t an enough to trigger the gag reflex, use the index finger as explained above.

3. Take emetics

If you’d rather not use the finger or even have no gag reflex, then you should take emetics instead. Emetics are over-the-counter drugs that usually trigger vomiting by leading to contractions in the stomach.

The common emetic is the syrup of ipecac.

But, there’s a very big controversy over the safety of using ipecac, as it can be very much toxic when taken in high doses. The doctors recommends not to stock it at home.

So as to prevent any side effects, drink it only when in small amounts.

Follow the steps below if you decided to take the drug:

  • Follow the directions that are indicated on the syrup bottle.
  • Drink about 2 glasses of water of about 16 ounces after taking the syrup.
  • If throwing up doesn’t occur within a period of about 30 minutes, repeat the dose.
  • If the second dose doesn’t work as expected, then contact the doctor immediately.

4. Drink Coca-Cola.

Coca-Cola is known for its fizz, it is a property that is said to be very handy when it comes to induction of throwing up. The bubbles that are produced might assist to relieve an upset in the stomach and when it is drunk flat without the bubbles in intervals, alternating it with water, it might also assist to discomfort the stomach and thus induce vomiting. This works better in cases of the food poisoning.

5. Drink warm salt water.

A glass of warm water that is mixed with about 3 teaspoons of salt is to be drunk quickly so as to induce throwing up. This is a great homemade remedy that works very much effectively. You are required to wait for about 30 minutes for it to work.

The excessive sodium chloride that is within the stomach will activate vomiting. It is a very effective method that can be used to get rid of the stomach’s contents.

6. Try Mustard Solution

This is another great homemade emetic that works very fast. Mix a tablespoon that is full of mustard with a glass that contains warm water. Drink it quickly. The solution contains a very unpleasant taste that can make you want to vomit. It takes approximately 20 to 30 minutes to work.

If it doesn’t work as expected, you might incorporate it with the use of the finger and that can surely make you throw up.

7. How to make yourself throw up through overeating.

Overeating normally has an effect of overextending the stomach. Through that, you fill the stomach beyond its maximum handling capacity, thus prompting it to force any excess food out via the gullet. This then triggers throwing up.

It is very vital to be much careful about the kind of food that you eat when making use of the method as unhealthy foods like the junk food can definitely cause stomachache and also the digestive issues rather than inducing throwing up.

To induce throwing up by this method you should not eat healthy foods like;

  • Vegetables
  • bland starches
  • fruits

10. Gargle with egg whites.

Most individuals are not able to bear the feel and also taste of raw eggs in their mouth. This makes the egg whites to be a very suitable solution to any person who is in need of throwing up. A person should slightly beat the egg whites of about 3 eggs inside a cup and then gargle it very slowly until the need to gag sets up.

At this particular point, you are required to spit it out and if you can’t vomit, repeat the exact procedure. You may require to repeat this process a number of times until it works as expected. This particular method has been experimented even in the past so as to induce vomiting as being the first aid for the poison intake.

11. Expose yourself to the unpleasant smells and sights.

Most people’s brain normally reacts to the unpleasant smells and also the sights by making them want to throw up. Long exposure to such kinds of the sensory stimuli might lead to you to vomit in the long run. If this doesn’t work as expected, then you can induce a gag through putting a hand inside the mouth. This can surely assist a great deal in making you vomit.

12. Use a toothbrush.

As much as use of the finger to induce gag reflex is the fastest and also the easiest method that can be used to make yourself vomit, most people always find it rather disgusting. A good alternative to then is using a toothbrush. You only require to make the bristles to appear wet and then rub it on the back of the tongue until you feel that there is need to gag.

This might also be done many times until you vomit, just like when use of the finger. It is very much advisable to thoroughly clean the brush or even replace it when done.

13. Use Bloodroot herb.

Bloodroot herb powder is able to be mixed with water and then drunk very quickly to assist induce nausea and also vomiting. This works really fast because of its strength. Though, caution should be taken in use of the herb as it is toxic in large doses and might lead to foot pain and other fatal symptoms. In case of this occurrence, it is vital to call a doctor.

Dangers and side effects of throwing up

Russel’s Sign

This is normally a tell-tale sign of the self-induced vomiting, with scratches that are noted on the back of the hand brought about by putting a finger into the throat so as to induce a gag reflex.

Tooth decay

The contents of the stomach are very much acidic and thus repeated vomiting over time leads to the tooth enamel breaking down. This might at times cause the need for an extensive and also costly dental procedures.

Swollen salivary glands (sialadenosis)

When a person has been vomiting for a long period of time and stops suddenly, it’s typical for the parotid salivary glands that are in front of the ears and at the base of the jaw to swell, thus making the cheeks to appear swollen.

This may be very much distressing to the patients, but it usually gets better after few weeks given that the patient does not begin to vomit again. If the frequent vomiting continues, then the patient is at high risk to develop the sign again, the next time a person stops the practice

Acid reflux

During vomiting, the lower esophageal sphincter, which normally acts as a doorway that is between the esophagus and also the stomach, must open so as to allow stomach contents move backward up via the esophagus. Over a period of time, the sphincter then gets weak and the stomach acid begins to repeatedly splash into the esophagus.

This leads to an uncomfortable burning or even the chest pain sensation. Also, the acid reflux is much damaging to lining of the esophagus and may cause bleeding and also scarring.

Sore throat and hoarse voice

Acidic stomach contents are very much damaging to the throat and also the vocal cords, thus hoarse voice and also the sore throat are very common when a person has been repeatedly vomiting.


All forms of throwing up are likely to causing dehydration. A large portion of the perceived weight loss because of purging behaviors is usually due to the water losses from the body. If dehydration becomes very much severe, then the patient is at risk of the following;

  • Loss of consciousness
  • Confusion
  • Damage to the kidneys hat is able to remain permanent.

Electrolyte Abnormalities

Purging behaviors normally override the body’s natural ability to keep the electrolytes like sodium, chloride, and also potassium in the normal balance. The side effects of the low electrolytes may be very dangerous, with the initial weakness progressing to the cardiac arrest and also death can occur in the most severe scenario.

Intestinal problems

Throwing up with laxatives can cause a physical dependence on medications and thus constipation when the laxatives are fully stopped. The constipation then resolves over a period of time but can make it very much difficult for the patients to stop abusing the laxative medication.

Some of the common throwing up causes are:

1.   Stress and Anxiety

Stress and anxiety normally manifest through various stomach or upper gastrointestinal problems like;

  • constipation
  • Diarrhea
  • bowel syndrome that might be accompanied with nausea and bloating

This is due to the fact that the body functions abnormally in the situations of very severe stress because of hormonal dysregulation and this can impact the normal functioning of the digestive system.

2.   Eating Disorders

Overeating can also lead to nausea as it mostly affects the required functioning of the digestive system because of overloading. It is very much imperative to keep in mind that people having weak immune or even the digestive system are readily affected. Also, this is also very common in people who ever went through a major surgery of the digestive system.

3.   Food Poisoning

Food poisoning is also a reason as to why you might feel like throwing up in most of the conditions. When the bacteria infects the food and you take it, food poisoning then takes place. Some other indications of food poisoning are;

  • high fever
  • diarrhea
  • vomiting

4.   Hangover

Hangover occurs after an excessive intake of the alcohol, which leads to headache and also nausea. You might also feel like throwing most of the time after partying because of exhaustion and also alcohol induced toxin accumulation.

5.   Allergy from Foods

You might also feel a lot of nausea because of some foods that doesn’t suit the metabolic or even digestive system. It is not vital that food is the only reason of throwing up; it could also be because of;

  • dietary changes
  • alterations in weight

6.   Pregnancy

Nausea is the characteristic sign of an early pregnancy, which is also known as morning sickness. Women normally feel nausea and vomiting that starts from the around the 8th week of pregnancy and then continues up to 14 weeks of the pregnancy. In some other rare cases, feeling like throwing up also continues throughout the period of pregnancy. The cause might be;

  • The estrogen levels
  • Sudden biochemical changes that occurs during pregnancy
  • Deficiency of vitamin B6.

7.   Medications

You might also feel like vomiting because of continued use of some medications. These particular medication or even the pharmacological agents cause stomach irritation and slower intestinal movement. These particular medicines include the following:

  • Opioids
  • Over the counter medicines
  • Aspirin

8.   Migraine

Migraine is also another reported reason behind nausea, which might be related with the effect of an increasing cerebrospinal fluid pressure that is exerted on the delicate brain membranes. Migraine normally enlarges the temporal artery and thus releases inflammatory chemicals. Nausea is also brought about by response to the hyper-stimulation of the autonomous system.

9.   Stomach Flu

Stomach flu is also called viral gastroenteritis. Its symptoms are the fever, watery diarrhea, vomiting, and also the abdominal cramps. Many cases do not get severe unless the patient is an infant or has a very bad immune system, in that the results can be very dangerous.

10.   Inflammation in Gall Bladder

You might feel like vomiting because of active inflammation that is in the gall bladder. The results of the inflammation may be the pain that is in upper and upper right part abdomen because of the pancreatitis and also the gall stones respectively. The symptoms are severe in the diabetic patients.

11.   Gastroparesis

Gastroparesis occurs when the muscles of the stomach stop working as required. This may lead to the partial or even complete restriction of the stomach emptying after ingestion of the meal. This is normally a result of the nerve damages because of the persistently high blood glucose levels and also the autonomic dysfunction.

Other disorders which includes:

  • Dyspepsia
  • Gastroesophageal reflux disease
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Peptic ulcer disease

Can also lead to the feeling of vomiting.

12.   Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy is normally used as a cancer treatment although it has side effects which include experiencing nausea and also vomiting. But that depends much on what medicines are being used and if the radiation that is used together with the chemotherapy treatment or not.

One thing that you need to understand is that some of the cancers themselves leads to nausea even without any chemotherapy treatment, especially those that usually happen in the upper abdomen.

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