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With growing popularity, the procedures of plastic surgery are taking place every year. It is not only the women who are going for the procedure but the usage of men is getting popular in this industry.  Let us discuss some plastic surgery procedures that are commonly used.


Not only for cosmetic reasons but blepharoplasty is used for reshaping the eyelid and improving vision in patients. Vision can get obstructed due to the sagging of the eyelids and when too much skin is present on the eyelids. For improving a youthful appearance, wrinkling and the chronic puffiness of the lower eyelids are often treated with plastic surgery. The fat bag-like structure under the eyes often called an eye bag can also be treated with lower-lid plastic surgery procedures. After the surgery, most people can go to the public within 10-14 days and the swelling becomes less noticeable within a few weeks or months.


It is a procedure in which fat from specific portions of the body is suctioned for providing a good shape with a slimmer silhouette. Different types of liposuction are available and can be used for different purposes. Stratus plastic surgery can help you with different procedures of liposuction.

  • Ultrasonic-assisted Liposuction –The ultrasonic energy is released for melting the fat so that it can easily be suctioned out of the body. This method may have some risks of external or internal burns when the surgery is lengthy.
  • Tumescent Liposuction- This is the most popular type of liposuction where a drug restricts the blood vessels with the numbing agents and can be infused within the area where the treatment is required.
  • With Cannulas- when the fat is melted, the liquid is suctioned out of the body with the help of cannulas, which are small and hollow metal instruments.

There are other liposuction procedures that are air-assisted, power-assisted, suction-assisted, and laser liposuction. Depending on the area of the treatment, the average patient is able to return to work within a few days.


This procedure is often known as the lower body lift, or the tummy tuck, the abdominoplasty helps in removing the extra skin from the abdominal portions and tightens the remaining skin. This method is often applied after pregnancy when people have excess skin and also after losing much weight after surgery like bariatric surgery.


This procedure is popular for reshaping the nose. The entire size of the nose is reduced at first by the surgeons. For a more pleasing experience, the shape of the nose is then refined to perfection. Sometimes breathing activities can also be improved after a successful rhinoplasty. There can be bruises after the surgery but most of them fade out within the next ten days when the patients can go back to their normal lives.


All the above-mentioned procedures are used for plastic surgery for correcting different portions of the body. It can be used for reducing fat, for shaping the nose or other parts of the body. Eye treatment can also be done when the eye bags are reduced from the lower lids and excess skin is removed from the upper eyelids.

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