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Pearly Penile Papules (PPP) is a condition that is relatively common amongst men, even though it may be embarrassing to admit for some. Luckily, this condition is not contagious or transmitted through intimate relations, contrary to popular belief.

Something that would also provide a sense of relief is that PPP isn’t a life-threatening illness and seldom causes any additional health issues. With that said, the most popular reason for men to seek treatment is because of the way it affects their self-esteem.

There are many other considerations for men to make before choosing the right type of treatment. To get a clear idea of all these options, continue reading here:

Consider Why You Want Them Removed

Any medical procedure would have physical and emotional health risks. But not doing anything about the PPP can make some men self-conscious and have intimacy problems. Although these bumps don’t directly affect health, they cause secondary reactions to a person’s well-being.

Men who have PPP should consider why they want the bumps removed. If the reason is to please a partner, they should rethink getting any procedure done. Undergoing a pearly penile papules treatment may remedy this condition but may have side effects one must prepare for. 

Partners may find the bumps unsightly, but when men are comfortable with them, treatment is not necessary. And it shouldn’t be a problem in the relationship as it isn’t a severe or contagious medical condition.

Some may believe that PPP is the start of an STI, that the condition leads to erectile dysfunction, or that bumps are hereditary. But nothing could be further from the truth. Men who believe these untruths are less likely to seek the appropriate medical assistance.

Educating oneself on the exact cause of the PPP and the treatment options could change the mind of even the worst skeptic. Take into consideration that the treatment will be more beneficial for cosmetic reasons. The different procedures and recovery should also form part of your final decision.

If weighing up the pros and cons means that the pros win, the procedure could be worth it significantly.  

Evaluate The Different Options For Treatment

There are many medical treatment options for PPP, and some prefer a more natural approach. It doesn’t matter which method the person chooses to follow, as long as they have all the information about each procedure or remedy.

Risks for all treatments could include permanent scars, infections, skin pigmentation, and bleeding. The chance of the PPP reoccurring is unlikely but is another concern to consider. After men go through all the effort to remove the bumps, they may not be rid of them entirely anyway.

Most physicians and medical facilities can have more information available on each treatment. They would be the best sources of advice, above anything read on a self-search on the internet. Not everyone will react or recover the same way after each treatment. Thus, it’s better to have an expert opinion on the matter.   

Some of the procedures a healthcare practitioner could recommend would include:

Carbon Dioxide Laser Surgery

It is a relatively quick and safe procedure that uses infrared energy to dissolve the bumps. It is one of the most effective treatments for men to choose from for treatment.


A trained technician will blast the area where the bumps have formed with radiation that creates free radicals in this procedure. Unfortunately, along with treating the nodules, it could also damage the healthy skin surrounding them. With the increased risks of this procedure, many men opt for carbon dioxide laser surgery instead.


Using liquid nitrogen in controlled amounts that a doctor will carefully administer to the affected area only, the penile papules are frozen and removed. This treatment is usually excruciating afterward and has a more extended recovery period than the other procedures mentioned.

Traditional Surgery

Like any other surgical procedure, doctors would use surgical tools like scalpels to remove the bumps from under the skin with this method. Because they need to cut through the skin, there is a risk of scarring that the other treatments may not necessarily have. 

Being in pain or discomfort could make most men back out from having a professional procedure done. As a result, they may start to look for alternative options. However, home remedies like toothpaste and lemon juice could cause more complications than the actual medical procedure; most doctors would advise against them.

Pearly Penile Papules

Think Of The Ramifications Of Each Treatment

After any treatment or procedure, there will be a recovery period when the person will be out of action. Some take longer to recover, while others may be back on the job much quicker. The type of procedure done would also make a difference in the time it takes to heal, so ask about this when consulting a medical professional.  

Physical healing isn’t the only aspect of recovery, and many forget that there is an emotional component to it as well. Prepare mentally for the procedure and recovery, and don’t turn down assistance and support from partners. They would be the best sources of comfort in times of need. 

Whichever procedure the person decides upon, they should be aware that there will be some time that they need to take to heal properly. During this time, following the instructions for aftercare that the doctor gave after the procedure can improve the recovery period. 

Close monitoring of the treatment site is part of the recovery, as with any other surgical procedure. The risk of contracting a secondary infection is always there. And noticing the first signs of increased swelling and redness could indicate that more treatments are needed to prevent it from spreading systemically.

Carefully Calculate The Costs

Depending on the solution the person with PPP would choose, there would be costs involved for the treatment and aftercare. Each procedure has unique methods and prices that men should inquire about before choosing one. 

Expenses for aftercare may include antiseptic creams and other medication. If any complications arise, the person would have to take extra time off work apart from the time they took for the procedure. 

Some medical professionals may suggest the continued use of certain ointments or treatments to prevent the PPP from returning in full force. And some natural remedies require persistence for them to work. Because of the prolonged nature of the treatments, the cost may accumulate to a rather large sum if not monitored.

The Final Decision

As men choose the type of treatment for their PPP, they should carefully consider all aspects before making their final decision. Sometimes leaving the papules just the way they are is the best choice, especially when there is no specific medical reason to remove the bumps. 

For some, the mental anguish and emotional consequences of having PPP could be the overwhelming issue to address instead of the physical. Deciding to have a procedure done or trying a remedy could bring more happiness to them and improve their self-esteem. 

No one wants to have something weigh on their minds to the point where it affects them emotionally, and for this reason, it could be a good idea to opt for a procedure. Just ensure to have all the information to make the right choice.

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