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Sebaceous prominence is common on the penis base. It can also occur on the lips, scrotum and vaginal lips. Some people can experience similar white spots under eyes. Does the condition go away on its own? Is it harmful? Here are pictures, cures and treatments for removal of prominent sebaceous glands.

Sebaceous prominence pictures

What do prominent glands look like? Does it go away on its own? The condition presents as “eruptions around the base of the penis or on the penis look like pimples.

These pimple-like eruptions are also common on lips, nose, scrotum, vulva lips and penile shaft.  In most cases they usually occur at the base of the penile shaft, but may also be seen along the shaft and on the scrotum. Here are pictures and photos to help you identify the problem more easily and not confuse it with an STD.

Severe sebaceous prominence appearing as white spots on penile shaft
Severe prominent sebaceous glands appearing as white spots on penile shaft

What is sebaceous prominence?

Sebaceous Prominence is a known genital skin condition that is very common among males than females. When sebum from the skin is produced by the sebaceous glands in its excess quantity, it will then block the hair follicles. The result is white small sized bumps that develop on the base and shaft of the penis. These particular bumps are known as sebaceous prominence.

  • Sebaceous Prominence is not in any way a sexually transmitted disease.
  • It is very harmless and not contagious.
  • It will not thus cause any pain and not even dangerous.

However men who have experienced this problem are more likely to lose their self-esteem because of the disfiguration of the genital organ.

They will be experiencing the fear that their female partner might suspect the pimples as a sexually transmitted disease (STD). People with this kind of prominence will be in need of a method of cure which can enable them to do away with the bumps.

According to MedHelp, prominent skin glands is a skin condition that happens only in men. The eruptions around the base of the penis or on the penis appears same as pimples. They are very hard, white and very harmless.

This skin condition is known as sebaceous prominence because the root of the condition is the sebaceous glands that is located in the epidermal layer of the skin. Sebaceous glands normally produce sebum or the oil. They are also known as oil glands.

Contrary to the norm and belief that prominent oil glands is a sexually transmitted disease, it is not. In fact, when they are left alone, the hard white eruptions do not cause any harm. There is no need to treat the condition as it hardly leads to any problem.

Appearance and symptoms

Sebaceous glands prominent on the scrotum
Sebaceous glands prominent on the scrotum.

Oil gland prominence is also characterized by the white pimples, spots or lesions on the penis. Sebaceous prominence is usually found on the base or the shaft of the penis.

  • The white lesions may be found in the small groups or the larger numbers, and sometimes are in rows.
  • They appear a little like the hair follicle glands, but do not have any hairs growing from them.

Picking of the eruptions is not a good idea. Some men even try to shave the eruptions off from the surface of the skin with razors. This is dangerous as the spots can be infected and lead to further infected cysts.

  • Sebaceous gland prominencemay happen at any age and once it happens, it stays on.
  • Boys as well as old men have been diagnosed with the skin condition.
  • There is no known relation between prominence of oil glands and the onset of the puberty or the sexual life.

Causes of Sebaceous Prominence

What causes sebaceous glands to appear as prominent? Both Fordyce spots and inflammation in the sebum glands can cause these eruptions. Natural oils in the skin, when in excess, can also cause this kind of prominence.

Fordyce spots on penis are normally brought about by sebum, the natural skin oil, that’s mostly trapped in a sebaceous gland without the hair. Usually, sebaceous glands always open into the hair follicle and its oil is then secreted up the hair shaft.

In the given case of the Fordyce spots, or the sebaceous prominence, no hair implies no way to discharge the natural oil secretions. Therefore, the cause of the bumps.

1. Inflamed sebaceous glands

Penis pimples are not normally pimples. Pimples then arise in the sebaceous glands with an opening that is then blocked. Penis pimples always lack this important escape route. Thus more importantly, bacteria can’t gain any entry either.

Bacteria lives on every other person’s skin and it feasts on the sebaceous oil. In turn, it then multiplies, leading to the surrounding tissue inflammation pain. Infected and inflamed sebaceous glands lead to the pimples. The oil-gland prominence may lead to no pain symptoms. Essentially, the bumps are not a skin infection.

2. Fordyce spots on lips, penile shaft, scrotumFordyce spots on lower and upper lips

Fordyce spots are not an infectious disease a person can spread around, but a natural occurrence on the percentage of an adult skin. Yet, due to the fact that many find penis pimples unattractive, most of the men seek a cure.

  • People who have prominent Fordyce spots develop white granules or dots on the skin.
  • Some people may sometimes call the spots penis pimples.
  • Women might also suffer from the condition that is found in the genital area, although the condition is reportedly less common amongst women.
  • The spots might also be present on the lips of both men and women.

3. Sebaceous gland overgrowth

Sebaceous prominence is brought about by an overgrowth in the sebaceous glands. Normally, sebaceous glands secrete oils that keep the skin very moisturized. At times however, a problem arises with the ectopic sebaceous glands. An abnormally large number of sebaceous glands that are in certain areas may grow. This leads to the appearance of the small white spots or even pimples on penis shaft, base and scrotum.

  • Sometimes, the individual spots that results from the oil gland prominence become most of the times red or inflamed.
  • Some may be squeezed, leading to a discharge of white pus. The pimples or the spots normally become much visible when the penis is very erect.

If you are in any doubt over whether you can actually be having sebaceous prominence or another condition that is more serious, consult the doctor. Self-examination is not a substitute for a professional medical exam.

4. Acne or sebaceous glands?

Although the spots emerge out of sebaceous glands, it should also be noted that they are not a form of acne. Thus, acne remedies do not in any way work on the eruptions. You may consult a skin specialists so as to get rid of the problem.

Trying of acne self-medication, and cutting or shaving of the spots is not recommended as the region is very sensitive. However, sebaceous gland prominence does not have a known permanent cure.
Hand pricking and popping is also not advised as there will be quite a number of pimples. Moreover, even after pricking the bumps may appear again. At the time of pricking, if a wound is then formed, it can cause infection also.
Many of the affected males usually opt for the home remedies. Home Remedies are safer and might provide some relief.

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Treating sebaceous prominence, Cure

Despite the shaving, the eruptions can keep reemerging on the skin. Repeated shaving is not only very painful, but you can also experience disastrous repercussions.

There is no given and more effective treatment for the prominence in the medicine. The pimples might be removed surgically by the methods such as Laser therapy. But, the treatment is usually considered expensive and also is much painful.

Permanent scars also might be formed because of the treatment. After all, there is every given possibility of the pimples forming again on the skin. The patient may consult a skin dermatologist with regard to treatment of the sebaceous prominence.

Herbal medicines and the herbal creams may cure inflamed oil gland and prominence to a certain extent.

Although the condition is completely very harmless, the appearance of the lesions or stains may be much distressing. Some people may think that they are suffering from a sexually transmitted infection.

In reality however, prominent oil glands is neither harmful nor even contagious – although the sufferers often seek a cure so as to avoid the embarrassment and the worry brought about by the appearance of the prominent white spots.

  • The key to treating sebaceous prominence is to bring down the amount of sebum (grease) that is found in the skin. This will reduce the appearance of the ectopic sebaceous glands.
  • The Anti-Sebum treatment has been specially developed by cosmeceuticals to get rid of prominent sebaceous glands.

If you are suffering from inflamed sebaceous glands and you want to find a cure, check with the doctor. The doctor will advise on the product that is highly effective on the visible glands and can greatly reduce the appearance of the white spots as well as the pimples on the penis.

If you’re finding that the bumps are restricting your sex life, or even reducing the intimacy you can enjoy with a partner, consider the product advised by the dermatologist as a treatment for sebaceous gland prominence.

  • Symptoms sometimes normally disappear on their own, though there is always the possibility of the blemishes to reappear at a point in the future.
  • Almost every other area of the body contains sebaceous glands that are located in the skin. These particular glands are much responsible for secretion of the sebum, a naturally occurring oil that is used to lubricate and even moisturize the skin.

For most of the men, the sebaceous glands that are located on the penis perform their function correctly and no skin problems ever manifest.

In the event the sebaceous glands over produce sebum, the result is the infected and clogged pores that appear as small hard lumps that are visible on the base and, in some other cases, the shaft of the penis. Fortunately, the blemishes are not much painful and do not in any way affect the health of the penis or testicles in any bad way.

Sebaceous prominence is very similar to other types of acne and is brought about by the clogged pores of the skin around the base of the penis.

The pimples or even the blemishes may look singularly or in many groups that are varying in number, and might develop either in rows or even sporadically.

The biggest concern that is related to the this kind of prominence is the social embarrassment and overcoming the stigma that is associated with sexually transmitted infection, even though these blemishes are not in any way contagious and may not be contracted through the sexual contact. Most of the medical experts recommend that the men with this condition explain the situation to their new partners so as to eliminate misconceptions.

  • Fordyce spotting is a self-resolving condition so try to avoid laser treatments.
  • Ensure to maintain a very clean hygiene, wear loose clothes and also shower each morning.
  • Dietary modifications must be instilled if you’re not taking in adequate vitamins.
  • Make use of anti-bacterial soap if you’re applying essential oils in excess.
  • Include garlic supplements in the diet.
  • Prevent any sweating in the genital region through avoidance of tight fitting underwear.

Sebaceous prominence removal

There are no known treatments for the sebaceous prominence, and the men who are affected are advised to just learn to cope with the condition. Some patients prick or also pop the blemishes to get rid of the sebum secretion from the skin.

The white pus or even excess sebum might be removed this way but the technique rarely works on the men who have multiple pimples, is very painful and uncomfortable, and can introduce bacteria or even infection to a sensitive area of the anatomy.

If the patient insists on seeking treatment, it is better to consult a dermatologist for the professional medical advice.

Most of the experts say that since there is no health risk from the condition, there is no given reason to spend money on the creams or to undergo the laser treatments. You have to make a decision if you can live with the appearance of the lesions. If not, there are several treatments to consider.

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There are some good products on the market, that help figting sebaceous:

Home remedies is to be tried first like including garlic as well as vitamin supplements into the daily routine.

Eating of the foods high in the antioxidants and even use of anti-bacterial soap are the changes that can make a difference in the size as well as the appearance of those spots.

Home remedies for sebaceous prominence

You can try to minimize the appearance of sebaceous glands with natural treatments. However, be careful not to cause further damage and irritation to the skin.

Jojoba oil, aloe vera gel, some vitamin intakes and drinking plenty of water can help reduce the appearance of sebaceous glands on penis and scrotum.

1. Coconut oil remedy

One of the good forms of treating this spots is through using of coconut oil which is a very natural moisturizer. The spotting that also happens due to the dehydration gets visibly reduced after the application of the coconut that is mixed with an essential oil like the lavender oil for a decreasing Fordyce spots found on the skin.

2. Boost Vitamin Intake

Fordyce spots can also be removed naturally by adoption of a certain diet that ensures proper intake of the vitamin rich foods. The daily intake of the vitamins will surely reduce the spotting and one of the best fruits to consume is Oranges. Broccoli can also be included in the diet for reduction of the spots that is especially on the lips.

3. Drink Water

A delightfully easy solution is through intake of water – universally pure and simple to intake. Water prevents any form of dehydration and also boosts the immunity system so as to fight off germs that can easily lead to the spotting on the sebaceous glands. If the mouth is very dry then make sure you drink gallons of water at least 8 glasses a day so as to address the condition.

4. Tea Tree Oil Cure

Pearly penile papules might be reduced very easily by use of tea tree oil that is a well-known home remedy. Tea tree oil is also a natural antiseptic that usually prevents the bacterial growth and thus relieves the inflamed skin. It is one of the best remedies to try as since it doesn’t have any kind of side effects to the skin.

See our recommended Tea Tree oil on Amazon

5. Turmeric

This herbal tonic is known to be among the best – Turmeric powder (about half a tablespoon) that is mixed with apple cider vinegar is a very effective solution that might be applied to the inflamed skin. Turmeric contains antiseptic as well as antibacterial properties that reduce bacterial growth on the skin.

6. Oatmeal Bath

This home remedy has been widely applied to treatment of Eczema at home and is very useful for reduction of Fordyce spotting on genitals. Oatmeal bath reduces itching, redness and inflammation on the skin. This particular bath should be taken using cold water after using herbal remedy like turmeric or tea tree oil that act as antiseptics.

7. Garlic home remedy for large sebaceous gland

One of the strongest home remedies for the Fordyce spots is use of Garlic. Garlic has antioxidants that gets rid of free radicals from the body with the anti-inflammatory properties so as to shrink the spots. A person can always consume boiled water using garlic drips for the immediate effect or even mix the spice in the food.

8. Jojoba Oil

Another crucial oil that is useful for treating sebaceous bumps is jojoba oil that usually maintains antibacterial properties. The healing effect of the oil usually takes place by prevention of the bacterial growth and invasion. It has wax esters that make it a natural moisturizer thus enhancing its effect on the skin. Check prices on Amazon now

9. Asparagus

It is the richest source for the folic acid, normally packed with the essential vitamins and nutrients. Asparagus that has folic acid is very essential for the metabolic consistency that ensures Fordyce spotting doesn’t occur. Proper hormonal balance can be maintained by consuming 260mcg of the folic acid a day.

10. Aloe Vera Gel

One of the most natural forms of treatment of the sebaceous prominence is by cutting through a stalk of Aloe Vera plant. The gel that is produced is then directly used on the inflamed skin as the plant possesses antifungal properties. It is very useful at treating of the urinary tract infections and many skin disorders.

11. Honey

This antiseptic agent is a very mild source that is used in the home remedies so as to cure respiratory and skin infections. Organic honey is applied as a soothing agent for the skin irritations and due to its antibacterial properties. It is a very useful source for treatment of the spots. You can always mix a dab of honey using an essential oil for ease of application.

12. Lemon

Another natural disinfectant is Lemon which basically treats bacterial infections especially on the dermis. If you’re suffering from the blackheads or pimples.

Lemon extract is a very useful source. This easily found ingredient may be squeezed to form a pulp that may be used on the inflamed skin very regularly so as to treat Fordyce spots very effectively.

13. Chamomile

Fresh or dried flowers of the Chamomile assist in treatment of itchy lesions or inflamed skin spots and are well known topical treatments.

Chamomile is the best herbal remedy unlike other flowers like Arnica that actually doesn’t lead to any side effects for people who have sensitive skin.

This evergreen flower treats hives and reduces Fordyce spots within a few weeks.

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