How Singapore Allergy Doctors Test & Treat Allergies in Singapore?

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Those who succumbed to allergic symptoms realize that nasal discomfort is just one aspect. It can throw life out of gear, disrupting daily activities. That’s why getting tested for allergens is essential. Whether you suspect an allergy or are sure about having it, you must trace its source for proper care and symptom management. Allergy testing can reveal the responsible allergens for your condition. But this is a particular procedure that only an experienced and specialized clinic can conduct. Allergists’ equipment and knowledge help them unearth the real cause of the uncomfortable experience you face. Luckily, Singapore has many clinics where such tests are available.

Find the right Singapore allergist and get checked. Before this, it will help to know that these tests can be primarily of two types: skin prick and blood tests.

Allergy testing techniques

As mentioned, blood tests and skin prick tests are the main options that your allergist might recommend based on your condition. Make sure you discuss all your symptoms. Polish your knowledge about the family’s medical history. Lifestyle-related questions can also be there to understand why you are facing allergy symptoms. All these details will lead your doctor to pick a suitable testing option for you and explain the procedures.

Allergy blood test

It will be a RAST blood test to detect the presence of IgE antibodies in your system. These antibodies develop to fight specific allergens. IgE antibodies testing can successfully find out many allergen panels. A doctor will need your blood sample for lab testing, which may take up to a week to conclude.

Skin prick test

An allergist can use allergen extracts like pet dander, food, dust mites, and more to catch the trigger point. Although complicated by nature, the test results can be beneficial. Common spots for this testing can be the back or forearms. Through one test, your doctor can analyze more than 40 substances responsible for your allergy. During the procedure, the doctor sterilizes the area and marks the target area to test allergens. They will add a few allergens to your skin through a skin applicator. It may give results in 20 minutes. One may experience redness or itchiness in the targeted testing spot as a side effect. But this should disappear in a couple of minutes.

The allergist will investigate the tested zones of your body for redness and swelling. The intensity of the bulge can reveal the allergen that may have triggered it. However, you may have to stay away from antihistamines (oral or topical) for about a week until the test happens to stop them from interfering with the results. Even antidepressants, steroids-based medications, and cough syrup can prevent giving precise results. Sometimes, underlying skin disorders can also be a challenge. Nevertheless, it is an efficient test. That’s why you must reveal everything to your allergist when they ask any questions about these areas.

Treatment for allergies

When you know about the allergens responsible for your allergies, you can avoid them. Still, a few of them can affect you. You can visit a local allergist for symptom management through allergen immunotherapy, decongestions, and medications. Of all, allergen immunotherapy can be the most effective and safest. It targets the allergen causing your symptoms to help your immunity recognize the irritant and makes your body desensitized towards the trouble-causing species.

Whether mould, food, pet dander, or something else is responsible for your condition, your allergist can trace the source and treat your health.

Don’t wait for your allergies to worsen. Reach out to a dependable allergist in Singapore and get the test done today. Although there are many over-the-counter medications available, consulting an allergist can be wiser. Especially when you want quick relief from allergy symptoms that disrupt normal life, these professionals are the best people to go for. With their help, you are sure to get back on the track soon.

Frequently asked questions

Q. Are there other testing options for allergies?

A. Yes, there are also patch tests and oral food challenges that your doctor might consider depending on the symptom intensity and nature.

Q. How often should I visit an allergist?

A. You may need to consult a specialist if you experience any new or unusual allergy symptoms, or if you don’t respond to any treatment. It is wise to visit the allergist once a year and get your allergy tests done.

Q. Are allergy tests safe?

A. Yes, both blood and skin prick test are considered safe for adults, children, and even pregnant women in most cases. Allergy tests rarely cause any severe risks, though a few side effects such as redness or itchiness can be experienced. Always follow your doctor’s advice to remain safe from any unexpected complications.

Q. Will my allergy go away?

A. Unfortunately, there is no definite answer to this question. Allergies can’t be cured, so you may need to keep managing your symptoms for a long time. In some cases, the effects may reduce over time. It is best to consult with an allergist who can guide you in this situation. Being aware of allergies and their causes is essential if one wants to live a healthy and happy life. With timely tests and treatments, you can remain safe from allergies and their effects. If you are experiencing any allergy symptoms, be sure to contact a reliable allergist in Singapore today. They can provide the necessary tests and treatments for your condition and help you lead a normal life. Don’t let allergies overpower your life!


Allergies may be irritating and debilitating, but with the right tests and treatments, you can manage them well. Allergy testing is an important part of allergy management, so make sure to consult a trusted allergist in Singapore for it. With their help, you can identify the allergens that bother you and keep them away from your life!


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