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Don’t be fooled by the “Holiday” in “holiday gift.” Yes, it’s been a busy season, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a thoughtful present for your health-conscious friends. Here are some ideas:

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As the holiday season creeps ever-so-closer, there’s no better way to show what you’re made of than by giving the gift of health and wellness. If you have a friend, family member, or partner interested in their health and well-being, then helping to fund genetic testing for them can be one of the most thoughtful gifts you could give. Making sure your loved ones know their genetic makeup can help them make potentially life-altering decisions about their health (i.e., whether or not to take certain medications, avoid certain food, start an exercise program, etc.).

By providing them the code on a JGift from, they’ll receive a discount off their genetic testing kit when they order it at home. They don’t have to use your JGift immediately – it can sit in their pocket for a year or two if they want.

Bamboo sheets

Bamboo sheets are soft, comfortable, and sustainable. They’re also hypoallergenic, breathable, and resistant to dust mites. And they don’t need to be washed as often as cotton or other materials—just once a season (or if you do an extra load). Your friend who has allergies can enjoy their new sheets without worry!

Essential oil diffuser

A diffuser is an excellent gift for people who like to relax and de-stress. It can be used in the bedroom or bathroom to help you unwind after a long day. The oil of choice will depend on your friend’s interests, but lavender is usually pretty popular for general relaxation. Other options include peppermint or chamomile (both powerful natural anti-anxiety agents) if they’re more into that sort of thing than calming aromas from an essential oil diffuser!

Juice press

If your friend has a juicer they use to make juice, you can consider getting them a new one. It will be easier for them to make fresh juice at home and save money on fruit and vegetable purchases.

Himalayan salt lamp

Himalayan salt lamps are a great way to clean the air in your home. They’re inexpensive, easy to use, and can be used in any room of your house. They’re not expensive either—the average price is $20! So if you want to give someone something that will help them feel cleaner, healthier, and happier this holiday season, consider giving them a Himalayan salt lamp as an inexpensive gift.

Air purifier

An air purifier is an excellent gift for the people in your life who are particularly sensitive to dust, pollen, and other allergens. It will help cleanse their homes of harmful particles that can cause respiratory problems and make them feel more comfortable. Air purifiers also help you sleep better at night because they increase the oxygen level in your bedroom—which is vital if you have allergies or asthma!

Organic cotton lingerie

Organic cotton is grown without pesticides, herbicides, or genetically modified seeds—and it’s naturally resistant to pests like worms and moths. Organic cotton also grows faster than conventional varieties; therefore, organic cotton garments last longer than their synthetic counterparts (the average lifespan of an item of clothing averages around two years). In addition to being healthier for you, organic vs. non-organic underwear has many environmental benefits: it reduces energy usage by using fewer resources during manufacturing; uses less water during irrigation compared with crops grown conventionally; uses fewer fossil fuels in transporting raw materials across continents due to shorter shipping distances between countries where they’re produced (and thus lower carbon emissions).

Natural deodorant

As a health-conscious friend, you’re probably aware of the dangers of antiperspirants and how they can contribute to many health problems. You’ve also likely heard that natural deodorant is a much healthier option than antiperspirants. But what exactly is natural deodorants?

Natural deodorant is just that—it’s an alternative to regular antiperspirants that use essential oils instead of chemicals, so it’s not quite as harsh on your body. While many people swear by this product as an effective way to keep themselves fresh all day long, there are still some things you should consider before making the switch.

A fitness tracker

A health-oriented pal would highly appreciate the thoughtful gift of a fitness tracker. It serves as more than just a pedometer, providing insights into other physical activities such as jogging or strolling. Its water-resistance features also make it a perfect companion for aquatic pursuits, allowing users to take it with them for a dip in the pool or even into the shower.

A fitness tracker could serve as an essential tool for your friend aiming to conquer specific fitness objectives this year. It can function as a personal coach by tracking their progress and giving them a quantifiable measurement of their achievements. Let’s say, for instance, their ambitions are centered around weight loss or a decrease in body mass index (BMI). A built-in heart rate monitor could be instrumental, presenting them with a clear picture of their daily caloric expenditure, not only at work but also during any leisure activities that don’t necessarily involve racing about town!

A gift certificate to a local farm stand

A gift certificate to a local farm stand is always a great choice. Whether you live in the city or the country, local farms sell produce on the internet and at farmers’ markets. The best part? They’re usually cheaper than grocery stores and offer fresher products too!

A mesh laundry bag

If your friend is a health-conscious happy camper, she will love the gift of a mesh laundry bag. It’s easy to use and reduces the amount of detergent, chemicals in your clothes, and water you use.

A mesh laundry bag is great for anyone with many washable clothing or towels (or both!). The bags are thin enough that they can go through even the most potent washers without getting ripped apart—and because there are no rigid plastic handles or seams holding them together as traditional ones do, they don’t add any extra weight when packed away in storage either!

A personalized workout plan

A personalized workout plan is an excellent gift for a fitness-minded friend. It’s a gift that keeps on giving: you can personalize the program and keep track of your progress as you go, making the process more enjoyable and motivating. Your friend may even be able to use these plans to get fit before they travel or when they’re away from home.


If you’re looking for a gift that will be appreciated and used, look no further than these health-conscious products. Remember, your friends are always looking out for your best interests. Give them what they want, and let the holidays be a time of celebration and good cheer!

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