Five Consequences of an Untreated STI

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It goes without saying that no one wants to get a sexually transmitted infection (STI), but the difficulty with STIs is that they can be difficult to detect if there are no symptoms. That’s why routine testing is pivotal if you’ve been having unprotected sex. If an STI goes untreated, there can be a lot of consequences. From spread to symptoms to infertility, there are a lot of different things that can happen if one of these infections goes undetected without treatment. Below are five results of failing to treat an STI.


If a person who has contracted an STI doesn’t have any symptoms, continuing to have unprotected sex with other partners can spread the infection. This is, of course, how STIs become widespread. While AIDS is one of the most dangerous STIs out there, all of these infections can cause a lot of health problems and symptoms when they are transmitted to others. Of course, it depends on the person and the infection, but nothing good comes from spreading an STI. It’s a moral imperative that you get universal STI screening if you’re having unprotected sex.


While spreading an STI is never good, it’s often because the person is not experiencing symptoms. When a person is symptomatic, there are a lot of different ones to look out for. Depending on which STI you have contracted, there could be spots, warts, or abrasions on the genitals. Sex could be painful. There could be discharge from the penis or the vagina. Other signs that you have an STI are lower abdominal pain, a sore throat, and flu-like symptoms. The symptoms of STIs are varied and complex. Whether or not you have symptoms, it is imperative to get tested to be aware of anything you’ve contracted and to treat it right away.

Progression of the Infection

If you wait too long to get treated for an STI, there is a chance that it will progress. While herpes never goes away and you are forced to manage it for the rest of your life, it doesn’t progress the way syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, and HPV do. If you fail to recognize that you’ve been infected with one of these, it could lead to other health consequences. Since 75 percent of chlamydia cases are asymptomatic, it can be difficult to treat it before it begins to affect other parts of your body. HPV can even lead to cervical cancer.


An enormous consequence of an untreated STI is infertility. It may seem uncommon, but it affects many individuals. Nearly 24,000 women become infertile every year due to an untreated STI. It can be devastating news for many, but fertility options such as donor eggs or IVF treatment are available. Sometimes STIs go unnoticed, so It’s vital to stay on top of your sexual health by using condoms and getting tested frequently.

Long-term Health Problems

If you wait too long to be treated for certain STIs, there could be long-term health problems, even after you don’t have the infection anymore. Some of these complications include pelvic inflammatory disease, tubal or ectopic pregnancy, perinatal or congenital infections in infants, cervical cancer, and permanent infertility. While treatment is getting better all the time for STIs, it is still paramount to pay attention to your sexual health.

With so many consequences of untreated STIs, make sure to get tested frequently if you’re having unprotected sex. Using condoms is always a good idea. The complications of STIs are varied and harmful. However you look at it, stopping their spread, the progression of the infection, long-term health problems are pivotal. All the pain of symptoms and embarrassment can be avoided.

When you look at the possible results objectively, you won’t want to risk getting an STI anymore. While sex is great and unprotected sex feels better than it does with a condom, getting tested and being safe with a long-term partner can help you avoid STIs and do what you want to do. Condoms, of course, are the best idea when it comes to avoiding an STI. Get tested and if you have something, seek treatment immediately.

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