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There is nothing like getting out and connecting with nature and the outside world. Some people enjoy sports and outdoor walks, camping, and other activities. If that is what you want to do, the best thing you can do is go well prepared for any eventuality and thus have the best possible experience. The items on this list may seem basic, but for that very reason, many people overlook them and do not carry them with them. Here you will find several recommendations that will undoubtedly be useful to you.

A Bottle of Water and an Isotonic Drink

When it comes to outdoor sports, it is well known that many people widely practice them. And as in any other sport, following guidelines and recommendations is essential for good nutrition and hydration to have the best sports performance. But how do you know you are getting the hydration you need? Experts insist on the importance of understanding the specific needs of each athlete and the type of session to draw up a personalized plan.

You should pay attention to how you feel during the exercise. If you are tired, fatigued, and dizzy or have dry skin and mouth, you may not be hydrating enough and need to increase your fluid intake. Always carry a bottle of water with you whenever you go out to do an outside activity. There are a large number of bottles that are capable of keeping your water cold for hours and that are also very comfortable to carry. By having your water bottle and filling it before you go out, you will avoid spending more plastic and save money since you will not be buying a bottle of water every day.

And you can not only hydrate yourself by drinking water. When you exercise, you lose water and sodium, an essential mineral to keep your body healthy. That is why to maintain correct hydration levels, you must replace the energy and minerals lost with drinks made up of a solution of carbohydrates and electrolytes, such as soft drinks, fruit juices, and vegetables.


Are you one of those who only use facial sunscreen in summer? Although the radiation is more intense this time of year, your face is constantly exposed to sunlight. Therefore, you must always protect your skin, especially if you are going to do outdoor activities, since not doing so can have severe consequences for your health.

You cannot miss sunscreen for daily use in your facial care routine. With this product, you will protect your skin from UV rays every day. The dermis of the face is very thin, and with solar radiation, it becomes more fragile and vulnerable, besides the fact that sunlight contributes to the appearance of spots on the skin. Not only is it necessary to apply sunscreen before leaving home but also to carry a bottle of sunscreen in your backpack to be able to reapply it after hours. So this is another essential item you must take with you when you do outdoor activities.

First Aid Kit

We all know that unpredictable situations can occur when going into nature, and we must prepare for it. There is no perfect first-aid kit, but the best option is always to assemble yours according to your needs and the activity you are going to do. Also, consider the number of days you will be out, the number of people, the amount of weight you will be carrying, etc., to know what implements you should bring with you.

To start assembling your first-aid kit, start with the following rule: “If it is in the first-aid kit, it is because you know how to use it.” Not only can you build your first aid kit from scratch, but you can also buy a semi-equipped one and exchange products for others.

Another rule that will help you when you have to assemble your first-aid kit is to carry little weight. Perhaps it may seem absurd since the idea is to bring everything you need. But you will be able to achieve this if you only carry non-replaceable items in your first-aid kit. For example, a bandage can be replaced by making it with clothes, but analgesics, hydration salts, and thermal blankets are not replaceable. If you need to purchase splints or other products for your first aid kit, you can get them at Sam Medical.


You should always bring a compass when navigating trails or wilderness areas. A reliable compass and map can help hikers avoid getting lost. It can also help people navigate to new areas and learn their location. Compasses are lightweight, so they should never be left out of your supplies.

In most circumstances, you will not need to use a compass if you stick to preset trails. But in case of an emergency or a detour gone wrong, you will be glad you brought along this little directional aid! Learning to read a compass could end up saving your life and could prevent you from becoming one of the many hikers who get lost each year.

Power Bank

At a time when we are so dependent on electronic devices for personal use, it is necessary to have them charged and ready to use in the most varied contexts. Especially if you are going to have a good time hiking, taking a power bank with you will prevent you from being stranded in the middle of the forest since it will help you charge your phone even if you do not have an electrical outlet nearby.


Practicing outdoor activities provides a large number of benefits for the body and well-being. If you want to connect with nature by camping or hiking, you can take some helpful items like a bottle of water, a first aid kit, sunscreen, a power bank, and a compass. If you only take a walk or a yoga class, bring what you think is necessary. These are some of the essentials to keep you safe while enjoying nature.


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