Collagen supplement overdose – Is it ever possible to take excess collagen?

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Skincare treatments and solutions in Australia are reaching an all-time high! One of the reasons for it is the pandemic outbreak that has wrecked people’s immune systems, which has shown an adverse effect on one’s skin. While aging is an inevitable part of life, how you age is on you. Not everyone wants their skin to sag and appear lifeless as they age.

And it is here that people in Australia search for various means and ways to enhance their skin health and keep a youthful glow. One of the best ways to get this done is by consuming collagen daily, in the form of supplements and capsules, whichever suits your body and requirement.

No one hates a collagen supplement! The ideal quality collagen powders have many health advantages, and you can add them to myriad recipes. You can make it all, from great smoothies to lattes. You can check out the best collagen supplement Australia to know more about this

And considering that collagen supplement is simple to consume and use, you need to be sure about your daily dosage. It would help if you were careful about it, or there is a chance of overdoing it. But is that even possible? We will delve more into it in this article.

What is the amount of collagen that you must intake daily?

The research and the science associated with collagen peptides are emerging. And in case you have to consider the collagen amount you attain from any supplement, you must search for collagen grams every serving. Things need to be all on the label. You have to note that the numbers will keep on varying. And the choices can be anywhere right from about 40 milligrams to about 20 grams every serving.

However, it would help if you remembered that collagen is a protein in the body that reduces with age. The requirement of protein maximizes as and when the activity frequency of the person varies. Just in case you are ailing from any health condition, the daily needs for your protein needs to be more.

That means, when you focus on healthy adults, the quantities can range between 2.5 to about 10 grams daily and can be helpful for your skin health. About 15 to 20 grams daily can help in boosting muscle strength. About 2.5 to 5 grams every day can provide maximum joint support. You can get better bone support when you have as much as 5 grams of collagen.

Collagen is one highly safe protein source. Is it possible to consume excess collagen in one day?

Instead of vitamins and minerals, you will not find that collagen is available with any upper limit. Most research and study show that hydrolyzed collagen is very secure and can bring impressive outcomes.

Even though the standard norm is that collagen is highly safe, you must avert excess protein intake. But at times, a slight overdose might make you feel uneasy. You must refer to a medical professional and take the correct dose. Some of the symptoms of collagen overdose are:

You feel overly full

You will feel full beyond your average capacity when you consume collagen beyond the necessary measure. If you are on collagen and this is precisely what you think, make sure that you check with a doctor about the dose and manage yours accordingly. You may need to finish your regular meal courses, like breakfast, lunch and dinner.

An upset tummy

It is one of the most apparent signs of a collagen overdose and probably one of the safest, as the added collagen will drain out of the body. But if you have been suffering from this for more than seven days, you have to get in touch with a doctor and get the necessary tests done to ensure that there is no underlying cause for the same.

You feel nauseous

If you feel nauseous after consuming a collagen supplement, it could be that the supplement didn’t suit you or that you have had an overdose. Ideally, it must go away in a while, but if the feeling persists, you must get medical intervention.

Finally, the excess is never good, which applies to collagen supplements. Therefore, before starting the collagen journey, you need to get yourself checked by a doctor and get your recommended dose. Ensure that you stick to this dose and do it sparingly. And if ever you find any reactions in your body that you feel might be fallout of the collagen supplement consumption, you need to refer to a doctor and check it.

We strongly recommend that you get in touch with a medical professional and discuss all the pros and cons before you go ahead and pop a collagen supplement. It would help if you never consumed the supplement without consulting a medical practitioner.

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