How to Increase Your Mobility and Feel Better in Your Body

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Whether your mobility has suffered due to an unhealthy, sedentary lifestyle, an injury, or a medical condition, there are many ways to gain it back. It is easier to follow your daily goals and enjoy a good quality of life if you feel good in your body. Fighting off pain, stiffness, and discomfort is thus critical. 

Read on to learn how to increase your mobility and feel more in control of your body. 

Stay Active 

Mobility refers to the whole range of motion a person has within their body, and it is determined by joint and muscle health. Your mobility affects not just your health but also daily functioning. Unhealthy habits, poor posture, or heavy physical work can impact your mobility, making typical day-to-day activities challenging or inconvenient. 

The more time you spend in the same position, the more likely that some joints and muscles are overexerted while others are underutilized. Doing repetitive movements for long periods has the same effect. 

To avoid pain and stiffness, incorporate various physical activities in your daily or weekly schedule.  The more you move and the more diverse your range of motions, the better you will feel. Take the stairs instead of the elevator or sign up for dancing lessons. Try resistance training, Pilates, climbing, or yoga. Diversity is essential when it comes to physical activity. 

Staying active is the best way to maintain mobility in the whole body and avoid pain.

Consider Physical Therapy 

Can you move your entire body in a non-restrictive range without experiencing pain or discomfort? If the answer is no, your mobility problems are probably a bit more complex. 

Do you have poor posture and struggle with frequent back or neck pain? Do you feel a lingering dull pain after a specific type of movement? Do you experience sharp, acute pains when moving? Have you noticed physical changes like swelling on your body recently? If something is severely limiting your range of motion, consider physical therapy. 

Physiotherapy is the quickest and most effective way to solve mobility problems. Broadmead Physiotherapy can help you find the hidden strength of your body so you can achieve your everyday goals without pain or discomfort.  

Join a Sports Club  

A great way to get all the physical exercise you need and stay fit and flexible is to get into a sport. Playing sports can be a lot more rewarding than going to the gym alone or working out at home. Sports can help you improve your mobility, flexibility, and overall fitness, with many long-term gains. However, this advice is only valid if you don’t have severe mobility issues or injuries. 

Joining a sports team is very helpful if you struggle to find the motivation to stay active. In sports, motivation comes naturally. You are part of a group, and shared activities are intrinsically rewarding. You also get immediate feedback, and you can easily measure your achievements. Thus, there’s a continuous feedback loop that encourages you to keep going. 

Final Words 

If you don’t have good mobility, your body can gradually break down, and you will experience chronic pain and lingering discomfort. 

Use our tips to stay in the best possible shape.

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