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Picking a retirement home is one of life’s most important decisions. The right retirement community should make you feel safe, happy, and satisfied in this next chapter of your life. It should offer you the space you need to strengthen old relationships and develop new ones, enjoy your favorite hobbies, and learn new skills. It should also provide support systems that help you thrive in your journey forward.

Avoid communities that are run purely like businesses. Such places may put the bottom line ahead of their residents’ needs.

Instead, look for a place that takes a more balanced approach. Your best bet is to find a retirement community that’s run by people who care.

For example, All Seniors Care Living Centres is a family-owned and operated community that’s developed a reputation for providing high standards of care and service. They’re renowned for creating a compassionate, warm, and fully supportive environment. The demand for their residences is such that they offer several communities in multiple Canadian provinces.

When looking for a retirement community, ask the following questions:

#1 Do You Take Health and Safety Seriously?

You need to live in a safe and secure residence in order to age-in-place securely and peacefully. Look for a residence with:

  • An in-house physician and pharmacy with prescription delivery
  • Around-the-clock bilingual nursing staff
  • Emergency call system in all suites
  • Multiple daily safety checks
  • Cutting-edge sprinkler system
  • Smoke, carbon monoxide, and heat detectors
  • Hallways with grab rails, emergency pull-cords, and excellent lighting
  • Bathrooms with walk-in showers and grab rails
  • Security cameras
  • Special needs accessibility

In addition, a retirement facility must be proactive to protect residents from outbreaks of diseases. While the COVID-19 pandemic may be on its last legs, staff should still be vaccinated and equipped with the latest PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) when necessary.

Likewise, residents should also be encouraged to wear masks, wash hands, and maintain physical distance while still enjoying socializing.

Finally, the retirement community chef should be a culinary expert who can prepare tasty, nutritionally balanced meals every day that match specific dietary needs. For example, older adults with blood sugar challenges should consume delicious food for diabetics instead of food that may be harmful.

#2 What Are the Lease Terms?

Picking a retirement home that suits your life-plans is essential. If you only need temporary accommodation, avoid a residence that demands long-term leases. Instead, opt for a residence which has month-to-month lease options. The advantage of a short-term lease is that you can experience the community before making a long-term commitment.

#3 What Support Services Do You Offer?

Even if you don’t need extra support now, moving to a place with different support systems to age-in-place stress-free is a good idea. At a caring retirement residence, you should be able to live independently now and accept assisted living or memory care services if you need them in the future.

#4 What is the Location Like?

A conveniently located home is priceless. Search for a retirement home that’s close to local sights and sounds, such as stores, malls, banks, restaurants, pharmacies, churches, and hospitals.

In addition to these four questions, ask about the community. A retirement community where you can socialize with like-minded people, enjoy new activities, and learn new skills will quickly feel like home.

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