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A tickle in throat is a feeling of wanting to scratch or cough to relieve an itch in the throat. It can be annoying and constant especially if it is caused by allergy or cancer. Here are causes and how to get rid of a tickle in throat overnight.

What causes a constant tickle in throat?

What causes that tickle or scratch in throat that makes you cough constantly? Allergies, cancer, some foods, dehydration and too much singing can all cause that tickle. Some infections as well as post nasal drip can also make you feel like you have a tickle in your throat.

What causes a constant tickle in throat?
An itchy throat, also called a scratchy throat causes.

1.    Cancer

Throat cancer can lead to several symptoms, which is usually based on the exact body area or location of the cancer. Signs of the condition can be much nonspecific, and can also overlap together with the symptoms that emanates from several other, much less serious conditions. Alcohol and other factors may play a very crucial role in leading to throat cancer.

  • Infection that has got to do with human papillomavirus, is usually linked to an increased risk for the larynx cancer, often known as the voice box.
  • Cancer of the throat normally originates from the cells that cover the mucous membrane that are lining of the throat.
  • As the tumor increases in size, it then penetrates the mucous membrane as well as the muscle layers to the surrounding tissues.

Throat cancer symptoms are: a sore throat that does not disappear, hoarseness, ear pains, and possible lumps that may be found in the neck region.

Cancers that are above and also below the vocal cords also tend to spread very much quickly than the cancer of the voice box alone as there are many lymph vessels that are available in the areas, through which cancer cells are able to spread much quickly.

Among the smokers, if a person has a persistent cough and also phlegm production is common. Throat or even the lung cancer can be suspected to be problem in a smoker who has a chronic cough that changes very much abruptly or even sometimes lasts for a long period of time following smoking cessation, or if the people affected cough up blood or are noticing a change in voice.

Normally, chronic cough is able to be stopped by treatment of the underlying causative agent. In about 75 percent of the cases, the underlying reasons are normally things to do with postnasal drip, or asthma. If sinus disease is suspected, then the response to the medication might assist to find out the exact cause. Sometimes, there might be more than a single cause that requires a doctor’s attention.

2.    Asthma

Nasal allergies are able to trigger a type of a postnasal drip that emanates from the back of the nose, which can lead to an irritation that is located in the throat and a tickle in throat sensation. The allergy might be brought about by the mold, dust, or outdoor allergens, such as the ragweed, trees or even grass.

The best way to deal with tickle in throat is to take allergy treatments. There are many over the counter allergy medicines that can be found including Claritin, and also the diphenhydramine. Steroid nose drops are able to relieve the postnasal drip so that the tickle in throat can disappear. Talk to the doctor if you really want a prescription that is specific for the allergies.

3.    Allergies

Constant tickle in throat
A constant scratchy throat at night can be caused by an allergen.

Symptoms that are related to allergic rhinitis are able to develop within a few minutes or even hours after a person breathe in an allergen. The symptoms are also able to last for several days. Symptoms that normally start immediately as a person breathe in an allergen are:

  • Sneezing repeatedly, more especially after a person wakes up in the morning.
  • A very runny nose.
  • A tickle in throat or even coughing that is brought about by postnasal drip.
  • Watery and itchy eyes. This can be due to the allergic pinkeye.
  • Itchy ears, nose, as well as the throat.

Other signs that might take longer period of time to appear are:

  • A stuffy nose, that is with sniffing. This is the most common sign amongst the children.
  • Breathing through the mouth as the nose is blocked.
  • Rubbing of the nose. Children mostly tend to do this.
  • Eyes are very much sensitive to light.
  • Feeling tired, or moody.
  • Not sleeping very well.
  • A long-lasting cough.
  • Pressure in the ear or even having a very hard time hearing.
  • Discomfort or even the pain in face.
  • Dark circles under eyes (the allergic shiners).

Other conditions that have signs that are similar to allergic rhinitis are upper respiratory infections, nasal defects, as well as the inflammation not brought about by an allergen (no allergic rhinitis).

An itchy throat is one of the most bothersome. Finding a better relief is able to make a person to look for a perfect medication for a longer period of time.

Some are only able to find relief when they are eating, but that’s clearly not the best method that is applied as a person is not able to eat all the time. The over-the-counter allergy medications might be able to work for some other people, but not all the people.

Annoying, persistent dry tickle in throat

One in five of the people have experienced a very persistent cough that normally doesn’t have a very serious cause but might be much exhausting – more especially if it hinders people from sleeping. A cough may be brought about by irritation of the airways that are anywhere from the throat to the bottom of the lungs.

  • Doctors describe a persistent cough as a cough that is lasting for more than two months.
  • Three to about seven weeks is described as ‘sub-acute’ and less than four weeks is described as ‘acute’.
  • The period of time that the cough lasts is very much vital as the chronic coughs normally have different causes to others.
  • Coughs that is lasting less than four weeks are normally brought about by viruses, and self-help remedies from over the counter will assist you through the coughs.

Dry persistent tickley that’s much worse during the night time might be acid reflux that is coming up and thus irritating the pharynx therefore making an individual to cough. No cough syrups will assist in that

Chronic tickle in back of throat at night

Having a tickle in throat might be at times very much irritating as well as too uncomfortable, more especially if happens during nighttime while you are trying to sleep.

When you experience a cough that has a tickle in the throat, it is mostly brought about by the throat dryness, but it might also be availability due to having a cold, allergy or an infection that needs treatment.

A tickle in throat causes a nagging cough that seems to happen only at night, interfering with sleep as well as leaving a person very much irritable the following day.

How to get rid of a tickle in your throat

Salt water remedy for a tickle in throat
Home remedies for an itchy throat.

Follow the following tips on how to stop tickle in throat

  • To obtain a very effective tickle in throat remedy, try to mix the juice of a very large lemon together with a teaspoon of honey. Add both of the ingredients in a cup that contains warm water. Sip the mixture slowly, thus allowing the mixture to pass through the throat with a lot of ease. As you sip, you will be able to feel the prickly sensation trying to soothe itself.
  • Gargle the mouth by use of a mixture of warm water and also sea salt. Sea salt is very much organic and contains several therapeutic properties. Gargling using warm water and the sea salt is able to assist to soothe the throat and also assist to provide some relief to the dryness that leads to the itching in the throat.
  • Tickling in the throat might also be because of the growth of bacteria or even inflammation of the larynx. Gargling using warm water and also the sea salt can be able to assist in this case also, as sea salt is a very natural bactericide. It also contains antiseptic properties as well as promoting of healing in the throat. This is supposed to assist to soothe the inflammation and thus, curb the itching.
  • Rehydrating the throat might be very effective as a tickle in throat that has cough remedy. When it comes to the issue of tickle in throat, the most common reason behind this is dryness; hence, rehydrating is a better way to solve the problem. When a person drinks a lot of water, then you can keep the throat much hydrated and may also stop any itching.
  • Consume a large amount of vitamin C. This vitamin is able to allow for the repair of tissues and also boosting of immunity. If a person has a sore throat and also the infection, vitamin C is able to assist so that the person is able to convalesce faster. Vitamin C is normally found naturally in the citrus fruits. If you also want, you may also take a large amount of vitamin C supplements. Pure vitamin C syrup can also be found commercially. We also recommend a Vitamin C powder (Check price on Amazon)

Vinegar water

To a glass that is full of warm water, add a few number of tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. This vinegar is organic and is also able to assist an individual to keep the throat moist. It is equally said to be a bactericide and also a fungicide.

It is able to assist in the treatment of any infections in the throat that can be leading to the itching and also tickle in throat. You can alas well so gargle using warm water and the apple cider vinegar. The steam as well as the vinegar contains the healing properties and thus able to make the sore throat to be better.

See a doctor

If you experience a tickle in throat especially occurring at the back of throat, it might be due to an allergy. Visit the doctor urgently if you feel that the glands are very much swollen. The doctor can give you a checkup and thus find out if there is anything wrong.

If the doctor prescribes any medicine, it is better to make use of them. A tickle in throat that is accompanied with a cough and the allergies are at times very much inter-related.

Warm water remedy

  • If you experience a tickle in throat at night, try and take a glass especially of warm water before sleeping. To keep the throat very much moist, you might also opt to have a humidifier in the room. This can assist you to get a better sleep.
  • A tickle in throat leads to an irritation and thus, the sooner it disappears, the better. Dilute a full glass aloe vera juice with warm water and then gargle the concoction. You might also be able to drink the concoction in case you are experiencing inflamed bronchitis.
  • Chamomile teas are very much excellent for the throat. For a tickle in throat as well as coughing, the herbal teas can do well. Drink herbal tea at least twice a day. Some of the herbal teas that can assist also are ginger and lemongrass teas.
  • There is no particular reason that may lead to a tickle in throat. Dryness of the throat is the most likely cause of a tickle in throat. Another cause might be due to cold or even inflammation of the throat. If you experience a tickle in throat post a nasal drip, then it might be an infection. Treating of the infection can assist the condition also.
  • It is also very possible to experience a very much persistent tickle in throat. In that condition, a cup that is full of warm water together with a teaspoon of ground cayenne pepper and also the apple cider vinegar should assist.
  • The best tickle in throat remedy is to have rest. If it is the case of overusing the vocal chords, giving them rest might also assist them to relax and therefore not to strain. At times, the over use of vocal chords may lead to the sensation of the cracking as well as tickling inside.

How to relieve an itchy throat fast

  1. Drink Lemon and Honey Tea

Add a teaspoon that is full of honey and the juice of lemon to a cup that is full of warm water. Sip this drink slowly to assist soothe the throat and thus do away with the tickle in throat cough.

  1. Gargle with Sea Salt Water

Add sea salt to a glass that is full of warm water and then gargle. Gargling using sea salt water is also able to relieve the dryness as well as the itching in the throat. If the tickle in the throat is due to an infection, then the mixture can much help reduce pain and also inflammation because of the antiseptic properties that is found in the sea salt.

  1. Use Apple Cider Vinegar

Add about three tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to a glass that is full of warm water. This vinegar assists in treatment of the throat infections and thus keeping the throat from drying. Apple cider vinegar and water may be gargled so as to relieve a tickle in throat. Adding cayenne pepper to the mixture is also able to provide relief of the condition.

  1. Drink Warm Water

Since a tickle in throat is normally brought about by dryness, more especially when it is together with a cough, rehydrating using a drink that has warm water might be very much effective. Drinking plenty of water is able to keep an individual hydrated and assist to prevent itching in throat. Drinking a full glass of warm water just before going to sleep is a better way to do away with a tickle in throat especially at night.

  1. Drink Aloe Vera Juice

Add some amount of aloe vera juice to a glass full of warm water. Drinking the mixture can reduce such an inflammation of airways, soothe a dry throat, and also assist to treating of the bronchitis.

  1. Drink Ginger Tea

Drinking a cup that is full of warm ginger tea just before bed is also an effective way to do away with a tickle in throat mostly at night. It contains soothing properties that can assist to relieve a cough.

  1. Drink Milk

Taking a glass of milk is a sure way that can be used to hydrate the throat due to its thick consistency. Hydrating of the throat can assist a person be relieved of the tickling sensation, and irritation. To make it even more effective, try warming the milk, adding a bit of honey.

  1. Keep Your Head Elevated

Keeping of the head much elevated while you are in bed can be able to reduce a tickle in throat and also a cough at night. During the day, the mucus as well as the postnasal drip is then swallowed. When you thus lie down, it then tends to back up and lead to the throat irritation causing a tickle in throat and also a cough. By keeping the head up while lying, the backup can then be avoided.

  1. Keep Bedding Clean

Keeping the bedding clean is also able to dust the mites that eat flakes of the dead skin, and normally lead to allergies. Clean the bedding always to keep the mites away. Wrapping of the pillows as well as the mattress in plastic especially during the day is very effective in reducing an allergic reaction because of the dust mites.

  1. Add Humidity into the Air

As throat dryness normally leads to a cough and a tickle in throat, adding some level of humidity to the air might also assist. Try taking a very steamy bath or even a shower at bedtime for a few minutes. Be very much careful if you have the asthma as the steam can make your cough to worsen.

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