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Early Symptoms of Pink Eye

Early Symptoms of Pink Eye: Everything you Need to Know

It is late at night, and you can hardly sleep. You are yet to figure out what wrong with your

Home remedies for eye infection

Home remedies for eye infection – complete list with instructions

Eye infections are a common occurrence especially, during seasonal changes. As the weather gets drier and colder, so does the


Eyebrows Twitching – Meaning, Causes, How to Stop and Home Remedies

What is eyebrow twitching? Eyebrow twitching is a movement disorder of involuntary, fine, continuous, undulating, non-synchronous contractions of eyebrow muscles

Left eye twitching or jumping

Left Eye Jumping Meaning, Causes and Superstitions of Left Eye Twitching

Why is my left eye jumping? What does it mean when your eye jumps? Eye jumping or spasms are very

Sore eyeball to touch

Sore Eyeball to Touch, Pain, Feels Bruised, Headache

Sore eyeballs can be disturbing. This post will act as a guide to help you learn what causes sore eyeballs