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As someone who has extremely oily skin, I have tried and tested almost every method there is. Every food, every skincare product, and every crazy hack that TikTok recommends to me. However, only a few have really worked for me. So, today I wanted to round up my top 5 hacks to make your skin less oily in 2023. 

Why Does My Skin Get Oily?

Well put simply, oily skin can be for a number of reasons. The most common of which include:

  • Stress
  • Genetics 
  • Hormones 
  • Humidity 
  • Diet

The skin overproduces sebum from sebaceous glands in the face, which are located beneath the surface of the skin. Whilst oily skin is nothing serious or to worry about, it can be a point of insecurity for some. Excess oil on the face can lead to a greasy/shiny appearance and even become the cause of acne and spots.

Hormone imbalances are one of the most common causes of oily skin. Getting female hormone testing can help you understand if your acne and oily skin are due to any imbalances of this sort. If you are a man, you can also benefit from hormone testing, as men can also suffer hormonal imbalances.

How Can I Make My Skin Less Oily?

There are many methods, both natural and man-made, that can help with the prevention and reduction of excess oil on the face. Here are my top 5 favourite picks.

1. Niacinamide 

A while ago, I didn’t understand serums and acids for the face as I didn’t know what I was doing with them. In fact, the thought of putting an ACID on my face was quite scary. However, when I looked further into the properties of Niacinamide, I was amazed. Niacinamide is a form of vitamin B3, which is proven to reduce oily production as well as:

  • Minimising the appearance of pores
  • Improve uneven skin tones
  • Soften fine lines and wrinkles 
  • Diminish dullness

Once I had used a combined Niacinamide and Zinc serum for just a month, I was already noticing a significant improvement in my oil production. I applied the combined serum morning and night, on clean skin. When I woke up, my skin wasn’t as greasy. By 2pm, when I’d be at my desk usually seeping facial oil, I wasn’t as greasy. 

Truly, I put it down to Niacinamide and its incredible skin-healing properties. 

2. Blot, Blot, Blot 

A little early afternoon ritual that I have adopted is blotting. I like to use jasmine and rice paper blotting sheets to absorb the excess oil and shine from my face. However, I saw a TikTok not long ago that showed somebody taking toilet rolls and using them to blot.

This is a genius idea, and one that certainly is more economical than blotting sheets. You simply take a sheet on 2 ply toilet roll, split the sheets apart into 2, and you have your own DIY blotting papers to help absorb all of that oil. 

3. Cut Back on the Booze 

Suprisingly, the amount of alcohol you consume can be a cause of excess oil. Alcohol can damage the blood vessels, causing the oil glands to enlarge. This will give your skin that greasy shine. Therefore, those suffering with oily skin would do well to cut back on their alcohol consumption. 

4. Clay Mask

It’s no secret that clay masks are good for the skin. They are a skin food of sorts, and clay masks are the best mask possible for treating oily skin. The clay absorbs the oil from the skin’s surface, and removes any other debris and dirt. 

Interestingly, clay masks with parsley powder are known to be great for oily skin. This is because the contain a diverse range of vitamins and minerals, perfect for managing excess oil.

5. Switch up Your Diet

The American Academy of Dermatology recommends making dietary changes to help combat excess grease.

Therefore, they recommend that people should consume low-glycemic foods. But what are low-glycemic foods? Here are some of the most important ones that can be easily incorporated into your diet:

  • Fresh fruit 
  • Fresh vegetables
  • Pulses and legumes
  • Whole grain oats and cereals 

These are fairly easy to incorporate into your diet, and can be included into some very yummy dishes.

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