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Are red freckles on redheads only?

There is a connection between red hair and red freckles. Freckles can be defined simply flecks forming due to concentration of melanin.

 Science explains that the link between red hair and freckles is the gene causing them.

The gene is referred to as MC1R. The role of this gene is actually to produce the MCIR protein. This is the protein responsible for hair and skin pigments distribution.

People who have red hair and freckles are known to have more pheomelanin compared to people who have non freckled skin and other hair colors.

The explanation for this is in accordance with the working of MCIR gene. It either changes pheomelanin to eumelanin or results to an otherwise build up of pheomelanin.

Hair color and eye color are both determined by genes that vary from parent to parent.

A child inherits genes from the parents. Versions of the same gene from the parents are likely to cause red hair and red freckles.

You must understand how the MC1R gene works for you to understand how red hair relates to freckles.

  • MC1R manages the skin pigmentation.
  • The two main pigments that control the skin color are pheomelanin and eumelanin.
  • It is very difficult to find people with the pigment eumelanin. This is because, in most cases, pheomelanin to eumelanin; the chemical which determines other hair colors apart from red.

When conversion of pheomelanin to eumelanin is not effective, the result is formation of red freckles and red hair. Further explained, freckles are caused by melanocytes being unequally spread.

People who have melanocytes appearing in clusters end up with freckles. Freckles are actually spots of different color. Bunching up of melanocytes leads to formation of freckles. This is following the constellations of melanin produced by the sun.

Clumping together of melanocytes can be caused by the gene MCIR. That explains why, when a person has damaged MC1R cells, they are likely to get red hair and red freckles.

It is however important to note that it is possible to get red hair and no freckles or freckles but no red hair. This happens when a person has two gene copies; a different one from the mother and another from the father.

In such a case, breaking of one gene may result to clumping of melanocytes but the pheomelanin may not be in excess. It is only when both genes are broken that a person gets red hair with red freckles.

Red freckles and green eyes

There seems to be a relation between red freckles and green eyes. Red freckles are connected with red hair. All this color pigmentations are determined by melanin.

  • Green eyes are very rare and the shades vary from light green to dark green depending on the amount of melanin contained in the iris.
  • The red gene, that is, red hair and red freckles is commonly found in Scotland. Similarly, there is a high number of people with green eyes in Scotland. The red gene is associated with the cloudy weather in Scotland.
  • Green eyes are considered very beautiful and there are people who go to an extent of changing their eyes to green. Red freckles are genetic and so are green eyes.

Tiny red freckles on skin, face and arms

You may realize some small red freckles on your skin. They may appear on your face and arms. In most cases, these spots are neither painful nor itchy.

They are therefore nothing too major to worry about. You should get rid of them only if their appearance makes you uncomfortable, otherwise just let them be.

  • These red freckles are in most cases caused by; leaking of the blood capillaries or internal bleeding.
  • Sometimes, these spots appear on your skin and you may wonder if it is an allergic reaction. Some people even confuse these red freckles for skin cancer.
  • You notice that the freckles at times appear in clusters on your skin. Even after touching, no irritation is caused on these red freckles. They are not itchy and they maintain their color even when touched. Petechia is the scientific name given to these small red freckles on the skin.

The tiny red freckles on the skin can be associated with a number of causes.

  1. One of the causes is an allergic reaction. Allergic purpura could be why you are having the freckles on your skin. This is a skin condition where is bleeding of the skin, what is commonly referred to as hemorrhagic disease.
  2. The other reason that can explain the tiny red spots all over your skin is malnutrition. It is possible that you are not taking the essential foods needed to keep your ski healthy. The deficiency of vitamins such as vitamin K, C, B, B12 and foliate are part of why you have red freckles on your skin. In case you notice appearance of the red freckles, you will need to switch to balanced diet so that you ensure it is not malnutrition that is causing the bloody spots on your skin.Red Freckles on Face
  3. Apart from that, if you strain for long, the body is likely to react by formation of red freckles on your skin. Straining could be due to heavy weight lifting, or during child birth. The red freckles are also likely to form in case you get burns or injuries. Certain traumas cause petechaie on the face. For instance, injuries from a car crush could lead to formation of red spots or freckles all over your skin.
  4. Reaction to some medications is also known to be one of the reasons red freckles appear on your skin. Such medications that cause reactions with the skin through formation of red freckles include; aspirin, quinine, and chlorothiazide.

How to remove small red freckles on your faces

Some people are not comfortable with the red freckles on their face.  You may want to treat the freckles.  There various solutions to your problems. Among the possible treatments are;

  • Bleaching creams
  • Tretinoin creams
  • Cryosurgery
  • Light therapy
  • Chemical peels
  • Laser treatments

However, the only time you should go for such options to treat your freckles is only when home natural remedies do not work for you.

Natural Remedies

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is one of the major treatments of red freckles.  It is known for skin regeneration.  You are advised to rub fresh aloe Vera juice on your face. This can be done two times in a day for effective results.

After one month of daily use of fresh aloe Vera juice on your face, you will realize that the red freckles begin top disappear and you get an even facial tone.

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Honey can be used to reduce the appearance of the red freckles on your face. This is because honey is known to have bleaching properties.

With use of honey, production of excess melanin is kept under control. For effective results, the following procedure is considered useful when applying honey on your face;

  • Heat a mixture of water honey (both in an amount of equal ratio) until it is warm and well mixed up.
  • Apply the heated mixture on the freckles then allow them to dry.
  • After a short while, rinse it off. Warm water is considered the best when rinsing your face. This should be done each day before going to bed.

Note that, you could use a mixture of warm honey and wheat germ then follow the same procedure. The only difference is that, after using warm water to rinse your face, you must splash the area with freckles with some cold water. A mixture of honey and yoghurt also gives the desirable results.

Castor Oil

Castor oil has also been used by several people to get rid of freckles on their face. Castor oil has nutrients that are essential for healthy skin. With use of castor oil, the red freckles fade away since it normalizes skin pigmentation. Note that odorless castor oil is most preferable.

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Below is a guiding procedure on how to apply castor oil on your face;

  • Before going to bed, apply some castor oil on the freckles.
  • Allow the castor oil to stay on your face overnight.
  • Using a soft tissue, wipe off the castor oil once you wake up.
  • Rinse your face with some warm water. This procedure should be repeated daily for quick and effective results.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice has been tested for treatment of freckles

Lemon juice has a bleaching agent just like honey. Lemon juice has been tested for treatment of freckles and the results were perfect.  Citric acid in lemon juice actually acts as the bleaching agent.  Been a natural bleaching juice, it lightens the freckles which eventually disappear. Yo can follow the following procedure when applying lemon juice on your face;

  • Make a mixture of fresh lemon juice with yoghurt.
  • Apply it gently while rubbing on the affected area of your face.
  • Let the mixture you have applied dry and then using cold water, rinse it off. Repeat the procedure for about two months in order to attain the best possible results.

You could use a pinch of salt in place of yoghurt.  To the mixture of salt and lemon juice, you could also include a table spoon of honey.

That mixture is so healthy and it could be one perfect way to attain the desired results in the shortest possible time.

Butter Milk

Butter milk is yet another product that will give you back a flawless face. Lactic acid is a content of butter milk and it is responsible for the gentle peeling off of the skin without irritation.

Lactic acid when used on your face gets rid of the freckles in about a month’s time and it gives your face a smooth and radiant appearance. The procedure of applying butter milk on your face is as follows;

  • Take a cotton ball and dip it in the buttermilk.
  • Use the cotton ball to rub all through your face, especially the areas with freckles.
  • Allow the butter milk to be in contact with the freckles for about ten minutes.
  • Rinse with warm water. You should repeat the process twice a day for about a month.

You could also make a mixture of powdered oat meal and the butter milk to improve the results. The procedure of applying the mixture formed is the same as that of using just butter milk.

The only difference is that the paste is allowed on the face fir thirty minutes before rinsing.


Strawberries, like lemon juice have a bleaching agent that helps in fading away the freckles on your face. Strawberries contain citric acid which serves as the bleaching agent.

An added advantage that qualifies straw berries for use on your face is the presence of antioxidants which fight any free radicals. The antioxidants therefore nourish your skin. The process is as follows;

Take about three strawberries and mash them. This is in order to make a paste.  You could add honey so that the mixture thickens.

Apply the mixture on your freckled face.

Leave it for ten minutes and using warm water, rinse it off. Repeat the procedure for about three weeks.

By the third week of daily use of the paste, you will observe fading away of the freckles. Black berries or cranberries can be used in place of strawberries.


Cucumber is not only meant to make your delicious meals but it can also be used to treat freckles on your face.  Cucumbers contain vitamin K, A  and C. These vitamins fight free radicals that are likely to cause damage of the skin.

Cucumbers also help maintain an even skin tone by helping bleach away the freckles on your face. They are used on the face following the procedure below;

  • Cut the cucumber into medium size pieces.
  • In a blender, puree them.
  • Use a cheese cloth to extract juice from the puree.
  • Take one teaspoon of cucumber and mix it with two teaspoons water.
  • On the freckled face, apply this mixture.
  • Allow the mixture to stay on the face for about twenty five minutes then wash it off with cool water. This should be done two or three times in a day for quick results.


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