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Best chin strap to prevent snoring

If you have been around people who snore or you do experience snoring, then you understand that snoring is not just for old guys. When you sleep next to someone who is snoring, you are often tempted to strangle them in their sleep because it can be pretty annoying.

Snoring is often triggered when the mouth falls open during sleep. The good news is that today there are ways to enjoy a good night’s sleep without the irritating snoring sound.

This has been made possible by devices known as snoring chin straps. These straps are usually made from a flexible fabric or a neoprene type material that you can place under your chin and wrap over your head.

The straps support your chin and ideally keep your mouth closed while you sleep. In simple terms, a chin strap works by supporting your chin as you sleep.

There are different kinds of chin straps, but the only difference comes in the form of designs. Otherwise, they are very similar in how they work. One chin strap is different from another primarily because of its ability to adjust to fit your head and face to maximize your comfort.

With the many chin strap brands available in the market today, you need to look for what is most suitable for you.

Our best snoring chin straps available today:

1. SnoreShield Aid

snoreshield anti snore chin strap

SnoreShield Aid chin strap is one of the most fantastic chin straps in the market, especially when it comes to its effectiveness in stopping snoring. The chin strap is designed in a way that ensures you don’t snore at all. Ideal for proper rest and a good night sleep.

Besides stopping snoring, it is one of the lightest chin straps at only 0.3 ounces. As a result, it is easy to wear and carry around with you in case you are traveling. The chin strap holds your jaw in place to stop snoring more efficiently.

The SnoreShield Aid comes at a reasonable price which is considering that it helps you to wake up feeling energized and refreshed. It is also mentioned as very comfortable and non-itchy


  • Patented anti-snoring design.
  • It holds your jaw in a perfect position to keep you from snoring.
  • It is made of the best jaw strap on the market and is clinically proven to increase REM sleep in users
  • Helps you to breathe deeply and clearly while you sleep
  • Prevents your mouth from drying up by keeping your mouth closed while you sleep
  • Comes with an adjustable strap which is very comfortable to wear
  • Highly efficient
  • Lightweight
  • Due to its adjustability, it can fit any head size
  • It is made of a soft fabric that is not harsh on your face
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Enhances the overall health of an individual


  • It can get loose during the night as it can fail to be strong enough to hold your mouth closed
  • The color of the chin strap can stain your pillow even when you use a machine to wash it. Machine washing can also damage the product
  • It comes with a strong smell which can be uncomfortable for people with sensitivity to strong smells
  • It cannot be used as a replacement for CPAP thus should be used in collaboration with CPAP

2. SnoreQuiet Anti Snoring Chin Strap

SnoreQuiet Anti Snoring Chin Strap

The SnoreQuiet Anti Snoring Chin Strap was liked by many of our readers and for a good reason. This snoring stop strap has received great reviews because of how it cups perfectly in the chin during sleeping, and it prevents snoring the first time around.

It uses jaw alignment technology to improve REM sleep. The chin area is 3″ wide by 5″ long, but it’s also quite flexible. The strap is very comfortable, as it fits well to the head.

It comes in one color, but in case of stop snoring straps, the color is usually a less important factor.


  • Effective in stopping snoring
  • Made of durable and quality material
  • It has easy to adjust straps
  • It is relatively cheap as compared to other chin straps
  • It is made with comfortable materials which don’t irritate your face
  • A 30-day return policy


  • A little pricey than the other chin straps but it is worth it
  • It comes in only one color

3. SnoreDoc Chin Strap

SnoreDoc Chin Strap

Getting enough sleep actually matters. There are different phases of sleep that you go through the night. In every stage, something different happens, but your brain remains in an active state. But the quantity of sleep is not enough without quality.

Your total sleep and how much of the various stages of sleep you receive each night determine how well-rested you are and how well you function the next day. This is why you should like the SnoreDoc chin strap.

The SnoreDoc Adjustable Anti-Snoring chin strap ensures that you get a good night rest by stopping your snoring. At only 0.8 ounces, this chin strap is among the light straps in the market.

Besides being comfortable to wear, it is straightforward to carry even when traveling. The design is such that it holds the jaw in a position to stop snoring effectively. If you are having snoring problems, then this chin strap may be just for you.


  • Clinically proven to boost REM sleep phase
  • It is designed with technology that creates optimal jaw position
  • Easy to use
  • The chin strap is adjustable for any head size
  • It is highly efficient and comfortable to wear
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Made of a soft fabric that does not irritate your face
  • It effectively stops snoring
  • Helps you to breathe deeply and clearly while you sleep
  • Non-evasive and stops snoring naturally


  • It is most helpful for mouth snorers and not for those who snore through their nose
  • It comes with a strong smell that may be irritable to people with sensitive to string scents
  • The size may be too big for small children

4. Respironics Premium

Respironics Premium Chin Strap

This chin strap by PR was manufactured with the sleep needs of individuals who snore in mind; thus, they designed this unique chin strap to help improve the overall quality of sleep.

The chin strap is designed to ensure that your jaw is closed so that you stop snoring at night. A special Vertical Design supports a vertical angle of force on the chin. It comes with straps that hold preventing it from coming off at night as you turn from side to side.

The fabric is very similar to neoprene. You can adjust the straps to ensure it fits snugly. Since it is only 1.6 pounds, you can carry it with you as you travel.


  • Jaw alignment technology to prevent snoring
  • The strap adjustment ensures that it fits very snugly
  • Lightweight and can be carried along as you travel
  • It can be used with or without CPAP device
  • Less restrictive and allows more movement and fewer sleep interruptions
  • It is made from a material that is not technically neoprene which makes it ideal for people with neoprene rubber allergies


  • It should not be used on children who don’t snore but keep their mouth open all the time
  • Only works great for mouth snorers and not nose snorers
  • It only comes in one color

5. Silencio Snore Stopper

Silencio Snore Stopper

The Silencio snore stopper is probably the best chin strap for snoring available today. The stopper comes with two adjustable straps that keep it from slipping around. You are going to need a chin strap that does not move around when you turn from side to side.

One strap is for the head and the other for the neck. Besides, the Silencio chin strap is designed in a way to reduce airway obstructions that contribute to snoring.

Silencio chin straps are made from solid and durable material that will last. The high elasticity of the material ensures that you not only get good rest, but you also enjoy your rest for a long time.


  • Retains the quality even after a wash
  • Both men and women can use it
  • It guarantees you of satisfaction
  • Superior triangular design
  • It is designed to include a chin hollow and neck strap. The reason for this is to as keep it strapped to your face all night so that it doesn’t come off.
  • Made of tough and durable material that will last
  • It is user friendly and very comfortable as it does not irritate your face or disturb you at night
  • It is adjustable
  • 3-month warranty
  • Neoprene fabric which comes in double back-and-forth sewing which makes it solid and with a fixed fit


  • The stopper works best for mouth snorers rather, and it is not ideal for snoring coming from the nose
  • The chin straps do not help with nasal congestion or sleep apnea
  • For you to get the perfect fit, it will take some time and tweaking of the adjustable straps. You need to be put in some effort and be patient.
  • It comes only in one color, black
  • The neoprene material has a strong smell which can irritate those with sensitivity to strong scents

6. Deluxe Wide CPAP Strap

Deluxe Wide CPAP Snoring Strap

The Deluxe Wide CPAP strap is designed is such a way that it gently holds your jaw and a respiratory mask in place. It gives you quality sleep even though your face is encased in breathing support equipment.

When you sleep without a jaw supporter, the soft tissue at the back of the throat collapses, thus causing a partial blockage of the passageway. As a result, air passing through the restricted airway causes vibrations.

The jaw supporter is designed to support the lower jaw during sleep time, which keeps the airway open and unrestricted, effectively eliminating vibrations.

In its design, it wraps around your head and is secured by two separate elastic bands. These bands provide extra stability and comfort.


  • It is made from stretchy and breathable material
  • Helps to keep your mouth from drying out
  • Washable by hand with a mild detergent
  • It comes with extra support straps which is helpful in case your straps lose their flexibility
  • Lightweight and can be carried with you as you travel
  • Very durable


  • Only one color
  • It can fail to adjust for someone with a really small head
  • Not all purchased products come with the instructions manual which can prove difficult to use for a first time user
  • It can cause sleep interruptions for some users
  • It cannot be used as a replacement for CPAP devices. Thus it needs to be used with the CPAP devices

Final words

Chin straps are amazing devices. However, they are mainly designed for people who snore mostly through the mouth, so for those who snore through the nose, they may not be the best fit. Also, it is difficult to use the chin strap if you have a cold or blocked nasal passage. But you can decide to use the straps along with other snoring devices like CPAP and BIPAP devices.

The good thing with chin straps is that they are made from reliable material, which can last up to 2 years. So try one of these chin straps for two years and observe any changes in the quality of your sleep. If they work, then get a new pair.

The research into the effectiveness of chin straps in stopping snoring is still inconclusive, and there are no side effects, yet that can be attributed to using chin straps.

If you find yourself in a fix and snoring has become a challenge for you or your partner, then you should consider using any among the top best chin straps we have reviewed. They may not completely solve the problem, but they will go a long way in helping you improve the quality of your sleep.

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