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Covid 19 pandemic, which emerged in 2019, has caused more people to focus on their health. Studies show that the pandemic has led to people questioning the strength of their immune systems and their vulnerabilities to diseases. This has led to more people reevaluating their diets in a bid to improve their health.

The pandemic has also sparked interest in the pharmaceutical industry and attention to hygiene. The good thing is that the growing interest in medicine and health has been timely as now more than ever, there are tons of resources that people can use to learn about medicine and health. Amazon Prime has a wide array of documentaries linked to health, medicine, and the pharmaceutical industry.

Amazon Prime shows linked to medicine and health

Even if you don’t have a 4K HDR TV, you can stream Amazon shows and documentaries on your TV. A Firestick VPN is a worthy investment, especially when you want to access all the channels and shows on Amazon. Remember that some content is geo-blocked, and using the firestick VPN can help you bypass this and access whichever shows you want.

Here are mind-blowing Amazon Prime shows linked to medicine and health you can watch from the comfort of your home.

1. The Invisible Vegan

The 1 hour and 24 minutes long show was released in 2019. The show explores dietary issues among the African-American community. The show addresses the unhealthy dietary patterns practiced in the community by showing how vegan diets can support health and wellness.

The show stars Cedric the Entertainer, Jasmine Leyva, and John Salley. It is ideal for anyone who wants to learn how dietary and lifestyle choices can affect their wellness and health.

2. Why Are We Fat?

Why Are We Fat documentary was released in 2018, and it runs for 44 minutes. Globally, there are more people who are obese compared to those who are overweight. The show couldn’t have been released at a better time. The documentary’s primary focus is on the reasons behind obesity.

It showcases evidence on the science behind this health crisis and what can be done to address it. The show is presented by Chef Simon Gault, who also has diabetes. He talks to experts to unfold the problem while in the process of mitigating his own health challenges.

The show is made for people looking to lose weight and are interested in understanding how obesity comes along and how they can maintain a healthy weight.

3. Food as Medicine

Food as Medicine was released in 2016. The documentary shows how the focus has shifted to using food to heal diseases and improve quality of life. The film showcases how, just like pharmacy, food can be used to address most of the health issues that society is facing today.

The show stars Sarah Ballantyne PhD, Terry Wahls MD, and Mickey Trescott NTP. The film is made for people living with chronic illnesses and people with a special interest in diseases. It offers an opportunity for them to learn how these diseases can be cured using food.

4. Cholesterol, The Great Bluff

Cholesterol, The Great Bluff was released in 2018. Contrary to what has been depicted about cholesterol for decades, the film argues that it may not be as bad. High cholesterol levels in the blood increase the risk of heart disease. While that is the case, could cholesterol have any health benefits?

The documentary shows how entrenched interests, bad science, and pharmaceutical profits may inform the link between heart disease and cholesterol.

The show stars Anne Georget and is ideal for persons interested in understanding the correlation between heart disease and cholesterol and enjoying some exposure to ideas on saturated fats.

5. Without a Scalpel

Without a Scalpel was released in 2018. The documentary is about people sharing their life-transforming journeys. It features people’s experiences whose lives were transformed by the crisis but were lucky to be saved by specialized doctors. That is through cutting-edge procedures that didn’t involve scalpels.

One of the episodes features how doctors were able to treat aneurysms through a tiny pinhole in the skin. This way, the patient was saved from a major operation. The show stars Dr. Gregg Alzate, Dr. E. Brooke Spencer, and Dr. Darren Klass.

The show is perfect for people interested in knowing if there are other ways lives could be saved without surgeries.


Medicine and health is a unique area of interest. It affects the quality of life we live, our productivity and also dictates how long we live. The five Amazon Prime shows above offer you a perfect opportunity to learn more about medicine and your health.

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